Amatic was one of the online software suppliers that has already arrived from the start. They started making casino games at the start of the 90s. Of course this were not yet online games, but slots for the real casino. They saw direct possibilities when developing the internet. There were opportunities to grow and place their slots online worldwide. Soon the AMATIC Casino was born and this is still one of the software vendors that you encounter most today. Reason enough for us to take a closer look at and test the Amatic's games.

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How Reliable is Amatic?

Of course, a long history does not immediately mean that you are really 100% reliable. Of course you do not want to be scammed by a website because you have just selected the wrong games. Fortunately this is good at Amatic. They not only have a long history, but they are also known for going their business. In this way they ensure that affairs are easily arranged with O.A. A license at the MGA. One of the most famous license publishers in the world is the MGA. They are known for their reliability and have given Amatic such a license.

Can the MGA guarantee your safety?

In principle, as long as the license is still valid. Of all organizations, the MGA is really the gene with the most strict controls. They do not only check the finances, but also carry out samples. If there is a complaint about a game, this will be deposited with the MGA. The MGA will then get started to see if the complaint is well-founded. If the complaint is well-founded, Amatic runs the risk that they lose their license. This is why safety is always correct. They really don't want to lose the license because it is a sign to the world that they are trusted.

Specialized in making slots

The specialization at the Amatic Casino is mainly in making slots and video slots. In fact, this is not that bad because the Roots of Amatic is of course located here. In the 90s she already built classical slot machines for the casino. They still do this today. In addition to the online branch you will still come into a real casino in, for example, Las Vegas against the games of this studio. It is therefore not so strange that with their online games they have also gone this direction. After all, they are doing what they are good and that is making slot machines.

Classic slot machines in a new online jacket

If we look at the games, we especially see that the classic slot machines stand out in the collection. Almost 80% of all games they have online are actually classic slot machines. They are the games that turn to combine fruit pieces to winning combinations. If you succeed in this, you can win a nice amount. Making the combinations is definitely worth it. Because the payment is regularly high. Despite being a few fruit pieces, you can quickly win a few hundred euros. This is of course ultimately what it's about. Although the games themselves are classic, we see that they are in one. New jacket are stabbed. For example, the symbols are beautifully designed in 3D and are not standard 3 rolls more. You now see a modern game with the intention of video slots that you can try to win.

They can build a slot machines like the best

In the AMATIC casino, the slot machines remain the overtone. They can also build the slot machines as the best. A few games that really stand out because of the playing pleasure are All ways Fruits, Bells on Fire and Hot 7. In short, the real slot machines jump out a little above the collection. These are the games that you are just having fun. You don't like the games to the sparkling graphics or bonus games. Here they just walk a bit behind. But in terms of fun, it just is completely good.

Video slots with a theme

Of course the video slots should not be missing either. Secretly they naturally have a little bit off with the large software suppliers such as NetEnt and Microgaming. Only they do a bit of a standard setup at the Amatic Casino. So you can also see this back in the video slots. They are just five rolls without bonuses and you have to get at least three symbols at one list. The only difference is actually that no fruit symbols are now in the game. Instead of fruit symbols you see symbols that have to do with the theme that they have devised. A few classics that score well are Billyonaire and Admiral Nelson. Do not expect a spectacular graphics, but just a few nice video slots to play.

Gambling button on the slots

Just as with the real classics, Amatic has also added the Gambling button. This is a bit nostalgia for us that we sometimes miss in video slots. It simply happens that you win a small amount. You can't prevent this. Sometimes it is just enough to cover your commitment from this round, but not the losses of the previous rounds. It is then just very nice if a gambling button is on the machine. This sets up the complete profit for a gamble. You usually get a screen with a card game. You can then indicate whether the next card is higher or lower on the stack. Do you act correctly? Then your profit will be doubled. You can now stop the gamble mode or a gamble. If your error gambles you lose everything. So it's really a gamble, but the Winkans is 50% and this is always nice with too small a profit.

How high is the RTP at the slots?

It is of course also nice to know how high the RTP is in the AMATIC Casino. After all, you would like to win a little because you have come to the online casino before. On average, the RTP percentage is around 96%. This is not extremely high, but not extremely low. With a Jackpot game you sometimes see with other software supplier that the percentage decreases to 92%. Here you don't bother you at Amatic. The games actually always offer a worthy payout percentage. This makes it more difficult for players to take a chance and who knows a high amount to win.

Can you play the games on your mobile phone?

Although the AMATIC casino sometimes is a bit known as old-fashioned, they immediately made a change in this. When it became known around 2015 that most smartphones do not accept Flash more they went the folder to HTML 5. If one of the first software suppliers in the world, they had converted their complete collection. If a new game comes out, it will be built directly in HTML 5. This means that you can play the complete collection with games without problems via your mobile phone. Of course the games also work perfectly on a tablet.

Bonuses with amatic slots

Unfortunately, the number of bonuses disappointed in combination with the AMATIC slots. It comes very little that you get a free spins bonus specifically for their games. This is of course a shame because it's always nice to play for free on slots. A solution that you can use is by grabbing a free money bonus. For example, you get AU$ 5 and you can spend this free in the casino. For example, you can choose to use this amount to the AMATIC slots. Ideal if you don't really want to play for free on the games. It is the solution if no bonuses are available.

Conclusion about the AMATIC Casino

If you love old school slots, you'll really be fine here. You can really enjoy different slot machines here where you can take a gamble. The only drawback is that there is little innovation. Almost no new online slots come out more. While most software suppliers regularly and even monthly release new games. This is a disadvantage especially if you are looking for some new sparkling games. The video slots are simply also old to mention and have pretty old graphics. Yet the game pleasure remains fun and this is of course also important. An additional advantage is that the games are super safe to play and you really come across them almost in every casino. If you don't feel that the games are ready for some innovation, then we can certainly recommend playing the slots to play.

Q& A over het Amatic casino

🔒 Are the games reliable in the AMATIC Casino?

Yes, the AMATIC Casino has been one of the number one software supplier in the online casino for years. They have been there since the beginning of the origin of online casinos. In addition, their games have the required permits for secure online gambling.

🏆 What is the specialty of Amatic?

They specialize in the development of slots and in particular classic slot machines. If you are looking for this you can best look at AMATIC.

🎰 How high is the RTP (Return to Player) percentage on average with the slots?

On average this percentage is at Amatic around 96%. Amatic is not yet known for slots with an extra high payout. The payout is the same at most slots.

📲 Can you play the slots on your mobile phone?

Yes Amatic slots are all to play on your mobile phone. The games are built in HTML 5. This means that you can all play them through your mobile phone. You can load and play the games directly in your internet browser.

🆕 Do new games come out?

Unfortunately, production at Amatic is not as high as with most software suppliers. But they regularly release new games. For this year there are also a number of games on the schedule.