The EGT Casino is a software supplier that has been going on a lot of years again. They have more than 15 years of experience in making online games. The focus has been fully placed on producing online casino games in the last 10 years. They do this excellent because the company is growing steadily. They regularly open new branches where new teams can get started to develop online casino games. In addition, there are a large number of online casinos that have decided to add EGT to their assortment. You come across the games almost everywhere. For us this is a reason to dive deeper into the games and draw our own conclusion.

Discover the complete game offer from EGT

Can you label the EGT Casino as reliable?

The casino game makers now go with a very long time. This naturally does not indicate that they are reliable, but it is a good start. Fortunately, they have also taken the necessary measures to make their games safer. For example, they have five licenses from different countries. These licenses are known to make online gambling safer by actively monitoring. In short, safer gambling is almost no longer going.

O.A. A license from the MGA

One of the five licenses that are provided by the MGA. This has been the number one licensee for online casinos for years. The MGA is part of the Government of Malta and keeps strict supervision of secure online gambling. They do this O.A. With samples, financial controls and checking complaints made from players. In this way they try to keep gambling online. Another license that they have in their possession is the gambling commission. Their work is comparable to the MGA alone is this part of the Government of the UK. So you can assume that gambling is safe.

Game offer from EGT

EGT Interactive has a gaming offer that is still being regularly expanded today. New games regularly come true. The focus of the company is primarily in making video slots. The big advantage of video slots is that you can alternate this with themes, new setting up and bonuses. We also see this in the company's gaming offer. We regularly see new releases in which the makers really choose a different direction. This is absolutely one of the points at EGT and we understand very well that they are therefore regularly chosen for the online casino.

Video slots is the specialty

If we can appoint a specialty in the Egg Casino, this is clear video slots. Here is also really the focus of the company. They try to raise again with games that are clear from a high quality. At the software suppliers they try to design new themes every time, with which they naturally try to stand out. The design is also different with the games every time. This way you sometimes play with 10 lines and the next time with 20 or even 40 different lines.

Slot machines with new flashy graphics

In addition to traditional video slots, you also come across slot machines. These have flashy graphics and therefore really fall in relation to the real classics. Funny enough the slot machines also belong to the most played games at EGT. For video slots, players will nevertheless deviate to other Slotmakers. This mainly has to make the quality of the graphics. EGT is absolutely doing its best, but the level is sometimes slightly higher with other software suppliers at Video Slots. A number of popular slot machines are, for example, 40 super hot, burning hot and flaming hot. In short, hot is a bit the base of the slot machines.

Make the chance of the jackpot

Do not expect any record-breaking jackpots with these software suppliers, but a few main prizes that you can win. The Jackpot system itself is unique in its kind. It is a kind of mystery game that can suddenly be tricked out of the blue. So you don't have to see a certain combination for it. If you know how to activate the Jackpot game, you will see a number of playing cards in your screen. You can turn around a number. The number of cards that you can turn differs at a time.

Do you know 3 to draw the same cards? Then you win the jackpot that they are ready for you at that time. In short, a unique game to play and it is certain to know an addition to the collection. Namely it is exciting every time if you will get the Mystery Jackpot this time. You mainly come across the Mystery Jackpot at the Rise of Ra slot.

Dice slot machines

A new variant of the traditional slot machines are the so-called Dice slots. They are nice games that you encounter in the Egt Casino. Instead of traditional fruit symbols, you now come across a few dice that you can roll to winning combinations. At 81 days you have 81 different ways to win. But another must from this list is 20 Joker Dice with 20 different paylines that you can use money. The games are a nice variety with the traditional slot machines that you normally come across.

Do the slots have a high RTP percentage?

Of course you are secretly curious about the RTP percentage of slots. The percentage is actually quite average. On average, the slots are around 95%. It is not spectacular high, but again not extremely high. There are a few outliers in which the jackpot is around 96%. Burning Hot, for example, has a percentage of 96.45%. Royal Secrets is slightly lower with a percentage of 96.3%. Another slot machine with a relatively high percentage is Venezia d'Oro This game has a percentage of 96.25%.

EGT table games

In the EGT Casino you will not only get slot machines and slot machines. Of course they want to make their game offer as complete as possible. They do this with a collection of table games that you can choose from. The table games you encounter are of course the well-known variants such as Roulette and Blackjack. Yet they have managed to put the games in a new look again with beautiful graphics. They are not the most striking games from the collection, but definitely worth a gamble. In addition, they also have a number of poker games that you can choose from.

Can you play the games on your mobile phone?

The games in the EGT casino are built in both Flash and HTML 5. If you start the games through your computer you get them in Flash. Mainly because according to EGT, this gives the ultimate experience. If you play through your smartphone, the HTML 5 variant is automatically sought. All new games are issued in both variants. The old variants are almost all converted to HTML 5. This means that you can actually play them through your smartphone. This is of course a nice idea if you want to take a gamble through your mobile phone. In addition to the smartphone, HTML 5 is of course also supported by the tablet.

Bonuses at EGT Games

Of course it is also nice to take a bonus as a player once. Unfortunately, most bonuses are really reserved for the large known software suppliers. This is certainly a bit of a shame. You would like to play with Free Spins on the games. Fortunately, there is still an option if you really want to play with these games for free. You can grab a casino bonus of 5 euros. You can spend this bonus free in the casino. For example, bet on the different games and determine yourself which games you play for free.

You are not bound by one slot that you might play for free. In short, a five euro bonus can extract much better in practice. With a free spins bonus you are often limited to one game while you can try out different games for free with five euros. Of course you can also spend your deposit bonus on the games of EGT.

Conclusion about the EGT games

Actually, it is very enthusiastic about the Egg Casino. The games look neat and cared for. But the level could still get a step up. Some graphics do slightly behind relationship with the new studios. But it can always be worse and it is also nice that EGT still regularly releases new slot machines. The slot machines look very licked. In proportion to the real classics you can see a considerable improvement here. In short, this is a software suppliers that just have to have online casinos. It is a great addition to the assortment. We also see this in the number of casinos that have decided to work with EGT. Fortunately this percentage is still growing today. Now hope that they can get slightly higher the video slots level.

Popular questions about the EGT casino

🤨 Is the EGT casino reliable?

Yes, the EGT Casino is known as a reliable software supplier. They have been among the fixed suppliers of the online casino for years.

🧐 What is the specialty of EGT?

The company has been specialized in building video slots and slots for years. They still do this today with a lot of passion from Bulgaria. Building classic slot machines in particular is a specialty.

📈 How high is the average payout percentage with EGT?

On average, the payout percentage of the slots is around 96%.

🏆 Can you win a jackpot at one of the slots?

One of the characteristics of this company is that every slot machine has a jackpot. The jackpots are not as high as a progressive jackpot, but you can win a Jackpot. With most slots, even 4 jackpots are present where you can measure every round chance.

📲 Can I also play the slots on my smartphone?

Yes they make all games standard in HTML 5. This means that you can simply play the games on your smartphone.

🎰 What are the most popular slots?

Actually all slots are popular with slot machines enthusiasts. But there are a few games that are just a little more popular. For example, players regularly at: 40 Super Hot, Burning Hot and Almighty Ramses 2. The latter is the only non-slot machine in this list.

💯 Can you play the games in any online casino?

EGT is well represented in the online casino. There are several online casinos where you can play the games. On our website you will of course find an overview.