Blackjack Classic is the most played edition of the casino classic. There is almost no real or online casino where you can always play this exciting card game. If you have ever played the game of twenty people, Classic Blackjack will also work. Except that it is a nice, fast and varied game, it can also be very profitable. Within a minute you can have doubled your bet a few times. And Classic Blackjack has one of the lowest housing benefits - less than 1% - of all casino games. Read here a clear explanation of the rules. If you read this article, you can work immediately at the online casino!

Play the Blackjack Classic game here

The purpose of the Blackjack Classic

The goal is to collect a set of tickets ("hand") with a value that is as close as possible to the 21. The value may never be more than 21, and must be higher than the hand value of the dealer. The cards have these values:

  • The maps 2 to 9 interpret their own value.
  • The maps 10, farmer, woman and king are worth 10 points. So there are many cards with the value 10 in the game.
  • The bait is worth 1 or 11 points. That makes him a flexible and valuable card. A hand with a bait and a card with the value 10 is the most powerful hand in the game - the blackjack combination.

How do you do a bet?

First you choose a bet to play money. It must be between the two limits of the play table. Often those limits are AU$ 1 and AU$ 100. The profit you can make is a doubling of your commitment. So choose a good commitment - and keep in mind that you will play many jars of blackjack in succession. In an online casino you often choose a determination of a certain value. You drag it to the "Bet" box.

The start of the game - get cards

This game uses 8 stacks of cards. You get two cards, and the dealer too. With the multiplayer versions, the other players also receive two cards. You see your own cards open, and one of the dealer's cards is open. The other Dealer card is closed. The player who sits on the right side of the dealer now starts playing.

Buying cards, fit, double and split

If you are your turn, you can undertake various actions. You do that with different buttons.

Deal (buy card)

You buy an extra card from the dealer. You do this if the value of your first 2 cards is not near the 21. The value of the new card is added to your hand value. You can buy tickets as long as you want - but remember that you will never have more than 21 points.

Stand (fit)

Are you satisfied with your points number? Then you can fit. Your turn is over and you no longer get cards. Do this only if you have a good hand value - for example 19, 20 or 21.

Double (Doubling)

Do you have a hand value of 10 or 11? Then you can double your deployment, and you will only get one card. Because there are so many tens in the game, the chance that you get an excellent hand.

Split (splitting)

You can do this if you start with two cards with exactly the same value. You can then turn your starting insert again. The cards are split up to 2 new hands and are both expanded with an extra card. Now you have two chances of winning.

Insurance (insure)

Is the open map of the dealer an ace? He could then have a blackjack combi (an ace and a card with the value 10). You can't win there, but you can assure you. Insurance ensures that you play a quite when the dealer has a blackjack. The insurance takes you an extra 50% of your starting insert.

Win at Blackjack Classic

If all players have been turned, the dealer plays. There are tight rules about how long he can continue - he cannot decide for himself when he wants to stop. With this game variant he always has to buy a card if he has at least 17 points. If he has 18 or more points, he must fit.

Now it is looked at who has won.

  1. Does the dealer have more points than a player? Then the player has lost his commitment.
  2. Does the player have more points than the dealer? Then he wins. He immediately receives his own commitment to a profit (1: 1). If he wins with a blackjack combi (bait + a card with the value 10), he gets his bet one and a half times (3: 2).
  3. If the player has played herself (has more than 21 points), he loses automatically. Even if the dealer also breaks down.
  4. At a draw (same points number), the player gets back to his bet and therefore plays quite.
  5. At a draw where the player and the dealer both have a blackjack, the dealer wins.

More information about the classic blackjack game

👀 Wat is Blackjack Classic?

This is the original variant of the blackjack card game. This is played with 5 to 8 decks and the goal is to beat the croupier with 21 points. Or as close as possible to the 21 points. Are you going over it? Then you lose the game. The croupier only shows 1 card of his hand and the rest is still secret. You must try to put the best hand based on this.

📍 Where do you find this game?

Every online casino has Blackjack Classic between the table games in the casino. But even if you play live blackjack you get the Classic variant. Only if something else is indicated it is another variant.

💶 How much money do you win when you beat the croupier?

If your score is higher than the final score of the croupier, you win a doubling of your bet. Win a blackjack score? Then you win you three times. A blackjack score is with a bait and lord / female or farmer.

📝 How does the scores work?

The farmer, lord and wife are worth 10 points. The number cards have the value of the card. A kicking 8 is therefore worth 8 points. The bait is worth 10 or 1 point.

💰 How high is the payout percentage at the Classic version?

The payout percentage at the Classic variant is very high namely 99.5%. This is of course divided over several rounds. So if you lose a few times this does not mean that the percentage is incorrect.