Single Deck Blackjack is a special shape of the blackjack game. With this version we work with only one stack of cards, instead of the sometimes eight card stacks at other versions. That gives you important information as a player. You know which cards have already disappeared from the card stack - and which cards the dealer can or may not get. This game is a great game to apply the notorious categories of cards. With that, if you play it smart, you can make your profit opportunities much better. Read all about this variant of blackjack and you can take advantage of this.

Play here the Single Deck Blackjack Variant

How does Single Deck in his work?

Broadly lines, this game looks like Classic Blackjack, the cheerful version of the game. We will briefly explain what the game rules are.

  1. The aim of the game is to get a better hand (set) cards than the dealer. A hand of 21 points is ideal. If you collect more points you will lose automatically ("broken").
  2. At the start of the game you and the dealer both get two cards. One of the maps of the dealer is open.
  3. You can now buy tickets until you are satisfied with your hand. Then you can fit. You can split a pair of cards to two new hands. You can also double your hand if you have a good starting position for that. Finally, you can assure yourself against the situation in which the dealer has a blackjack (bait + 10).
  4. If you get more points than the dealer, without playing you, you win. You get your bet than 1: 1 paid out (your amount is doubled). If you win a blackjack (bait + 10), you get a higher payout - 3: 2.

How does Single Deck from Classic Blackjack?

There are a few differences between this game and Classic Blackjack.

  • You play it with a single stack of cards ("Single Deck") instead of 8 stacks.
  • This game is always single player - no other players are present in the game.
  • You can split your hand up to three times as you always get a couple.
  • A split hand with a bait and a 10 is not considered blackjack.
  • So there is very little difference between the two variants. But pay attention - some online casinos add extra rules. They do this to the advantage that you have by reducing the use of a single pile. So always read the rules of the game before playing the game!

The benefits of Single Deck

Single Deck has an incredibly low house advantage - 0.15% if the above rules are followed. This means that 99.85% of all bets come back to the players, as a profit. As far as we know, Single Deck is therefore the casino game with the highest profit opportunity. Better than all other table games, slots and live games. How come?

Because a single stack of cards are used, there are no duplicates. For example, if you have the heart's bait in your hand, the dealer may not be distributed. Through this knowledge you can predict which cards the dealer gets. If most images are out of the game, the chance that the dealer gets a picture.

Counting the strategy counts

This strategy is used by professional blackjacket players - and Single Deck is their favorite version. They use a system where they assign a value of -1, 0 or 1 to each card. Once they see which cards are on the table, they count their values. If that yields a positive or negative final value, she gives a designation. Whether they have to fit with a low hand, long must buy tickets, and so on.

Counting cards is not easy - and at Landbased casinos it is usually prohibited. If the employees find out there that your cards counts, you can be tapped on your fingers. How can you use this strategy online?

  • The strategy is difficult at Digital Single Deck Games. After each turn, the card set is shaken. As a result, you only have a few cards that you can count.
  • At Live Single Deck Games, with real dealers, the situation can be very different. The stack of cards is not always shaken after every turn. As a result, you can get a better picture of which cards have already been handed out, and which are still in the stack.

Where can you play Single Deck Blackjack?

Many online casinos now offer this variant of the card game, in a digital or in a live version. Search for a gambling site that has invested strongly in (live) table games, the category in which Blackjack belongs. You can often try the game for free, to see what the exact rules are and how you like it. Then, if you want, you can create a casino account and play the game for real money.

This should know about the Single Deck Variant

🎊 What is the advantage of blackjack with one deck?

Because one deck is played with one deck you know exactly which cards are still in the game. You can therefore possibly count the cards that are drawn. This allows you to calculate the chance that a high or low card will be drawn.

🤩 Do you win more quickly with Single Deck Dan Classic?

This doesn't have to. The casino has devised extra rules to make it harder to win. You lose as standard with a draw. In addition, gambling remains whether a higher card comes. It remains a chance.

💳 How high is the payout percentage?

The payout percentage is 99.55%. This is really huge. But with table games such as Blackjack, the payout percentage is standard higher than with a slot machine.

🃏 Is really played with one deck?

Yes Single Deck Blackjack is 100% reliable. The game is set with one deck to cards. The cards are shuffled and distributed from this. You can assume that this is safe and according to the rules. These are they mandatory with legal software in the casino.

🔢 How can you count cards?

Here are various methods that you can use in the casino. The cards are usually given a number. Cards with the value 2,3,4,5 and 6 receive the value +1. The 7.8 and 9 receives as a value 0. The Ace and Tienen receives -1 as a value. You now count all visible cards. Is your value positive? Then you have the most low cards from the deck. Chances are that a high card now comes. Is your value negative? Then chances are that a low card now comes. This is a method to determine if you take or skip a card.