In 2013, three men who were earlier at the largest software supplier of Sweden decided to go their own way. They did not agree with the mass production policy without quality. She wanted to develop in their own tempo games where the quality comes first. Successfully they decided to release their first titles under the name every studios. From every studio casino you can play high quality slots and online casino games for a number of years in a row today. In short, the playing pleasure is finally first instead of mass production to slots where quality is sometimes seeking.

Try the latest games from every studios

A new every Studios casino game every month

Despite the fact that the quality is paramount, the team has grown considerably since 2013. This makes it possible to deliver a game from top quality every month. Very sometimes there is a month pause. They think it is important that production does not cost quality. Here they are therefore strong in their team. Yet they try to grow and therefore they try to cast a minimum of 12 games per year. With success because every title appears to be surprising. They continue to work full of passion. It is clear that the passion in the field of online slots is incredibly high.

Develop secure slots

In every Studios Casino it is important that you as a player can also safely take a gamble. You don't want to get financially in trouble because you intended to go a chance. This is of course not the intention of online gambling. The studio therefore decided to arrange licenses from itself. To obtain a license, a game studio is especially evaluated for fair game play. It is looked at whether players really get a fair chance to win. Or that it means an end exercise as soon as they throw money into it. This is of course important to know for you as a player.

Which licenses do they have in your pocket?

In fact, they have arranged all major licenses for the games at the Every Studios. The MGA and Gambling Commission are both on one. These are also two leading licensers. This does indicate that they do everything to make safe gaming possible. For players this is of course a very nice idea because in the end you want one thing and that is just safe to take an online gamble. From this list, the MGA is even one of the most strict organization for controlling safe players for players. So you can really assume that the games are 100% safe to play.

The games in every studios casino

It is now of course high time to discover the games as a player. Despite the fact that the offer continues to grow every month, we have already made a nice selection. You have an overview of games that certainly know are worth a gamble. The games are unique in their kind and make gambling even more fun. You actually come across the quality that you come to this studio. This is of course not so strange because the makers put a lot of passion and time in the games. They work on it until the games are perfect. This is paramount in contrast to mass production at some companies.

Specialized in making video slots

The specialization of the slots is mainly in the field of video slots. Every game has a unique theme that has also been executed with beautiful 3D graphics. One of the specialties of the software supplier is processing bonus games in the video slots. This way you almost always play an extra game when you make a certain combination. The bonus games are really enriching the slots and ensure even more fun. Above all, it is even possible to win a lot more money. The bonus games are known that you can win a lot of money with it and this makes it worth it. So try to make the winning combinations to rake the real money in with the bonus game.

Casino Strategies On Slots

The table games in the online casino are of course known for strategies. For example, you can apply a certain strategy with a jar of roulette in the hope that it produces a lot of money. The strategies usually ensure that you will divide the money in a certain way. In every Studios Casino you can also apply the strategies at slots. When betting you can also click on Bet Strategy's. You can choose a strategy and then your bet is automatically increased or decreases or decreases according to a certain strategy. This makes the chance a little bigger that you really get to win on one of the slots.

Player challenges on slots

Another addition that each studios has performed with a number of games is challenges. While playing, for example, Taco Brothers or any other random every lock, you can suddenly get a challenge. If you succeed in getting the challenge within a certain time, you win a bonus amount. This makes it even more fun to play at the lock than that you just have to run continuously in the hope that you win. The challenges can really be anything. For example that you must sink a specific number of ships at Wild Seas. The challenges ensure an extra game dimension in any case.

Participate in special every studios tournaments

Special tournaments are also organized in every studios casino. Hereby you take it against other players within certain slots. Sometimes a tournament takes a few days in succession. The player who knows how to win the Challenge will be paid out a sum of money. The tournaments ensure an extra sense of competition. You are now keen to win and play the game.

The RTP percentage at the slots

It is of course nice to hear that the video slots are great to play. But of course you not only want to play fun, but also winning. A high RTP percentage can contribute to this. RTP is responsible for Return to Player. This percentage indicates how much percent of players wins at least his commitment. The higher the percentage, the higher the chance that you really are going to win. On average, the percentage is around 96%. This actually indicates that there is quite a lot to be gained. The bonus games naturally also help. For the rest, there are not really outliers that come far above 96%. But 96% is actually already a great score. This means that only 4% of players really lose its commitment.

Mobile gaming experience is paramount

Some software suppliers are still working to really put all their games for the mobile casino. Every Studios really tackles it in this area. The mobile game experience is really paramount. They want players to get the perfect playing experience on their cell phone. In addition, the games can of course also be played on the computer, but the development is mainly on the mobile experience. They want the players to get the perfect playing experience at every type of screen. In short it is therefore no problem to take a gamble through your mobile phone. The games are also made by standard in HTML 5 for the ultimate game experience on your mobile phone.

Bonuses for every studio slots

You would really like to try the Taco Brothers free of charge with a free spins bonus. Unfortunately, we must disappoint you for this. We almost never see every studios bonuses pass by. The free spins are usually aimed at other slot missors. But don't be worried because you can of course use a deposit bonus or free money bonus. For example, with a deposit bonus you get your game money doubled. You can use a large amount to bet on your favorite games. The advantage is that you can now determine which slots you will try for free. This is in contrast to most free spins bonuses where you are really stuck at one slot.

Our judgment about every studios

We are actually quite positive about it every studios. The bar is clearly high, but some games are less successful. Fortunately the supply grows every month, making it a surprise every time they come. It is sure to know positive to see which games have been launched in recent months and to see where they want to go in the future. Chances are that you are happy to play on the slots of every studios in the coming months. At least we enjoy it well.

Everything you need to know about every studios

👤 Who is any studios?

Each is an originally Swedish software supplier for online casinos. Since 2013, they mainly focus on building slots. One of the specialties is 3D vidoe slots. Instead of quantity, they try to offer quality by just launching a few slots per year.

🤷♂️ Is any reliable?

Yes they have made their name in recent years. They are known as a reliable online casino software supplier that supplies quality. They also have different licenses in their pocket that they demonstrate safe online casino games.

🍒 Which slots should you really have played with each?

You should actually have played the complete collection. But games that really jump out are Ivanhoe, Wild Toro, Vegas Diamonds and Taco Brothers. The games have a unique theme and look beautiful. It is really an experience to play on these slots.

📱 Can you also play the games on your mobile phone?

It is no problem to play the games on your mobile phone. The games are made in HTML 5. Because of this they are mobile friendly and you can load them directly into your internet browser. So you don't have to download app for it.

💶 How high is the RTP percentage at the slots?

On average, the games are 96%. This payout percentage is actually already higher than average. In fact this percentage for almost every slot machine is equal. So there are no mega outliers. You immediately know where you stand when you play on the slots of each.