You may have seen them online: roasts with different colors and / or letters. These are schedules for blackjack, and they can help you to master the game better. A blackjack schedule tells you which action in the game is the smartest at a given moment. As a result, you can make the right choice faster without having to stamp dozens of game rules and exceptions in your head. Do you also want to improve your chances at this casino game? Then read how you use these schedules.

Test the schedule immediately!

What exactly is a blackjack schedule?

This is a schedule with many boxes and two axes.

  1. On the vertical axis (from top to bottom) you often see the combinations of begin tickets that you can have.
  2. On the horizontal axis (from left to right) you see the open map of the dealer.

In the diagram between these axes you see five actions with a color or a letter. These are these actions:

  • Buy a card (hit) - According to this box you have to buy a card from the dealer.
  • Fits (stand) - This box indicates that you have to fit, and no more cards should buy.
  • Doubling (Double) - This is a situation in which doubles the best decision is.
  • Split (Split) - You have a couple that is very suitable to split up.
  • Taking insurance (Insurance) - The dealer can have a blackjack. And you can assure you.

How do you use such a schedule?

At Blackjack it's always the question: do I have to fit, buy, double or split? That choice can be difficult. Certainly if you are a starting player. Of course you can seek online or you, we call it something, a hand with two sevens or not to split or not. But if you are playing at an online casino, you probably don't feel like it at all. It is then a very good solution to keep a blackjack schedule on your desktop or even printed in the neighborhood. This shows for every situation at which action you have the best chance. This is due to mathematics, by experienced blackjack fanatics.

You then follow the row of boxes that match your own cards. Where this row crosses the column of the open dealer card, you look at the box. There you can see the letter or the color, which is at that time the smartest action is (buy, fit, split etc.) that promotes you. In most cases this promotion will therefore make you win. But you have no guarantees - it remains a chance!

Which schedule do I need?

You can find these schedules on many different websites online. They are made by the online community to give players like you better opportunities. Make sure you are looking for the schedule and used for the right game. There are more than ten different blackjack variants at Goksites online. Each of them has other rules and special exception. If you should double with a combination with a combination, that can be a very bad idea at another game. So make sure you tap the schedule that is fully passed on for your game variant.

What are the alternatives for a blackjack schedule?

If you don't like these schedules or confusing, then you have two other ways to raise your chances.

  • Read game rules and articles. The more you read online about Blackjack, the more you understand why you have to perform a certain act. On websites such as those of us you will find extensive articles about the game. They are written by people who have been playing blackjack for years, and would like to share their knowledge with fellow gamblers. And even in most online games you see exactly what the rules are in the menu.
  • Play a lot of blackjack. After a while you will understand how the game works. And you naturally go to understand what is possible with your tickets, and what opportunities you have. After a while you make the decisions at Blackjack with your feeling and your instinct. Then you no longer need these schedules - and you ended up at the level of a blackjack top player!

Other tips to become better

  • If you just begin, you can also play for smaller amounts. The Developer Netent has play tables where you can participate for 0.10 euros. Ideal to practice.
  • Play Single Deck Blackjack. Only one game is used, making it easier to imagine which cards can still be handed out.
  • Taking insurance can be in the schedule as an option. If you stretch out mathematically, it appears that a insurance only benefits in little situations. Moreover, taking itself costs a lot of money - so prefer the insurance.

Extra information about the blackjack schema

🗒 What is a blackjack schedule?

This is also called the basic blackjack strategy. Here you follow a special schedule in which you can see if you have to take or leave a card. The schedule can help you make the right choices.

📈 Do you really raise your chances of winning?

Opinions are divided. Some players claim to win faster with their own strategy. Yet there are players who claim to win 20% more since they use the schedule. You can best try this yourself.

🃏 Can you use the schedule for every blackjack variant?

No, the standard scheme has been worked out for the Classic variant. But luckily there are special schedules for Single Deck Blackjack and Double Exposure, for example. The number of cards that are in the game is O.A. important for the schedule.

📝 Where is this system based on?

This system was devised years ago by a number of mathematician. They have passed all options with gaming calculations. Because not everyone can count so quickly, they have put it in a clear schedule. This way you can immediately read whether you have to take a card, fit or double it.

⛔️ Why is not an option?

Insure is not an option because the chance that you can really collect the insurance is only 10%. The chance that you don't lose due to a blackjack of the croupier is 90%. So you can do much better notice. The insurance only turns out if you lose through a blackjack of the croupier. The insurance does not turn off when you just lose.