The roulette rules are not complicated - at first glance. You put on play money on a number, the wheel turns, and you win money. Simple, right? Roulette is indeed easy to play - but there are a lot of bets possible, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The rules per version also differ - and there are many versions of Roulette. We discuss the rules here, and how you can use it to build your profit faster.

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The roulette rules in short

Make a commitment

Roulette is a so-called table game - it is played in real and live casinos at a game table. That game table is divided into many different compartments, and sometimes there is a "racing track". You put in by sliding a sheet to the desired box. You can bet on the 36 or 37 numbers, or combinations of a few numbers. Every box stands for a certain bet. With a live casino, the dealer determines when the time is to do bets, you do that with a digital roulette game.

The wheel turns

The play wheel also contains boxes with the same numbers that are printed on the game table. The wheel is turned off (by the dealer or by the computer) and a ball is thrown into it. That ball then bounces back and forth in the wheel, until the wheel almost stops. Then the ball rolls into one of the boxes, which corresponds to one of the numbers on the game board.

You win or you lose

If you have deployed on the number where the ball ended up, you win. This also applies if you have chosen a combination that this figure occurs. Then it depends on your precise commitment, how much money you win - it is always about multiplication of your own bet amount. That money is immediately repurchased by the online casino to your online balance. If you have not won, you have lost your commitment. Now you can place a bet again for the next round if you want.

The bets that you can place

Many different bets are possible at Roulette. They differ from each other how easy it is to win with it, and how much money they can deliver. Here you can see an overview of all bets that exist.

Outside bets

These are committed to many numbers, so you can easily win. The amount that you win is not very high.

  • The 50/50 bet is a bet on 18 numbers. You can win 1 time your commitment.
  • The dozens bet is a bet on 12 numbers. You can win 2 times your commitment.
  • The Column Bet is a bet on 12 numbers. You can win 2 times your commitment.

Inside bets

These are bets on less numbers or even on one number. They are hard to win, but deliver a high profit.

  • The Sixline, Line or Bar bet is a bet on 6 numbers. You can win your commitment 5 times.
  • The basket or sucker bet is a bet on 5 numbers. You can win 6 times your commitment. This bet is unique to American roulette.
  • The corner bet is a bet on 4 numbers. You can win 8 times your commitment.
  • The ROW bet is a bet on 3 numbers. You can win 11 times your commitment.
  • The split bet is a bet on 2 numbers. You can win your commitment 17 times.
  • The single bet is a bet on 1 number. You can win 35 times your commitment.

Burenspel bets

These are bets that you do via the race track. Every deployment of the neighbors game actually consists of a combination of split bets and row bets. That is why the profit opportunity and the benefit depends on which number you win exactly. Bets of the neighbors game can only be done at European and French Roulette.

  • Les Voisins (the big series) is a bet on 17 numbers, which lie on the wheel around 0.
  • Jeu Zero (the Zero game) is a bet on 7 numbers, which are on the wheel around 0.
  • Tiers du Cylindre (the small series) is a bet on 12 numbers that lie on the wheel opposite the 0.
  • Les Orhelins is a bet on 8 numbers that are in two discs on the center of the wheel.

How is the winning number determined?

The winning number is determined by the ball in the wheel - that is the short explanation. A real wheel is indeed used at Live Roulette. There are some hooks and eyes.

  • Officially, the dealer (or a player) cannot affect where the ball ends - that is only possible to coincidence. Players who are suspicious about that can play along with Automatic Roulette, with a machine throwing the ball.
  • Players who want to look for small abnormalities in the wheel, so that the throw is affected, can use the Pivot strategy. You look at whether certain numbers fall more often, on which it is then used.
  • A digital computer game uses an algorithm, the Random Number Generator, which indicates any round a random number. These algorithms are checked for honesty by independent IT companies.

The insert limits of the game

Every roulette game has its own minimum and maximum limits that the player can place. With an average game they are often AU$ 1 and AU$ 100. Why are these limits there?

  1. The casino wants to control the bets. So that players do not use a lot of money irresponsible, or guilty of money laundering.
  2. Certain roulette strategies work with doubles or increases. If a player could raise unlimited, he always won. Of course the casino wants to prevent that.

European, French and American roulette and the 0 box

Aboves we described the basis of the roulette game rules. Every international version of the game has special rules. The most important of these apply to the 0 box. All bets expire to the casino when the ball ends in this box.

  • At European Roulette there is one box.
  • With American roulette there are two of these boxes: 0 and 00. As a result, the house advantage of the casino is almost twice as large - not favorable for the player.
  • There is one 0 box at Frans Roulette. If there is 0 is thrown, the player is half deployment (La Partage line). Whether half the bet is fixed and returned as that in the next round wins (and prison rule). This variant is therefore most favorable for the player.

Extra information about the rules

🏠 How does the house win at Roulette?

At Roulette you always have to do with a house advantage. The house wins when the zero falls. This is the only number that you cannot bet money. This number is also green. For example, if you place a bet you also lose with green.

🪙 How do you bet according to the roulette game rules?

The game starts online with placing a bet. At Live Roulette, the croup gives it time to bet. For you you see a digital table on which all numbers and deployment options are located. You can drag your chips here. In this way you bet on the numbers that go according to you. Then press the spin button to start the game.

💶 How much money pays the game when predicting the correct number?

This lies on the kind of bet you place. Do you place a straight bet? Then you put the sheet directly to one number. With a straight bet you win 35 times your bet. But this can differ per variant. Press you which color will fall? Then you win a doubling of your bet. Do you place a split bet? Then you put the mark on two adjacent numbers. This is good for 17 times your commitment. By clicking on the question mark you can see exactly which bet what amount paid out.

📊 Is the result always determines randomly?

Yes the wheel always randomly turns one number. Do you play it digitally? Then the software developer is obliged to run any random every time. This always happens as standard in a legal online casino.