In 2006 the betsoft casino was founded for the first time. In the first instance for the development of games. But in 2010 they decided to fully focus on online casino games. Mainly because the online casino really was emerging. They brought them out all the first slot title and this was the start for now one of the largest software suppliers for online casinos. In 2011 they released their first mobile title and in 2016 they even said to flash and develop all games in HTML 5. This is proof that the company knows how to develop itself again in the needs of players every time.

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BetSoft games made with beautiful 3D animations

Some software providers know how to perform that a mobile game almost does not cover a real game. BetSoft is one of the little who really knows how to put the same quality without flash. The games are absolutely innovative and equipped with unique themes and 3D effects. It is really a party to play on this kind of games. They are regularly rewarded with awards for best game or innovative game design. In 2019 they won the game for Game of the Year from Igaming Media.

How safe are the games of a betsoft casino?

Of course it is very nice that the games look fantastic and games like a game. But it is also nice to know if the games are 100% safe. Of course you do not want to be scammed or coming into problems because you simply want to take a gamble. Fortunately we can say from your own experience that the games are safe. They are not rewarded several times with large awards for nothing. EGR Another big award specialist exclaimed several times to the best casino software supplier in the world. Reason enough to assume that it is safe.

BetSoft has multiple licenses

If an award or positive feedback is not yet sufficient, we can reassure you with the licenses that the BetSoft Casino has in its possession. The company has multiple licenses. They knew the first in 2014 to reach the MGA license. This is also immediately the most strict organization to apply for a permit. The games really have to meet high safety requirements for this and regular samples take place to guarantee the safety for players. In 2016 they knew the AAMS certification and in 2018 they decided to even reach the Romanian license. There is a good chance that in the future they also go for the Australia license. In short, a safe organization to take a gamble.

The games of betsoft

Of course it is now time to test some games or to find out some more about the games. The games of the BetSoft Casino have been rewarded several times in recent years with awards. This already indicates that the bar is high and you as a player can have high expectations. This company really belongs to the absolute world top when it comes to online gambling and gaming. Reason enough to keep an eye on this company. They have plenty to offer to make it a great online evening. Or just as a snack if you want to gamble via your mobile phone. There is at least enough to choose between the extensive games collection of betsoft.

Discover the great offer with video slots

Absolutely one of the specialties is the collection with video slots. For the past ten years, dozens of awards managed to drag them with their video slots. So it is not very strange that the games are experienced as one of the best games at the moment. There is really enough to choose and new games also appear every month. The best games that you definitely have to know are to have been: Gypsy Rose, Good Girl, Bad Girl, The Tipsy Tourist, Chilipop, Ogre Empire and Who Spun IT? But actually we can make this list much longer. The games are absolutely from a completely different level, then you are used to the online casino so far.

Bomb with innovative bonus games

One of the Specialties of the BetSoft Casino is that they really stop time in making their video slots. You not only see this back in the graphics, but also in the innovative bonus games. The bonus games are often part of the story and complete the game. Take, for example, the Videoslot Who Spun IT? This is a kind of detective where you have to find out who committed the murder. In different bonus games you have to find clubs and you deliver your money next to the normal roles that you turn. This game once again shows what a masterpieces this software supplier knows how to put down.

How high is the chance that you win at BetSoft Slots?

Of course you end up not only play because of the beautiful 3D graphics, but also to win money. Finally, you really put money to get a gamble. It is therefore nice that there is a nice winkel. The Winkel is expressed in RTP or Return to Player. This is the percentage that indicates how much the chance is that a player wins at least his commitment. On average this percentage is at BetSoft around 95%. This is actually quite standard. There are also a few exceptions. These are games that have to achieve a higher RTP percentage. After Night Falls achieves 97.27%, At The Copa 97.48% and Good Girl Bad Girl can even go up to 97.97%. In short, there are also high RTP percentages to achieve. This means that as a player you really have a great winkel. Even Who Spun IT? Know the 97%.

Table games to take a gamble

Of course the table games may not be missing in an online casino. This naturally only makes the casino completely complete. Fortunately they have different table games that you can take a gamble. Actually, all famous names such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat are represented. Of course they are built in beautiful 3D so that they look beautiful. A nice addition to the collection with table games is craps. Maybe you have played this game in a real casino, but you almost never meet him online. Dice are thrown at Craps and can take care of a winning combination if your council will be thrown which number is being thrown. A fun game for variety and play in a betsoft casino.

Play a game of video poker

Video poker is actually a variant on a slot machine in the form of poker. You play the game less tactically unlike real poker. It is more lucky that the cards are good and with bluffing you don't get away this time. For poker lovers it is a nice variant to play in between. There are several variants of poker to play slots. You will find them in the online casino at the special video poker collection.

Can you also play the betsoft games on your smartphone?

As we have mentioned earlier, betsoft has switched to HTML a few years ago on HTML 5. The games are therefore no longer built in Flash. The big advantage of this is that you can really play the games on every device. So you can also take a gamble on your smartphone or tablet. Handy if, for example, you are on the move or you don't feel like starting a computer. So you can just take a gamble to your mobile phone and have a chance to win nice cash prizes. The only thing you need is an internet connection and an account at an online casino. You can then get started to take a gamble.

Bonuses for BetSoft Games

If you are new in a betsoft casino, then you can naturally count on bonuses. Most players naturally hope for free spins bonuses after reading the review. Unfortunately we have to disappoint you in this. Free spins are usually given bonuses, but not for the slots of betsoft. Yet there are alternatives to take a gamble to the games for free. For example with a 100% bonus. Your game money will be doubled for free. With this money you can make a try to win on betsoft slots without really putting money. You have received a bonus and you will try to bet you. Another way to test the slots for free is with a five euro bonus. The five euro bonus can be given as a gift when registering a new account.

What do we think of betsoft?

We are actually very enthusiastic about betsoft. It has been one of the largest software suppliers in the world for years and they prove this time again. Thanks to the innovative slots that are really nice to play, they know again and again. The high RTP percentage has also been taken nicely. In short, a great software supplier to pick up a gamble.

Common questions about betsoft

🔗 Is the BetSoft Casino a reliable software supplier?

Yes you can trust Betsoft that you can gamble safely and reliably online. The software supplier has been neatly done for years. For example, there is also a permit for the games and you can assume that it is safe to play the games.

😊 What is the Specialty of BetSoft?

BetSoft is a complete software supplier for the online casino. They do not only make slots, but also table games. More and more online casinos choose to use the betsoft's table games as a basis. Yet the specialty is still at the slots that they still cast regularly.

⭐️ Are there slots with a jackpot?

Yes BetSoft has different jackpot slots, but these are mainly slots with a fixed jackpot. They have no large progressive jackpot games. Most Jackpots at BetSoft pay out a few thousand euros. This is still nicely taken, but no clapper like Mega Moolah of Microgaming.

🏅 How high is the RTP percentage of slots?

The slots have an average return to Player percentage of around 96%. But there are also outliers who just pay more. For example, Good Girl Bad Girl knows how to tap 97.79%. The WHO Spun IT slot machine knows the 97.64%.

💭 Can you also play the games on your mobile phone?

Yes This software supplier has prepared at the future. All games are built in HTML 5 and therefore you can play on your mobile phone without any problems. The games draw neat and fast here.