Blackjack Pro is an exciting version of online blackjack with many possibilities. Not only can you have three hands on the table at the same time. You can also bet on sidebets, so special bets, which can deliver your enormous profits. Do you already have some experience with Blackjack online? Perhaps the pro version than the next logical step is for you. Read in which ways you can make a profit here, and which interesting extra payouts apply.

Play Direct Blackjack Pro

How does Blackjack Pro work?

In the core this game is equal to the Classic Blackjack game - with a few exciting extra rules. We summarize the basic game rules here. Please note - every studio that develops games for online casinos can retain other game rules. If you are smart, first read the game rules - they are almost always in the Game Room menu.

  • At this game you try to collect better hands than the dealer.
  • The best value is 21 points - if you win that you get a 1-time payment deposit.
  • The best hand of 21 points is that with a bait and a 10. This is called a blackjack, and if you win with that, you will receive a 1.5 time payment deposit.
  • If you collect more than 21 points or have a poorer card hand than the dealer, you lose and lose your commitment.
  • With a tie you get your half bet. But if you both have a blackjack and the dealer, you lose.
  • The maps 2 to 10 have their own value. Every picture (farmer, lady, lord) is worth 10 points. The bait is worth 1 or 11 points.
  • You can simply split and double this game. Taking insurance is not possible.
  • The dealer continues until he has a hand value of 17 points.

Play several hands at the same time

It is not mandatory, but of course nice fun: playing with several hands. With Pro you can have three hands on the table at the same time. These hands have nothing to do with each other, and work like the hands of three separate players. You can even play different bets on each hand. Each of these hands gives you a new opportunity to defeat the dealer. Maybe two of the hands don't deliver anything to you - but make it good by winning a beautiful sidebet with the third hand.

Sidebets van blackjack pro

Some variants (the best, we find!) Van Pro have sidebets. A Sidebet is an extra, loose bet that has nothing to do with your main insert. The amount of each bet may never be more than that of your main insert. Each studio gives its own turn to this game variant. But the sidebets that we meet most often stand below.

Pairs en Perfect Pairs

A pair is of course a couple cards that have the same value, for example two farmers. With this Sidebet you put, before tickets are shared, on a couple cards in your hand. Win it with that? Then you often get a payout of 10: 1. It is better yet if the couple cards has the same color, for example two hearts farmers. That is possible because the game is played with 8 stacks of cards. With a "Perfect Pair" you get a payout of sometimes 100: 1

Suited Triples en Three of a Kind

If you buy three cards, there is of course a chance that you have three the same cards. You can also place a sidebet on this opportunity. At Suited Triples you have three same cards, for example three sevens, with different colors. There you can get a payment of dozens of times your commitment to. It is still crazier if those three cards also have the same color - Three of a child. You can easily produce your bet 100 or 200 times!

Straights en Flushes

The well-known order of cards at Poker, Straights and Flushes can also be present as Sidebet. You then put on three cards with the same color, or cards with a consecutive order. These special Sidebets can also make you rich.

21 + 3 page

This is a complicated sidebet to explain. He is in effect if your starting tickets resemble the open map of the dealer in a certain way. There are various options for that, all of which can have their own profit opportunity and benefits.

Sidebet with farmers

The farmer ("Jack") is worth a lot in some card games. Some variants of Blackjack Pro play in it, and have a special Sidebet. If you turn on it, you gamble that farmers come into play. Be the first card, as two first cards, as a couple in your hand - all these combinations give up your profit. The best situation is when a couple kickers are being distributed as the first card. You can do that for no less than 100 times your own deployment!

Q& A over de Pro versie van Blackjack

🤨 What is the difference between Blackjack Pro and the Classic Variant?

A big difference is that you can place Side Bets at Blackjack Pro. You can place a Sidebet on Double Jacks. You win this side bet as the first cards in your hand is a farmer. Then you win 25 times your bet on this side bet. In addition, there is a good chance that you also win the game because your score is 20.

🙈 Are there any more Side Bets?

Yes there are even more Side Bets next to Double Jacks. For example, you can also make a side bet for Suited Triples. These are three cards of the same color. You then win 40 times your commitment. Do you have three cards of 3 different colors? Then you even win 100 times your bet. You can also bet your money on the perfect pair. For example two red or black cards. This is good for 25 times your commitment.

💸 Can you also use more money on the Pro version?

This really differs per online casino. With a number of casinos you can indeed use higher amounts. But this doesn't necessarily have to.

🥇 Are the chances of winning higher with Pro?

The chances are comparable to the Classic variant. Do you play with Side Bets? Then they can lower your chances. So it's whether it's smart to place it.

✅ How Reliable is blackjack pro?

It is absolutely safe to play this variant of Blackjack online. We have never experienced problems with it and the cards are drawn with a random number generator.