The cashback bonus is the only bonus in the casino where you get really money. A major disadvantage of the bonuses in the casino is that you get fake money every time. Of course you can release it, but here is a lot of time in going. Most players are unable to free the money on time. Or doesn't get it done at all and losing the money. This is a shame because you thought about being able to raise your budget. The promotions can be a nice alternative where you get money as a gift. Perhaps in theory even the most lucrative bonus in the online casino.

Cashback bonus outline

What is a cashback bonus?

In fact, you can best see this bonus as a kind of assurance that you will win. Every player knows that if you are going to gamble at the casino you take a risk. You can win a lot of money, but unfortunately you can lose everything. It is therefore important to deposit an amount that you can really miss. If you can't miss it, you better deposit a smaller amount. The cashback bonus guarantees that you don't lose. Does this happen? Then they deposit part of the money that you have lost back. Usually it is 5% to 20%. This depends on the casino and the offer that they currently have running.

Get real money back at loss

The big difference with a deposit bonus is that it is really money. If you start a game you see balance and bonus at the bottom. At Balance the money is really yours and that you can also record. If you receive a cashback bonus, the money really comes to balance. This means that you can determine what you will do with it. You can choose to record the money or to turn off the money. But you can also make a try to win the money you lost back. You can do this by betting the money with your favorites games. If you win you also really win cash and no bonus money that you have to free. This is a big difference with the other bonuses that you encounter in the casino.

How can you use cashback?

Long not every casino has cashback offer. Sometimes you come across as a welcome bonus and there are sites that they offer as VIP promotion. Of course the offer must be there if you want to make use of it. In the first instance it is a deposit action. This means that you have to deposit money for it. This is an obligation if you want to take a gamble with a warranty. Sometimes you as a player can choose between a standard deposit bonus or cashback guarantee. If we are allowed to give a tip we would always go for cashback. You don't have to free this and it still gives a sense of safety. You know that you always get money back when it goes wrong. The promotion is always indicated how you can use it. With some casinos you just have to make money for depositing and other sites require a kind of discount code to fill in if you deposit money. So check this if you want to use it.

Conditions at De Bonus

There are conditions connected to each bonus. Although you do not have to play the money this time, conditions are also connected to this. It can be smart to check the conditions for your money. For example, sometimes you don't get the cashback about all your bets. You only get a guarantee that you win if, for example, you take a gamble to Starburst. In addition, it is often a conditions that you really have to lose all your money to be eligible. Once you have lost everything you have to wait 48 hours and do not add money. After 48 hours you will get part of your money back. So check the conditions as well as you choose this bonus instead of a 100% promotion. The casinos don't just give back money if you lose with online gambling.

Loss within a certain period

The cashback action is usually also valid for a certain period. For example, you only get money back if you lose everything within 2 days of your deposit. In addition, a limitation has also been imposed on games. For example, you only get the losses on NetEnt games back and live games are excluded. This is a good example of things to check for your real money going. It can be useful to be really well informed for your money depositing. You know exactly what bonus is worth it and which you can leave the left. Sometimes it is not worth going for a loss within a certain period. You better take the deposit bonus in which your money becomes doubled if you first deposit money.

Cashback as part of the VIP Club

In recent years we have just left the cashback bonus in the online casino. Most casinos try to persuade players with a deposit bonus or free spins. Cashback we still see back as part of the VIP club. With some websites, players get a cashback guarantee on every deposit they do. Of course they must be a member of the VIP club. You can expect an invitation to the VIP Club if you are loyal to a website. If you regularly return and deposit money you can be selected. You will then receive an invitation by mail to participate in this secret club. In the VIP Club you often get separate bonuses where you can benefit from it as a loyal player. Here you will therefore regularly meet this promotion against most casinos.

Benefits in a cashback promotion

Of course there are a lot of benefits to a cashback bonus. We will personally find one of the biggest benefits that you really get money. Although it might only be 10% you can immediately record or bet in the casino again. You don't have to play anything free. Another advantage is that sometimes no limit is on. Of course the conditions per casino differ. But there are various websites where no limit is connected. This has the advantage that you can also get AU$ 100 back at AU$ 1,000 if you unfortunately lose. The biggest advantage is that it is a kind of guarantee that you win. This makes gambling a lot nicer to do.

Compare the online casinos with each other

Would you like to use cashback? Then it is useful to compare the site. Especially since long not every website offers the promotion. It is then nice if you can compare and make a choice based on this. We have a list on our website. You can see exactly what promotions are offered per website. Handy if you want to make a choice for one casino with your favorite promotions. With our list the choice can be made a lot easier.

More information about the Cashback Warranty

↩️ What is a cashback bonus?

This is actually a kind of guarantee where you get money back in loss. Imagine playing in the casino and you lose money. Then you get a part via this bonus. The percentage that you get back differs per casino.

✅ Do you also have to play a cashback freely in the casino?

You need to play most bonuses freely. But the cashback usually not. Most casinos are as a rule that you have to use it once. But for the rest you are free to do whatever you want with it. This really concerns real money and no bonus money.

💶 How much money is the cashback worth?

This is completely your deposit. There is usually no limit. There is a fixed percentage that you get back to a net loss. Imagine pouring AU$ 100 and you will lose these AU$ 100 within a determine period. If there is a cashback of 10%, you will receive AU$ 10. Do you pour AU$ 1,000 and lose only AU$ 100, you will only get AU$ 10 back. It's about your net loss.

💡 How do you receive this bonus?

Be the first to play in a casino where the cashback bonus is active. You often find it back to the promotions on the website. Usually the conditions are also included. For example if you deposit money on Wednesday then you will receive a part of your loss next Wednesday. Always check the conditions for you to use this bonus.