Blackjack is a fairly simple casino game that has very high profit opportunities for the player. Yet it is very important what you do during your turn. Do you have to buy, fit or double it at certain begain tickets? And then there are also systems that can adjust your deployment between the laps. With that you can increase your profits or recover your losses. In this article we discuss all tricks and we give your exclusive tips to get more out of your Blackjack game. Read it through, and you know exactly what is the right Blackjack strategy in every situation.

Be smart with a strategy

Blackjack strategy during the game

At Blackjack you try to get a better hand than the dealer. A hand value of 21 points is the best value you can get. A blackjack combi, from a bait and a card that is worth 10 points is the very best hand. Only a blackjack from the dealer can beat this combination. To get such a top hand (or a slightly less good hand ...) you can usually choose from five actions.

The five actions that you can do during the game

  1. Buy a card. In the beginning you get two cards. If you do not find the total value thereof high enough, buy a Dealer card. The value thereof is added to your hand.
  2. To fit. Do you have a hand with which you think you can win? Only then. You no longer get cards and your turn is over. Now the wait until the dealer is playing - and hope that his hand is worse than yours. With fit you prevent that you achieve a hand value of more than 21 points - in that case you always lose.
  3. Divide. This is only allowed if you have two beginning tickets exactly the same value. Two farmers, two pairs or two ten, for example. You can split your hand. The two equal cards then form the start of two new hands - at both those hands you immediately get an extra card. With some blackjack versions you can split several times if you get couples. Splitting you cost you an extra time you bet.
  4. Double. Hereby you double your bet. You only get one card, and your turn is over.
  5. To ensure. The dealer usually has one of his two beginning tickets open. Is that an ace? Then he can have a blackjack, a combination of which you cannot win. Play on Safe and assure you - with an extra half commitment, with which you play on Quitte as the dealer indeed has Blackjack.

When should you buy or pass tickets?

The best hand that you can get is 21. With a hand of 20, 19 or 18 points you also win statistically in most cases. What do you do if you have a lower hand, for example 17 or 16 points? That depends on a few factors.

  • To what extent should the dealer play from the rules? Usually this is 17 points. It can also be made from hanging or the dealer has a hand of 17 points with an ace. This is called a soft hand. If the dealer always has to get at least 17 points, you probably lose 16 points. Then buy a card. Should the dealer get at least 16 points, you can stop buying tickets earlier.
  • The open map of the dealer tells you something about his hand. Is that an ace, 10, 9 or 8? There are many cards with the value 10 in the game. The dealer can easily get a good hand - prefer one card. Does he have a card that combines badly with a ten, for example a 4, 5 or 6? Then he can have a bad hand - and you can also risk it to stop with a low hand.
  • You can also hope that the dealer plays herself. For example, that he achieves 15 points, still needs to buy a card, and then gets more than 21 points. That way you can even win with a low hand value - but this is a risky blackjack strategy.

When should you split your hand?

You can always split your hand if you have a couple cards. It is only not always smart to use this blackjack strategy. The following rules of thumb apply:

  • Two eight. With this you have a value of 16 - no good hand. Rather split these cards.
  • Two tens. This is a perfect hand of 20 points - repeat this hand.
  • Two aces. This gives you a chance of two very good hands, even on two blackjacks. Split that bite!
  • Two sevens. Whether you have to split this hand depends on the hand of the dealer. Shows that a low open card, for example a 3 to 6, then you can split the nines. Otherwise preferably keep them together.

What is a good hand to double?

With a doubling you have a good starting position. You bet on the one card that you are going to get, gives you a perfect hand. Because there are many tens in the stack of cards, a hand of 9, 10 or 11 points is ideal. An extra ten will give you a hand of 19, 20 or 21 points. By doubling your commitment, get a twice as high profit inside as if you wouldn't do that.

Is an insurance take it worth it?

An insurance policy protects you against the chance that the Dealer has Blackjack. At Online Blackjack you can only take insurance if the first open dealer card is an ace. Because there are many tens in the game, the chance of a blackjack (bait + ten) is large. And you can't win from a blackjack from the dealer. Half an additional bet gives you a insurance that is doubled at a blackjack, and your lost bet is appropriate.

Mathematical research has been conducted into the insurance. What was discovered there? That assurance is usually not worth it. You then put pretty much extra money. At the same time, the chance of a dealer bleckjack is present, but not very high. On average, therefore, the extra commitment does not reveal against the risk of a dealer bleckjack. So love that money in your pocket, and hope the second dealer card is low!

Find and use Blackjack Speelchments

You read the rules of thumb at what you have to do when. And if you play a longer blackjack, you will automatically feel for the game. You have experience what can happen in a certain situation. And you automatically make the right choice.

If you are not that far that you can rely on your experience and feel, you can use a schedule. Online you will find such game schedules. Those are grilles with numbers. On one as axis you see your starting tickets, on the other as you see the open map of the dealer. Where the two values cross each other in the schedule, you see a letter. That letter (k for buy, v for doubling, s for splitting and so on) tells you what the best action is. Try to play with such a schedule. Some players find it nothing, other gamblers say it helps them very much.

Blackjack systems working with multiple laps

So far we have only looked at what the smartest actions are within one round. But you can also use smart systems that have multiple rounds of blackjack long. Such a system is sometimes called a 'blackjack strategy'. You are using your bets between the laps. You will be guided by the outcome of the previous rounds. We call a few of the most famous blackjack strategies here.

The MartingAl Strategy

You will start playing with a fairly low bet. If you lose, you double that bet. If you lose again, then you double. You have about 50% profit chance at Blackjack. As a result, you will win after a few laps, and 1: 1 have paid out. Because you have doubled every time, your winnings are so high that you recover all your lost bets. Plus get your basic deployment once more. In theory you don't have to remove loss with the martingale strategy. There is one but - if you lose so often that your bet becomes higher than the maximum deployment of the game table. Then the system collapses.

De fibonacci-reeks

Also with this system you increase bets if you lose. You don't do that so radical as with the martingale, but according to the natural fibonacci number series. Those starts: 1 - 2 - 3 - 5 - 8 - 13 - 21 - 34 - 55. If you win again, you make a part of your loss good. You now continue playing two steps back on the series with a number. In this way you get back even more of your lost bet.

Counting cards

This blackjack strategy is notorious and can advantage of you. Especially with live games, where the stack of cards are not shuffled every turn. When counting cards you use a simple system to count the values of the cards on the table. The total value gives you an impression of which cards are still in the stack: high or low. This knowledge tells you which cards you can buy, and which hand can get the dealer. This way you know what the smartest action (buy, fit, double, etc.) is!

Questions & answers about the Blackjack Strategies

📊 What is the most used blackjack strategy?

This is the blackjack basic schedule. This schedule indicates when you can best take a card and when not. Handy if you are not yet familiar with the game and you have trouble to determine your time of cards.

📚 Can you also combine the basic strategy with a collection system?

There are enough players who combine the insert strategy. With this you increase the chance that you win. With a betting strategy you catch losses and you change them in a profit.

🥉 Does a strategy really make the difference between winning and losing?

People are divided over here. Some players are convinced that they win faster. But there are also players who know much further to come.

🧷 Why don't you mean by the strategies?

Mainly because insurance is always advised not to do. The chance that the croupier has indeed a blackjack hand due to a visible bait is 10%. You better take your loss than insuring yourself.

🧠 Is it smart to first practice a strategy?

Yes In most online casinos you can play Frame Blackjack at the table games. You can practice your strategy. This is especially like you're new to do. Some systems are fairly simple, but they can also be quite complicated. It is nice to practice!