A gamble with roulette car is of course always fun to do. It is always exciting when money is at stake. As a player you determine how much money is at stake. You can also choose to use a high amount in the casino. At high bet roulette there is really an amount at stake and becomes more exciting to take a gamble. Suddenly you can commit hundreds of euros instead of the AU$ 1 to AU$ 100 that you can use normally. Specially for the players who want to use high, separate digital roulette tables have been reserved. You recognize the tables because Hi stands for it. This means that you can place a high bet at this table. There is more money at stake and this means that you can win even more money.

Play roulette as a high roller in the casino

Insert limit at the roulette table

If you play roulette you should always take into account the insert limit. The insert limit is determined per table. If you play NetEnt Roulette you can see a small black digital sign at the table. At least use is made on this sign and the maximum bet. With a standard table this is AU$ 1 and a maximum of AU$ 100. If you choose a high deployment table, the minimum bet is sometimes AU$ 25 and a maximum of AU$ 500. So you can no longer get away with a bet of AU$ 1 or AU$ 10.

Limit at the live casino

In terms of limit there is an exception in the live casino. Here the bets are slightly different. We see a minimum bet of AU$ 1 to a maximum of AU$ 10,000. There are even tables with a maximum deployment of AU$ 75,000. The real highrollers are not met by a limit so. There are also table where you have to bet at least AU$ 10. This differs enormously per provider of the live casino games. Hereby it is directly indicated below the game before you start the game. At the live casino, the costs are of course different from an ordinary online casino. This is the reason that the limits sometimes only start from AU$ 10 instead of AU$ 1.

Why are there deployment limits?

The limits are there to protect both the player and the casino. The casino can of course only pay a certain amount. If a player coincidentally wins the highest commitment, then they must have the money in a greenhouse. That is why limits have been devised so that they can always pay the prize money. In addition, they also take into account that players use a strategy. With a strategy, players often double the commitment a few times. They want to protect players that they go too far by setting up a limit. In addition, they also try to avoid players from doubling too often and so make up their losses. So the protection actually works for the casino. These types of limits are only a thing of the past when you sustain a live table. As a player, here you will get the freedom to double.

High deployment roulette is not reserved for every player

It is important to realize that this variant is not reserved for every player. As a player, you must have a nice budget to gamble with these types of amounts. Always think well how much money you can actually miss as a player. If you can't miss the amount, don't gamble with it. So don't go to AU$ 1,000 at Roulette and later remember that you needed the amount for the mortgage. If your budget is a maximum of AU$ 100 then this is not very bad and simply slide at the standard roulette table. In addition, it is important to have some experience with roulette. Otherwise it can just happen that your game money is played away.

Make use of a roulette strategy

If you are planning to play high deployment roulette, we recommend that you do not immediately put all your money on red. It is important that you know what you do. The internet is full of special strategies for roulette. It is important to choose a strategy that appeals to you. Keep in mind that long not all systems work well with high bets.

Imagine choosing Martingale. You play with red or black. You choose a color in advance and you doubl your bet every time you lose. At high bets you may start by AU$ 100. This is AU$ 800 after 4 rounds. You must have this money even if you bet high. In addition, the spellimite must be able to handle it. Martingale with a high bet can actually almost only be with a live table. Thus, therefore, consider this if you choose a strategy.

Practice a strategy first in the free mode

At high deployment Roulette, it is of course not a few cents if you lose. It is therefore important that you will get well prepared. If you have chosen a strategy, we recommend that you first practice. By practicing you know exactly how the system works. Each online casino has free mode except in the live area. You will almost always get AU$ 5,000 to fictional toys. This way you get a bit of an idea of how high deployment goes into work. You can also practice a strategy to see which works best or outpacks best. If you have everything under the knee, we recommend that you take a gamble with real money. After all, you are now well prepared to play with large amounts.

Love the risk of high bets

Despite the fact that you have chosen a strategy and you can park well with it, we don't recommend that you explain to the risk. A strategy may seem perfect in theory, but this does not have to be in practice. You can just lose money. In fact you can lose your complete budget before you won a euro. It is important to take this into account when you get a gamble. There is always a risk of online gambling and with a large amount of money it comes slightly harder. This is something to take a bill when you go a chance.

High Roller Bonus for new players

If you first play a high bet, you can take advantage of a high roller bonus. There are online casinos that have devised such a bonus to take a gamble with real money. The bonus can doubl your game money considerably and you can win a nice amount. Normally your game money redoubles up to AU$ 100 or AU$ 150 with a standard welcome bonus. But there are high roller bonuses where you doubled to AU$ 1,500. You take so really a big amount and so you will see the high deployment roulette games. You have a budget of AU$ 3,000 to play with. This way you can even test martingal tests in the live casino. If you dared it because it remains a risk of deploying so much money with Martingale.

Play in a safe online casino

It is extra important with a high deployment of roulette that you will take a gamble safe. There is always a risk of online gambling. But you don't want to lose your money because the casino has manipulated the games. Or because the casino where you play the money will never pay off. Therefore always pay attention to where you will create an account. This way you avoid in trouble because you will take a gamble in a unsafe casino. On our websites you can read reviews from online casinos where you can take a gamble. You will get an idea if the website is safe or that you might want to take a gamble somewhere else. So you can continue to gamble safely without you having to be afraid that you lose money because the website itself is unsafe.

What is the big advantage of high bets?

Betting high at Roulette naturally has its advantages and disadvantages. The big disadvantage is that you take more risk and can lose more money. A loss of AU$ 0.10 does less than AU$ 500 or AU$ 1,000. But there are also benefits to high bets. First you become a high roller in the casino. You can receive or reward special bonuses for this. There is even a special VIP club where you can be selected. In the VIP Club you have a chance to get even higher bonuses if you deposit money or daring a gamble.

The biggest advantage of high bets is of course the prize money. A profit of AU$ 1 at the time is great fun. But you are not really enthusiastic about it. You will only be enthusiastic if AU$ 100 is credited at a time. This is why most players are committed to the casino.

Popular questions about high deployment roulette

🆘 Do you run more risk with high bet roulette?

Yes you are more risk that you lose a higher amount in contrast to low bet roulette. But there is opposite that you can win more money.

💯 What is the minimum deployment in high commitment?

This is a bit dependent on the table where you are going on. There are tables where you can play a high bet from AU$ 20. But there are also tables where you have to bet at least AU$ 50 or AU$ 100.

📖 Is it useful to use a strategy?

Yes If you play big amounts, it is handy that you know what you are doing. Therefore, make sure you use a strategy.

📝 There is also a maximum bet?

Yes on every roulette table there is a maximum bet. The altitude differs per table again. There are tables where you can play with a maximum of AU$ 1,000. But we also come across tables with AU$ 5,000, AU$ 10,000 and even AU$ 75,000. The limits are high in the live casino.

✅ What is the biggest advantage of high bets?

The biggest advantage is that you can win a lot more money. Imagine playing with a red bet. You put AU$ 1 on red. Then you win AU$ 1. This is not the amount you dreamed of. If you use AU$ 1,000 you can make AU$ 1,000 profit. Do you put AU$ 1,000 in a number with a straight bet? Then you even have a chance of AU$ 35,000.