Blackjack is an exciting card game where you will take it against the croupier. You are going to try to beat the croupier with a hand that is slightly better. Here you determine how much money you will set up. How big do you like the chance that you will win the pot? This is a question that you can possibly games as a player. If you think you can beat the croupier, you can consider playing blackjack high efforts. There is more money than normal at stake. You do not play a bet of AU$ 0.10, but at least AU$ 25 to AU$ 500. These really really are the bets why it's running at a gamble in the casino.

Play Blackjack here with a high bet

How do you play a blackjack high deployment table?

If you go to the table games in the online casino you will find different variants of blackjack. With some you only see the name. But there are also tables where you see Hi or Lo. This indicates the insert limit from the table. With a HI table you can use high and at a LO table puts your little amounts. So if you want to play with large amounts, then you choose the Hi table directly. You will see that you cannot meet this at all tables. There are tables where you can only bet low etc. or only only the default bet.

Why are there insert limits at Blackjack?

The limits have been devised to protect players and casinos. A casino cannot of course pay an infinite amount of prize money. The casino takes into account that as a player in theory you know a few times the right number to be guessed. This is good for 32 times the commitment. With a commitment of AU$ 1,000, this is AU$ 32,000. A casino must be able to pay this. That is why they have a limit for what they can pay up to you as a player. In addition, they want to prevent a player from deploying infinitely in the hope of profit. With this they also hope to limit the number of blackjack strategies.

Live Blackjack provides an even higher limit (and therefore higher bet possible!)

Are you not so enthusiastic about a limit of AU$ 10 to AU$ 500? Then you can consider playing live blackjack. The minimum commitment is high here by default. From AU$ 25 you can sometimes only play. The maximum deployment increases up to AU$ 5,000. There are also tables where you can bet around AU$ 2,500 maximum. The limits are slightly lower at Blackjack than at Roulette. This is because players with good tactics more often win at Blackjack as opposed to Roulette. After all, the casino must have the money in a greenhouse to pay your limit. Because Live Blackjack costs some more money to run the start limit is higher. For AU$ 1 they cannot rent a croupier and table in a real casino to let you play.

Blackjack tactics for a high investment

It is important that you don't just die a gamble with a bet of AU$ 25 to AU$ 500. These are serious amounts and this requires a strategy. It is important that you do not play the game for the first time. If you are still learning the game, we advise you to start low. If you make a mistake once you get less. Even if you are used to impose high, we recommend that you first start. You can get used to gambling in an online casino. You can then always insert a little higher for you at the level of AU$ 25 to AU$ 50 per round. If you are ready it is smart to use a strategy. You can try to limit the number of errors and win more money.

Use the basic strategy

One of the most commonly used strategies in the online casino at Blackjack is the basic strategy. This is a strategy that consists of a table. On the table you can read which hand has the croupier and what your own score is. Based on this, you can see what action you can perform best. For example, you can take extra cards or stop playing. The strategy gives you handy information how to play the game best. The strategy gives a good picture that you can do best. This would reduce the chance that you are reducing too long. You risk a burst as less quickly. This is of course perfect if you play with large amounts and something is really at stake.

Combine the deployment of strategy

You don't have enough to only a basic strategy. It is useful to combine this with a bet strategy. Displays the budget over multiple rounds. In addition, you will ensure that any losses are recovered once again. A way you can do this is Martingale. Hereby you can double the bet when you threaten to lose. Imagine playing a jar and you put AU$ 100. You neatly follow the table, but the croupier appears to have a blackjack. You lose this round. The next round sets you AU$ 200. Unfortunately you lose again. The next round puts you AU$ 400. This time you win! You win AU$ 800. This means that you take a win of AU$ 100. This makes martingale ideal because you immediately make your losses well. The disadvantage is that you really have to have a large budget if you want to play this high bet with Blackjack.

Bonuses for depositing a large amount

One of the benefits of playing with a high deployment is that you have a chance to get extra high bonuses. There are casinos with a so-called VIP club. Highrollers come into for this. In the VIP Club bonuses are ready that are not for every player. Hereby you see your game money doubled even if you deposit a large amount. So it doesn't matter whether you deposit AU$ 1,000 or AU$ 2,000. You will then see this amount until a maximum amount will be doubled. Most highroller bonuses run to AU$ 1,500. In addition, you more likely to make a bonus that is sometimes even better than the welcome bonus. This is a nice that you can benefit from when you go a chance in the online casino.

Check what payment method you are going to use

If you are going to play as a highroller, it is useful to check the payment method. Not every payment method makes it possible to deposit AU$ 1,000 or AU$ 2,000. For example, if you paid with Klarna, then you must be happy with AU$ 250. Of course it also lies on what a player you are. Some players opt for blackjack high efforts with an amount of AU$ 25. You may even collapse only AU$ 250. In this kind of situations you can even use iDeal. Only check what the limit is of the payment method that you will use.

The advantages and disadvantages of playing with a large amount

There are of course benefits and disadvantages playing with a large amount. The biggest disadvantage is that you can lose a lot of money. A loss of AU$ 1,000 makes more pain than AU$ 25. therefore always keep in mind that you can lose the money. So don't gamble with the money for the mortgage. You can get into trouble with this. Another disadvantage is that you start to play limits faster. You can therefore no longer use some systems to win with blackjack. But for the rest there are mainly benefits. For example, if you are happy with a win of AU$ 100 or from AU$ 1? The choice for AU$ 100 has already been made quickly. If you want to achieve this, it is useful to simply put larger amounts. Another advantage is that you belong to the Highroller Club and this gives different benefits in depositing and paying money. Most casinos give you a kind of vip position within the casino.

Play only in a safe online casino

With Blackjack high commitment, we are of course not talking about a few euros. We have it about serious amounts that we deposit or pay. You will then not be scammed because the games are unsafe. It is therefore extra important to play in a safe online casino. But also in a casino where blackjack is allowed with large amounts. We sometimes see difference here. Fortunately we have an overview of casinos on our website where you can take a gamble. You can create an account here and play safely. In addition, you can read a number of reviews about casinos where we sometimes have a gamble in the past. With this handy overview you can easily and quickly create an account with a secure gambling site.

The most frequently asked questions about playing with a high effort

📈 What is the minimum commitment to blackjack high bet?

This differs a bit per variant that you will play. With most variants you can play along from AU$ 50. But there are also casinos where you can play with you from AU$ 1 or AU$ 10. Only the maximum limit is higher.

💶 How much money can you really bet up to high bet?

This also differs per Blackjack table and casino. Most casinos opt for a limit of AU$ 500. But there are also casinos where you can play up to AU$ 2,500 or AU$ 5,000. This is really a high limit.

🤑 What is the advantage of a high limit?

The advantage is that you have more space to double with a martingal strategy. Another advantage is that you can win more money. In the event of a profit, the casino doubles your commitment. At AU$ 10 this is only AU$ 20. Do you put AU$ 500? Then you win AU$ 1,000 in one fell swoop. This is a lot more fun to win!

📕 Which tip can you best use if you are going to use high?

Never play unprepared and make sure you play a blackjack strategy. This way you know exactly what you are going to do and lose you not unnecessarily a lot of money.

💰 Where can you play with Blackjack with really high amounts?

If you play live you come across even higher bets. A maximum of AU$ 5,000 or AU$ 10,000 is very common. You can even choose a VIP table if you are a real high roller. Then you can only play along from AU$ 1,5000 per round. You will then receive your own private croupier and private table. As a result, you determine the speed of the game yourself.