One of the best known games in the online casino is blackjack. It is an exciting card game where you can record it as a player against the croupier. Are you going to beat the croupier? Or does the croupier win this round? It can even walk into a draw. Before you start playing the game, it is useful to read the blackjack game rules. You are so fully aware of how the game works and this makes it a lot easier to give a chance. After all, you would like to know what exactly you will do.

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The basic Blackjack game rules

Blackjack is played with 8 decks of 52 cards. Only the joker has been removed from the decks This card has no value in the game. Incidentally, there are also variants with fewer decks. But we are now talking about a game of Classic Blackjack.

The aim of the game is to score 21 points or to recover as close as possible. You may not go over the 21 points. Do you do this? Then you score a burst and you are finished. It no longer expands what kind of cards the croupier is. At the game, both the croupier and you receive two cards. One card of the croupier is visible and the other is invisible. You have two open cards yourself. You can now start playing until you stop saying or having a burst. Then the croupier plays and is based on the score determines who has won.

The scoring count

The scope is of course incredibly important at the Blackjack game rules. The scoring eventually determines who has won. In fact, the scoring is very simple. All numerals are the value of the number. A hearts 5 is therefore worth five points. The farmer, woman and lord are worth 10 points. Then you still have the bait. This is a fairly flexible card. The card can be worth 1 or 11 points. Standard he is worth 11 points. Are you coming out of 21 points with the bait? Then the bait changes into 1 point so that you don't get burst. So the bait is a very valuable card in blackjack.

Payout at Blackjack

The goal is therefore to take 21 points. If you do this with 2 cards, this will be called a blackjack. You do this with a bait and a farmer, woman, lord or 10 points. Depending on the variant you play, an official blackjack is usually worth a deposit of 2 times your bet. So if you bet AU$ 30 is paid out. Do you defeat the croupier by grabbing a higher score? Then you win you as a profit 1 times. With a bet of AU$ 10, the game pays AU$ 20. Is there spoke of a draw? Then you get bet back. Do you lose? Then you naturally lose your commitment and you can try it again.

The options at Blackjack

If the cards are shaken and divided, it's your turn to play. The croupier waits to play until you are finished or stopped playing. As a player you get a number of options to see after your first two cards are drawn. You can choose from: Hit, pass, double, split and sometimes also insure. These are the options that you have to make a choice. We have also fitted the options below.


Hit means grabbing a card. It doesn't cost money to grab a card. The croupier shares a new card every time you press the button. You can do this until you reach 21. But look at how far you are going to take cards. If you pass the 21, you can finish a burst. You then lost anyway. So it's about timing when you or not pick up a card to win this game.


It can of course happen that you will find it too exciting to catch a map. For example if you are Score 18 and you have no bait in your hand. The chance is now great that you take a burst. The smartest option is now only. In this case the game stops immediately. You don't pick up a new card and it is now on the croupier. You can now see voltage if the score is high enough to win.


Do you feel very good about your hand, but do you want to catch one card? Then you choose Double. You doubl your bet in the game. In return you get one card. Then the game immediately stops regardless of the outcome of the card. It is hoped that you remain below 21 or exactly ends. Now we have to wait and see if it is sufficient for the profit. If you win then you immediately grab a double win.


If you have two the same cards you can choose split. You then put down the bet that you have paid the first round. Now you get an extra hand at your disposal. You can now play with two hands at the same time. Splitting can be fun if, for example, you have twice a two in your hand. Never split two 10 and in any case. You have already won practically with this hand.

To ensure

With the Blackjack game rules, insurance has always been a doubt option. Most players say that you should never do this choice. If the first visible map of the croupier is an ace you can assure. This costs half a commitment. If it turns out at the end that the croupier has a blackjack in his hands then you get money insurance back. The chance that the croupier really has this with one bait is quite small. You don't get your money back if you just lose. Never do in short. It is an expensive option that almost never produces money.

The turn of the croupier

When you have finished playing it's the turn of the croupier. According to the Blackjack game rules, he will always take cards to a minimal score. How high the minimum score differs per variant. Sometimes this is 17 or a soft 17. He is then obliged to keep tickets to keep tickets until he has at least 18 points. If the player is ready with a burst or no more tickets you can see who has won. Chances are that you want to play a round afterwards.

Extra information about blackjack

🥇 How can you win Blackjack?

The aim of the game is to beat the croupier. You do this by getting as close as possible to 21 points. Is your score higher than the croupier? Then you win. But are you going over the 21 points? Then you lose. So you have to stop ticking on time.

🃏 How many cards are played according to the blackjack game rules?

According to the Classic variant, cards are played with cards with 5 decks. But there are also variants where 8 decks are played and 1 deck. The latter is the single deck version.

🔝 How do you win with the maximum score at Blackjack?

The maximum score is 21 points with two cards. You do this with an ace (11 points) and a Lord or woman (10 points).

📝 How does the scores work?

The numeral cards have the score of the figure on it. A kicking 8 is therefore worth 8 points. The bait is a flexible card. This is worth 11 or 1 point. If you go over the 21 points, the bait changes automatically in 1 point. The woman, Lord and farmer are worth 10 points.

🤵♂️ When does the croupier take his cards?

The croupier starts the game with one visible card and one invisible card. Then it is your turn based on this knowledge. The croupier only packs his cards if you indicate that you stop playing. Until then, the croupier has to wait with his own tickets.