Double Exposure Blackjack is a variant of the Blackjack card game, where the dealer both shows his cards. From the start of the game you can therefore see what handwash you have to boan. That is incredibly useful information to be able to win. To reduce the player benefit, casinos set up extra rules. What are your chances at this casino game - is Double exposure a gold mining? Read it below!

Play Double Exposure Blackjack in this casino

What means the name of the game

"Double Exposure" literally means "double unveiling". With most other blackjack versions, the dealer only shows one card to the player (s). At Pontoon Blackjack, no dealer cards are even open at all. Double exposure is the opposite - at the beginning you immediately see the dealer cards revealed, so open.

Double Exhibition Blackjack Rules

You broadly play this game the same as other blackjack games. It is difficult to explain the game rules extensively. Many (online) casinos add new rules yourself. They do that to adjust the house advantage of the game. Therefore always read well what rules with your online casino in force. And look at the height of the Return to Player value - the theoretical payout. It must be absolute over 99%, and preferably above 99.5%!

We will briefly summarize the basic game rules that are almost always valid.


At the start of the game, before the cards are distributed, turn on via the "Bet" button. Please note that you can make a maximum of 1 time your deployment. The bet must be between the bottom and upper limit of the play table.

Get cards

Every player and the dealer get two cards. That of the dealer lying open on the table. Look at the dealer's cards, and remember what his chance is a good hand. Then you decide whether you will buy or fit tickets. You can almost always split your tickets at Double Exposure, if they form a couple.

Win or lose

If the dealer is in turn, it usually plays until he has a hand value of 17 points or more. Then the hands of the player (s) and the dealer are compared. The highest hand wins - and the dealer also wins with a draw. If you win with a blackjack, you will not receive a payout of 3: 2. You will have to set it with a lower profit, from 1: 1 - once your own commitment.

The rules that vary

We already told that every game developer and every casino set up his own rules. Therefore, there is not one solid form of Double Exposure - every game where the two dealer cards are visible can be called. These are the rules in which the games can differ.

  • You can usually split your hand once - but sometimes more often.
  • Sometimes you can double after you split, sometimes not.
  • Sometimes you can't even double it on your original hand.
  • The dealer usually continues until he has at least 17 points. Sometimes he still has to buy a card if he has a "soft 17" '- a hand of 17 points with a bait in it.
  • Sometimes there are special hands in the game. A hand containing a pair of a certain number can, for example, form a high hand.
  • And so more extra rules can apply. Read the rules (which you will find at the online game table under a menu button). With this you prevent disappointments and unnecessary losses.

Is Double Exposure Blackjack a valuable game?

The starting position of this game, two open dealer cards, is very favorable. If you have blackjack experience, you can almost immediately see if you have to fit, buy, split, double and so on. If you have less experience, you can see in an online game schedule what is the smartest action for you.

You can therefore produce this game a considerable advantage - but there are also extra rules that reject that benefit. The RTP value (theoretical payout to the players) from Online Double Exposure is (as high at all Blackjackgames high), but varies considerably. It can be between 98.5% everywhere and the 99.7%.

Ultimately, you only know if a certain double exposure game is profitable if you read the game rules. And you know if you like it if you play it yourself. So go to do that, and you will find out if you appreciate the extra knowledge of this blackjackgame!

Which online casinos can you play the game?

This game is fairly rare. You find it especially in casinos that have a big focus on table games, the category in which Blackjack belongs. There you can often find the game between different other variants. In addition to casinos with an extensive live component, you can also play it in real time. You then play it against a real dealer via a video connection - extra exciting and interactive.

More information about Double Exposure

💬What means Double Exposure Blackjack?

Normally at the start of the game, the croupier distributes two cards to the player and themselves. Only one card is visible. The other card is not yet visible to the player. Both cards of the croupier are immediately visible at Double Exposure. You immediately know the start of the croupier.

😀 Are you in favor to know the opening score?

In fact, the answer is yes and no. Yes you immediately know if the croupier has a blackjack. This way you will not be tempted to take out insurance. But especially no because you have to see the best score yourself. If you have the best hand, it doesn't matter what a score has the croupier.

💻 Where do you meet Double Exposure?

Unfortunately you will not find this variant in every online casino. If you encounter him then this is always at the table games. There is no live casino version of. This game is made by Netent. You can always watch the NetEnt selection in the online casino.

📂 Sit extra rules to the game because of the players benefit?

Yes Unfortunately, additional rules are always connected because there is a players benefit. As a player, like that you can split once and the croupier wins at a draw. A blackjack only pays twice instead of three times.

📋 Can you use the Blackjack schedule with this variant?

In theory not because it is based on the only visible opening score of the croupier. But luckily there is also a special schedule for Double Exposure. The complete score of the croupier has been taken into account.