Frans Roulette is a variant of Roulette that you can play at online casinos more often. It seems a lot to European roulette, the version that is best known for Australia players. If you can play Australia roulette, French Roulette is not a challenge for you. Better yet, this game has two game rules that you can save a lot of losses. As a result, the house advantage (the percentage of bets that goes on average to the casino) is very low. It can be as low as 1.35%, half of the house benefit of European roulette. That alone is a great reason to try out the French version of this unique table game at a gambling site. We explain here how the game works, and what the differences with the other international versions are. We also point out the strategies that are extra profitable at this game.

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What exactly is Frans Roulette?

The exercise of Roulette was put together around 1750 in France. We say composed, because this classic game is probably made by combining two games. There was once a Persian game with a game board with boxes. And an old Roman game that worked with a kind of wheel. When a smartericly combined these games, the precursor of Modern Roulette was born. He had several special rules that have disappeared.

  • In England one scraped a few rules, creating European roulette - the version that is most popular worldwide.
  • And in America an additional number was added to the wheel and the number order was changed. That yielded American roulette.
  • Compared to these two versions, Modern Frans Roulette seems most like the old exercise. More special rules and deployment options have been preserved. That not only makes the game more profitable, but also more complex and authentic than the international versions. Sometimes this game is known under the name "La Partage", which actually refers to a special game. It also happens that a game is called "French Roulette", but is actually just European roulette.

How does the game differ with American and European Roulette?

There are a few clear differences from this game if you compare it to the other two important roulette versions. Some have no influence on the game and your chances of winning - others.

  1. A French roulette table is much larger than with the other versions. That is why the game is served by two or even through three croupiers. You sometimes see this, but not always, also back in the live casino.
  2. The French game wheel has the same number order as the wheel at European roulette. The American wheel has a completely different order.
  3. The neighbors game (the "racing track" on the game table) is widely used at Frans Roulette. That is less at European roulette. American roulette doesn't even have the opportunity to bet on the neighb's game.
  4. There is one box with the number 0 present, as with a European roulette. With the American game there are two zero boxes (0 and 00).
  5. Moreover, there is always one of these two rules in the game: Sharing on In prison. These rules relate to the 0 and are beneficial for the player.

How to play French Roulette Online Online

We give a brief summary of how you play this game at an online casino.


Choose one of the dozens of bets ("bets") on the numbers. Further down this article is a complete list of all bets that you can do. With an online casino you usually set up here by selecting a file of the desired value to play money. Drag it to the right box of the game table to do your bet. Of course you can do multiple bets per round. With the typical French-language deployment of the neighbors you even do that automatically.

The wheel turns

If you indicate that you are ready, you can run the wheel with the "Spin" or "Play" button. Now the wheel
Turned. In a digital game, the wheel actually turns out for the ornamental. Behind the scenes the winning number is determined by software, the Random Number Generator. At Live Frans Roulette, the number is determined by the wheel.

Winning and receiving money

Win your bet? Then the amount is immediately credited to your casino account. Each bet has its own payout, which varies from 1: 1 to 35: 1 (your profit compared to your bet). Now you can use again and play a new round.

Extra game: La Partage

This is a line that is unique to French roulette. There are three conditions for:

  • The game uses the La Partage line.
  • The player has deployed at a 50/50 bet (black or red, even or odd, low or high).
  • The ball ends on the box.

At European and American Roulette, the player is now immediately lost. But at the French game he gets half back. That is of course very advantageous - the house advantage with La Partage is only 1.35%!

Extra game rule: a Prison

This rule is less common than La Partage. In these circumstances he applies:

  • The game uses the and prison rule.
  • The player has deployed at a 50/50 bet (black or red, even or odd, low or high).
  • The ball ends on the box.

Now the player has not lost his entire commitment directly - half the commitment. The other half is secured with a special marker. The next round is looked at whether half the commitment now wins. Is that the case? Then the player still gets it back. If the player loses, then the second half of the commitment is also for the casino.

The deployment options and benefits

Dozens of different bets (bets) are possible. This is a complete overview of the bets. You also see any chance you have to win, and what amount you will receive if you do that.

Outside bets

Bets with a high profit opportunity and a fairly low benefit.

  • A 50/50 bet is a bet on 18 numbers. You can choose the red or black numbers, the high or low numbers or the even or odd numbers. Your winnings is 48.60% and you will receive a payout of 1: 1. This is the only bet where the two special French game rules apply.
  • A boxes bet is a bet on 12 numbers. Your winnings is 32.40% and you will receive a payout of 2: 1.
  • A column bet is a bet on 12 numbers. Your winnings is 32.40% and you will receive a payout of 2: 1.

Inside bets

Bets with a low profit opportunity, but a high benefit.

  • A sixline or bar bet is a bet on 6 numbers. Your winnings is 16.2% and you will receive a payout of 5: 1.
  • A corner bet is a bet on 4 numbers. Your winnings is 10.8% and you will receive a payout of 8: 1.
  • A ROW bet is a bet on numbers. Your winnings is 8.1% and you will receive a payout of 11: 1.
  • A split bet is a bet on numbers. Your winnings is 5.4% and you will receive a payout of 17: 1.
  • A single bet is a bet on 1 number. Your winnings is 2.70% and you will receive a payout of 35: 1.

Bets from the neighbor game

Complex bets on a series of digits such as those on the wheel. You use the "racet track" at the game table to place your bet. A bet on the neighbor game actually consists of several split bets (and sometimes row bets). Your profit opportunity and payout depends on which number within the bet wins.

  • Les Voisins (the big series) is a bet on 17 numbers, which are around 0 on the wheel.
  • Tiers du Cylindre is a bet on 12 numbers that lie on the wheel opposite the 0.
  • Orphelins is a bet on 7 numbers in two sectors on the wheel.
  • Jeu Zero (the Zero game) is a bet on 7 numbers that are around 0.

What strategies are extra valuable to Frans Roulette?

The two special rules, La Partage and and Prison, are only valid when the player has deployed at a 50/50 chance. Well there are a large number of strategies for roulette where you (only) bet on these opportunities. Just think of the Red bet, which is even named after the bet you use. If you use such strategies, play certainly French roulette. You can do this very much (half) in the long term! They are about these systems.

  • The Martingale and the tier and tout and red bet strategies.
  • The labouchers strategy.
  • The oldard strategy.
  • The Paroli system.

The game variants that you come across at an online casino

At an online casino you can at least play these versions of French roulette.

  1. Digital - You play against the computer on your own. There is no live aspect.
  2. Auto French Roulette - You play through a video connection in a casino. There the game is played live with a futuristic machine, which throws the ball into the wheel. There is no dealer.
  3. Live game - You play through a live video connection. You look at how the game is performed live in a real casino. There is a dealer and you can chat live with the dealer and the fellow players. You can also adjust the camera settings and switch between multiple cameras.

You need to know this about the French Roulette

🇫🇷 What makes Frans Roulette other than European Roulette?

Frans Roulette is the only original version of the game. The terms are printed on the table in French. A big difference is the and Prison and La Partage rule. These rules are in favor of the player and only occur with the French version.

🛑 What does and prison mean?

Imagine before you put your money on red and the zero falls. This is green and normal loss. But you can then set the and prison line. Half of your commitment goes on red again and a round is secured. Is it red now? Then you actually win your bet. That's how you lose nothing in falling green.

💭 What does La Partage mean?

Instead of and prison you can also choose La Partage if the zero falls. You will then just get half of your bet back and your decision themselves you do with this. You can use this again on red / black or somewhere else. This way you never lose your full commitment if the zero falls.

💸 How high is the payout percentage?

The payout percentage is 97.3% by default. Do you play red / black? Then you have an even higher payout percentage at Frans Roulette. If you use the and Prison or LA partging rule, your payout percentage increases to 98.65%. The chance that you lose with a red / black bet is therefore even smaller if you play the French variant of the game.