European roulette is the most popular version of Roulette worldwide. You will find it in most land-based casinos and in almost all online casinos. This version of the classic casino game has fairly easy rules and a good average payout for the player. At the same time you can do dozens of different bets, and also use a few dozen powerful strategies. The payouts range from a 1: 1 payout to a profit of no less than 35 times your own bet. In this article you can read everything about European roulette, how you play it and how you win with it.

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How European Roulette works - a short summary

Make a commitment

At Roulette you do a bet ("bet"), by placing their chips on the large game table. You can bet on the numbers 1 to 36 - and the number 0 is also present. You can place your bet on a single number or combinations of multiple numbers. Further down the article we discuss all bets that you can do. When you have finished betting, it is determined which number and combinations have won. And which players receive a payout.

The winning number is determined

You can easily recognize roulette because a unique wheel is used. This wheel is set on the edge with boxes, and above every box is one of the 37 numbers of the game table printed. The wheel has a hollow shape and a cross that serves as a handle for the dealer. This gives it a large sway of the wheel at every round, which will soon run around. The dealer then casts a small ball in the wheel. That bounces through the edge, and when the RAP will run slower, the ball lands in one of the boxes.

Receive payouts

The number above that box is the winning number. Players who have deployed on this number, or on combinations where the number occurs, now get their profits paid out. A high payout if they have done a difficult bet, and a low when they have made an easy bet. If the ball ends up at the number 0, all bets canceled on the casino. That chance (the "house advantage") is 2.70%, and ensures that the casino always earns some money on average.

The bets and the payouts

At Roulette you can use a lot of numbers and number combinations. This is a complete overview. The payouts that we call come on top of your own bet - you keep it anyway. A 1: 1 payout means that you keep your own bet and recepts your own bet amount as a profit. A 10: 1 payout means that you keep your bet, one 10 times your bet amount gets as a profit.

Outside bets

These bets are committed to a large number of numbers at the same time. They are fairly easy to win, but do not deliver high profits. At the games table you will find the boxes for this bets on the outside - so they are called "outside bets".

  • A low / high bet is a bet on 18 numbers. You then place on all low (1 to 18) or all high (19 to 36) numbers. The chance that this bet wins is 48.60%, and he provides a payout of 1: 1.
  • A red black bet is a bet on 18 numbers. You then place on all black or all red numbers. The chance that this bet wins is 48.60%, and he provides a payout of 1: 1.
  • An even / ODD bet is a bet on 18 numbers. You then put in all the same or all odd numbers. The chance that this bet wins is 48.60%, and he provides a payout of 1: 1.
  • A boxes bet is a bet on 12 numbers. You can choose from the numbers 1 to 12, 13 to 24 or 25 to 36. The chance that this bet wins is 32.40%, and he provides a payment of 2: 1.
  • A column bet is a bet on 12 numbers. You can choose from the first, second or third elongated column of the game table. The chance that this bet wins is 32.40%, and he produces a payout of 2: 1.

Inside bets

These are bets that are harder to get. But if you win with it, you will receive a (very) high payout. The boxes to bet on this bets are the core of the game table - so they are called "Inside Bets".

  • Sixline or bar is a bet on 6 numbers. The chance that this bet wins is 16.2%, and he provides a payout of 5: 1.
  • Corner is a bet on 4 numbers. The chance that this bet wins is 10.8%, and he provides a payout of 8: 1.
  • Street of Row is a commitment to numbers. The chance that this bet wins is 8.1%, and he produces a payment of 11: 1.
  • Split is a bet on 2 numbers. The chance that this bet wins is 5.4%, and he provides a payout of 17: 1.
  • Single is a bet on 1 number. The chance that this bet wins is 2.70%, and he provides a payout of 35: 1.

Bets from the neighbor game

The neighbors game is a unique part of European roulette. You turn on the "racet track" that you will find at the game table. Such a bet is automatically split into several splits and rows. That is why the profit opportunity is not easy to calculate, and also depends on the profit from the precise combination with which you win. Not all variants of European roulette offer commitment to the neighbors game.

  • Les Voisins of Neighbors or Zero is a bet on 17 numbers that lie around 0 on the wheel.
  • Tiers du Cylindre or Third of the Wheel is a bet on 12 numbers that lie on the wheel opposite the 0.
  • Orphelins or Orphans is a commitment to two sections of the wheel, with a total of 7 numbers.
  • Jeu Zero or Zero Game is a bet on 7 numbers that lie on the wheel around 0.

What is the difference with other types of roulette

European roulette is the most played variant worldwide. French and American roulette are very popular in other countries. The European variant has a number of differences with these versions.

  • The house advantage (average chance that the casino wins) is 2.70%. That is average - American Roulette has a 5.2% house advantage. The house advantage can be as low as 1.35% at Frans Roulette, depending on the precise rules.
  • The neighbors game is even more popular with Frans Roulette, and does not agree with American Roulette.
  • The game is led by one dealer at a live or real casino. Two or three dealers are often present at Frans Roulette.

Which versions of European roulette exist

At an online casino you can play a few different variations at this game.

  • The bets that you can do are usually AU$ 1 to AU$ 100. But there are also games that allow a lower (from AU$ 0.10) or higher (several millions of). If you want to play for very high amounts, you are more than welcome at online casinos that offer a good VIP program.
  • You can play the game on your own against the computer. There are also live versions with multiple players and a real dealer. You play these games through a live video connection, and they are very realistic and exciting.
  • More and more game studios develop versions of European roulette that are suitable mobile gaming. They are programmed in HTML5, and you can play them without any problems on your smartphone, iPad or tablet.

Frequently asked questions about European roulette

🏠 How high is the house advantage at European Roulette?

The house advantage is 2.7%. This is the lowest house advantage at Roulette. This means that there is a 2.7% chance that the zero is turned. If the zero is turned, the casino wins all bets.

🇺🇸 What is the difference between European and American Roulette?

There are two major differences in these variants. At European roulette you only come across the zero once at American roulette twice the zero. This means that there is a double house advantage. In addition, the order of the numbers on the wheel is different.

📽 Which variant is usually played in the live casino?

The variant is usually not listed in the live casino. If no variant is stated, it usually concerns the European version.

🧠 Which strategy is most used with this variant?

We often see that the martingale is applied in combination with a red / black bet. You then put your money on red and if you lose doubles the bet. In the event of a profit, you reconnect to your preference color.

📈 Is there a bet limit?

Yes With every table game there is a bet limit and this is of course no different here. The insert limit is different at every table. This can be a maximum of AU$ 100, but there are also tables with AU$ 500, AU$ 1,000 or AU$ 5,000.

🇪🇺 Does this version also have a neighbor game?

Yes we regularly come across a neighbor game. In English this is also indicated as racetrack. You can spread your commitment about multiple numbers in the game with a few chips.