The 1 × 2 gaming casino was founded in the UK in 2002. In the creation there were no plans to build an online casino website or casino games. The goal was to launch virtual football games on the internet. Later it turned out to be the beginning of a game studio that focuses primarily on making online casino games. The games are produced from Silicon Beach and published in different online casinos. In recent years they have been starting to build their great breakthrough in the online casino world slowly. In more and more casinos, the games are added and players make knowledge with it.

Play directly in the 1 × 2 gaming casino

Virtual Football Wedkantoor

Virtual Football is not just a game that you play with soccer teams. It is a kind of virtual bet office where you can bet on your favorite football teams. Keep in mind that it is not about the real league at Virtual Football. You can bet on the Eredivisie, but it concerns virtual competitions. The results are therefore not equal to the official Eredivisie. Because the virtual competitions can also be gambling at competitions that take place today, but are not played in real life. In short, a virtual gambling game for the football fans. This virtual wed office was the start for the 1 × 2 gaming casino. In recent years this has been expanded with slots and video slots to reach a larger audience.

Safe gambling on games from the UK

In comparison with the Australia, the UK is a step forward when it comes to safe and reliable gambling. As a country they had a lot rather a permit for online gambling unlike the Australia. It is therefore not so strange that 1 × 2 gaming decided to apply for a permit in the UK. Finally, you must also be based in the country if you apply for a permit. From the gambling commission they have an official permit for their gambling games. As a result, you can safely take a gamble as a player. The games have been checked and you don't have to be afraid to lose by scams. You can safely take a gamble and have a chance to win large amounts of money.

License from Malta

The permit from the UK is of course obvious, but they also find it important to get trust from other countries. That is why they also regularly have a license from Malta at the MGA. Since the beginning of the online casino world, Malta was the most important country to get a permit. It is therefore an important signal that they have received a permit from the MGA. This really gives players a sense of safety. So you can safely take a gamble thanks to the supervision of O.A. the MGA. Supervision of the MGA has been strict for years so this is a nice idea if you gamble online.

Discover the slots of the 1 × 2 gaming casino

In addition to Virtual Football you can take a gamble on the slots of 1 × 2 gaming. The range with slots is still growing. Unlike most gamestudios, they try to offer quality quantity. So they do not produce a new slot machine every month, but they keep the quality high. The big advantage is that the slots that are really there are a party to play. The video slots collection also has a new theme every time to discover. Of course the themes make it extra nice to give up a gamble. It is at least clear during playing that the quality is paramount.

Quality similar to the big boys

The quality is similar to the big boys at 1 × 2 gaming casino. In terms of graphics, the games seem similar to the large companies such as NetEnt and Microgaming. Some games may even be more challenging to play. They have a unique theme and nice bonuses that are incorporated into the games. The games seem to be ambitious and to put a stamp on the future. They regularly try new styles to new releases, but in the end they especially try to keep the quality high. At every game they release they just try to reach a slightly higher level. They mainly do this with beautiful graphics and a challenging game to play. Compared to games from other software suppliers, these games are sometimes really a party to play. You simply experience higher quality unlike other games.

Network to Slots

In recent years, they invest primarily in developing your own 1 × 2 gaming network. The network on slots is often a collaboration with other software suppliers. They try to slightly higher and reach a larger audience. Because they do not take large steps, they take it easy to further expand their network. They also regularly assume strategic partnerships to further expand the network. Successfully because the number of slots has been growing steadily for years. Fortunately because we also love to keep playing the games. Maybe this is even one of the nicest newcomers in the online casino world.

RTP at 1 × 2 gaming slots

It is of course nice that your beautiful graphics and unique games get served. But it is also about the RTP percentage. RTP stands for Return to Player. It indicates how much percent of players back at least their bet. This can be a small percentage, but also a large percentage that slowly rises towards the 100%.

Each software supplier decides to recover how much percent of players back at their slots backs up. This percentage differs per slot machine. As a result, you see large differences in slots. Unfortunately, the RTP percentage at 1 × 2 gaming to mention average or low. Most slots are around 95% and this is quite average. But there are also slots such as Grand Prix that is 88%. This is low. On the other hand, there is slots with a high payout percentage. The Santa 3 × 3 game is 98.10%. Or what do you think of Fruity 3 × 3? This game is also at 98.10%. So there are major differences between the games in terms of RTP.

Virtual Sports remains the great love

In the 1 × 2 gaming, the preference is especially like to lie at Vritual Sports. You can bet on virtual sports matches. A game that really jumps up is Virtual Football with an RTP percentage of 98%. Although it is virtual, there is a high chance of winning for the player to properly predict the result. But there are also other sports that you can play in virtual form. For example, you can use Basketball or Virtual American Football especially for the American online casino fans. In terms of Virtual Sports, 1 × 2 gaming is absolutely out. The games are of a high quality and worth a gamble. Especially if you are a sport enthusiast.

Gambling from your mobile phone

It is of course nice if the games can also be played on your mobile phone and not only via your computer. Fortunately we have good news in terms of mobile phone. The games are all made in HTML 5. They are specially adapted to the screen of your phone, but also from your tablet or PC. So you can get a great playing experience on every device. If you play on your phone, the game is also designed to keep your screen up. You don't have to tilt your screen for it. The games are therefore really completely adjusted on your mobile phone. You don't have to download special apps in addition. You can just play the games in the online casino where the games are offered.

Bonuses for the games of 1 × 2 gaming

Are you looking for a 1 × 2 gaming free spins bonus? Then we should unfortunately disappoint you. Most online casinos have no bonus for the slots of this software requirement. Unfortunately, you cannot get a gamble on your car. Yet there are online casino bonuses that you can possibly use in the casino. Take, for example, the deposit bonus in which your money becomes doubled. Or what do you think of a free money bonus? For example, five euros that you can spend free in the online casino. You can edit this amount from different games and therefore also the slots of 1 × 2 gaming. You can take a bonus without a free spins without paying on the games.

What do we think of the games?

The 1 × 2 gaming casino makes a serious attempt to grow into the large software suppliers. In terms of offer, they are not only there at this time. Yet it is a serious company to take into account in the future. The number of games will continue to grow steadily and more software suppliers work with them together. We can expect much more from the games in the coming years. So take a chance on the games and try them out to get an idea.

FAQ over 1×2 Gaming

😊 Is 1 × 2 gaming reliable?

1 × 2 Gaming has been around since 2002 and was established in the UK. They have been active in the online casino world for years. They also have all the required licenses and permits to offer the games safely.

💡 What is the specialty of this software supplier?

Originally the online Bet Office are. They focus primarily on digital football matches and sports bets. But in recent years they have also invested considerably in online slots.

💸 Have the slots a high payout percentage?

Unfortunately, this company does not belong to the software suppliers with a high payout percentage. In fact they belong a little to the low payout slots. You can get the 95% with happiness. But slots such as Grand Prix even knows just 88%.

🤳 Can you play the games on your smartphone?

Yes the games are all on your smartphone to play. The games are built as standard in HTML 5. You can all play the games through your mobile phone.

🤯 Which games don't you miss?

We recommend that you look especially to the Virtual Sports games. The slots are often better from other software suppliers. There are several virtual sports games where you can digitally predict the result just like with a real sports bet. Then you can watch a 3D competition and see if you were right!