One of the most common promotions in the online casino is the deposit bonus. With this bonus they try to transfer players to create a new account and to deposit money immediately. The dumping of money is rewarded with a nice money amount or, for example, free spins. The reward differs per casino. Each casino does its best to exempt a great possible reward. In the hope that you will overflow and create a new account and deposit money. It is the way for most casinos to advertise.

Top list of deposit bonuses

Conditions at the Deposit Bonus

One of the conditions for dragging this bonus is the landfill of money. You are required to deposit money. Sometimes the conditions in combination with a new account are. You are then obliged to create a new account and to deposit money for the first time. With a new account, the conditions are extra strict. You are required to be 100% new. Your IP address is even checked. So unfortunately it does not work to create an account with another e-mail address. It is not so strange that the gambling sites are quite strict here. The bonus with a new account and first deposit is often extra high. They therefore carry out extra checks before they hand out the promotion.

What can you expect from the bonus?

With a deposit bonus there are a few things that you can receive. It differs per offer and action that gets exactly as exactly as a gift. The deposit bonus sometimes gives away to new players, but can also give away to existing players. For example if they add money on a certain day in the week. Below we have the gifts that the casino gives away if you deposit money.

Extra budget

One of the gifts that they regularly hand out is extra budget. This is a promotion that is expressed in%. For example, you will receive a deposit bonus of 50%. If this is there you get 50% to an extra budget gift. If you have AU$ 100 deposit you get AU$ 150 from the casino. This type of bonuses are of course popular. You can cash with it and expand your budget. If you start money for the first time, this promotion often occurs. It regularly happens that you will receive a 100% gift. Your budget is then doubled by the casino.

Free Spins

If your money deposit you often get free spins. You usually receive the free spins on top of the extra budget in the casino. It is often a combination with the above promotion. All you have to do is deposit money and you get the Free Spins gift. These are usually 50 to 100 free spins. There are even casinos that give them away 200. You can spend the free spins on the slot that is indicated. So unfortunately you cannot choose the slot machine yourself. The value is usually the minimum spider value. You have to think of AU$ 0.10 to AU$ 0.15 per Free Spin.


If you deposit money, you will also come across the cashback guarantee in a number of casinos. Sometimes you can choose between money as a gift or a cashback guarantee. The cashback guarantee is a insurance that you will not lose. Suppose you lose and really lost everything. Then you will receive a percentage of the money within 48 hours. This is paid as real money so no bonus. You can then decide for yourself if you still take a gamble or that you pay it to your bank account.

Conditions for releasing the bonus

Unfortunately, you will not get a deposit bonus as real money. Most casinos actually do this. They want the players to really meet the website with the bonus. The only way to do this is by playing the bonus free. Fighting takes time. How much time? This depends on the conditions. Each casino has made its own conditions available herein. As a player, you should usually bet the amount that you have received as a bonus a number of times. On average this is between 35 and 45 times. Of course this really differs per casino. Once you have released the amount it comes to balance when you open a game. Incidentally, take into account that you sometimes have only a 48-hour time to play it free. This is stated in the conditions. So only activate the promotion if you really have time to play.

Where should you pay attention if you activate a bonus?

If you are going to activate a bonus, it is smart to pay attention to a number of points. The first is smart to check whether you can meet all the conditions as a player. For example, is the bonus for existing players or new players? This can be a big difference. In addition, check how long you have exactly the time to play it free. Also check if a voucher is necessary. There are a few online casinos that only activate the promotion with a voucher. This is a kind of discount code that you have to fill in if you deposit money. Keep in mind here. If you don't do this and you make money for the first time, you can no longer make a claim on the welcome bonus later. This would be acid mainly because the welcome bonus is a lot of money.

Minimum deposit at a bonus

It happens that the casino requires a minimum deposit. Especially with a reload bonus that you get in between. Most casinos require a minimum deposit from, for example, AU$ 20 or AU$ 40. In return you can use the promotion. Check this especially if you pick up a reload bonus. After all, you really want to use the offer. Especially if you already plan to deposit money. It is then nice if you see the amount in the conditions and deposit your sufficient money.

No more access to the live games

A rule that we also encounter much is that you as a player sometimes no longer get access to the live games. This is as long as you have bonus money next to your balance. The moment you have released the money you can go to the live casino. They do this to prevent you from gambling live with free money. Live games cost more money as opposed to the ordinary games. Unfortunately, the casinos cannot afford that you will gamble for free here.

Benefits of a bonus

Of course there are disadvantages to a deposit bonus. For example that you have to play it free and you only get the time to do this. But next to the disadvantages it also has enough benefits. This way you just get a good amount of gift to gamble with. If you know how to use this, you can still free it. This makes it worthwhile to compare the promotions at the different websites. The bonus can yield a lot of money if you tackle it well. So compare the websites and grab a welcome bonus with the best conditions.

Common questions about the deposit bonus

💰 How much money do you have to deposit minimally for a deposit bonus?

Most online casinos ask you to do the minimum deposit. This is usually AU$ 20. But if you really want to benefit from this bonus it is smart to deposit slightly higher. Your balance usually get doubled with the first deposit.

🎁 Do you get real money with a bonus?

No it is always bonus money. This means that you first have to release it before you can really make money. Free playing takes some time, but is definitely worth it.

💯 What does a 100% bonus mean?

The percentage indicates how much percent you get from your deposit once a gift. Imagine your deposit AU$ 100. There is a 100% bonus present at your first deposit. Then you get 100% of this amount paid out as a bonus. In this case this is AU$ 100. You also have a 75% and 50% bonus.

Is there a maximum deposit with a bonus?

Yes, the casino often doubles your money but to a maximum amount. This amount is always indicated at the deposit bonus. Sometimes this is AU$ 100, but this can also be higher.

💎 What is a highroller bonus?

Usually a deposit bonus is intended for players who deposit a maximum of AU$ 100 to AU$ 250 at a time. As a highroller you deposit larger amounts, but you cannot optimally benefit from the bonus. This is possible with a highroller bonus. The limit for the bonus is now higher and can sometimes be up to AU$ 1,000 or more.