The Habanero Casino has been a big player for the Asian market for a number of years in a row. The name of the company is also responded to this. But since a few years the games of this software supplier have also begin to conquer the European market. To add extra power, they have taken over a number of European gamestudios. In this way they try to take over the complete gambling industry together. The purpose of Habanero is to grow into one of the largest software suppliers in the world. At the moment they are fairly fast on the way especially because the games appear in more and more studios. With this, Habanero starts to grow considerably in size.

Play directly on the nicest habanero slots

Is Habanero also trust?

Habanero is definitely a company with ambition. This can of course not hurt, but you would like to be able to trust a company. Fortunately, they also do everything to make their games safe for the player. For example, they meet the official rules of 16 different countries. Every country naturally has its own rules and regulations around online gambling. Despite the fact that the rules are different they try to meet their games to meet several markets. As a player can also assume that everything is well arranged.

Known licenses are in your pocket

In addition to the regulations, they also managed to collect the well-known licenses. They are connected to the MGA and Gambling Commission. For you as a player, this is of course a sign of extra safety. You know so 100% sure that you can safely take a gamble. This is of course no wrong idea. Especially not if you bet online for the first time. To guarantee safety, they also work together with different partners. So they really do everything to make their games safer. Of course this is always a nice idea for players. You know for sure that you can safely take a gamble.

Habanero Casino Collection

Of course we naturally come to test the games. As a player you are particularly curious which games they all offer and whether it is worth a Online casino to find out with Habanero. A large part of the collection consists of slots. This is their specialty and you can also see this in the quality of the games. But in addition to slots, they also make table games and video poker games. Hereby they constantly try to raise the bar and develop new games. Of course the quality of the graphics play an important role, but also the pleasure that you politely during playing. At the moment of writing, the collection consists of more than 100 different games.

Unieke Thema Videoslots about the tea spel

The specialty is to develop video slots and in particular games with a theme. They try to be unique every time and choose a different theme. In addition to imaginative themes, they also try to respond to the season. For example, there are special slots in the sign of Christmas and Santa Claus. But they also have a special Halloween edition where you can freeze delicious. These are of course slots that you only play a few weeks a year, but it is nice to get into the mood.

Quality differs per game

If we have to be honest, the quality differs per game. Some games seem to be successful. As a result, the graphics are not that beautiful if you are used to. Fortunately there are also enough games that are worth a gamble. Loony Blox, Ways of Fortune and The Dead Escape are games that stick above. In addition, there are also games that are a bit copied with other well-known games. The execution is sometimes not as successful as the original. Fortunately you have the free choice to determine yourself which games you play. This way you can choose to skip these games.

Unique Jackpot system on the slots

You will find a unique Jackpot system in the Habanero Casino. This is called the Jackpot Race. The jackpot is only divided during a certain period. By participating as a player during a jackpot race, part of your inlay goes to the jackpot. Then a prize pool is created that is divided several times. Sometimes players have to share the jackpot and visit the competition to beat other players in the race to the jackpot. This is not just about winning money, but a piece of competition is also connected. This makes the software supplier of course unique in its kind. The slots that participate in the temporary jackpot race differs at a time. Sometimes several slots can participate at the same time. A nice addition if you ask us.

A new game every month

Habanero wants to continue to renew and absolutely don't stand still with the collection. That's why they make a new one every month Casino games.. With this they try to turn the games world upside down and take the lead. Within Europe they have now taken over several small game studios. In this way they can maintain production and come with new concepts every time. It is therefore nice for players to see what they have devised this time. The releases they release naturally mainly consist of slots.

Play multiple games at the same time

Of course we are increasingly working on multitasking. For example, at our work, but also if we are relaxing. Habanero responds to this and has invented the multitasking method for slots. For example, it is possible to play several slots at a time on one screen. Ideal if you want to take a gamble with multiple games. You make so double chance to win. It is definitely recommended for players who do not have the patience to operate one slot machine at the same time.

How big is the chance that you win with habanero slots?

Your shops are naturally expressed in RTP or return to Player percentages. This indicates how much percent of the players at a habanero slot wins at least his commitment. In terms of RTP percentages, Habanero regularly scores very high. This is also a reason why the games are popular. An example is the Ways of Fortune slot machine. The percentage here is 98.1%. Loony Box also knows about 98% just like Fai Cai Chen Deluxe. In fact, a large part of the slots from the collection is around 98%. You immediately have the reason why the slots are so popular. You can really win a lot of money and players get a fair chance to win something. This is of course also the intention if you dangle a chance in the Habanero Casino.

Table games in a new jacket

Of course they have also tackled the well-known table games and put in a new look. You can choose the well-known games Blackjack Playbut also a number of well-known poker games. Because they have a history on the Asian market, there are also variants from well-known Asian games. Baccarat, for example, is fairly popular here, but also the Asian Sic Bo. It is of course nice for players to get some variation in the game offer in this way.

Can you also play the games on your smartphone?

The Habanero smartphone tests are of course made. The software supplier is still quite young and therefore able to work directly with HTML 5. This means that you can play the complete collection on your smartphone. That way you also have a number of alternatives to games that you might not yet play through your phone. Thanks to HTML 5 it is no problem to load the games and operate with your touchscreen. Thanks to this software producer, the experience through your phone has been 100% successful.

Bonuses on Habanero Slots

Unfortunately, in the Habanero Casino we get pretty little free spins actions against specifically aimed at habanero games. This is something to take a bill when you go a chance. Most Casino Bonuses are fairly common. For example, five euro gift when registering or doubling your toy money. You can just use this on your favorite slots. But you unfortunately don't come across a free spins bonus especially for these slots. So take this into account if you search a casino. You will probably not find a special bonus for it.

What do we think of Habanero?

We are actually quite positive. They always know how to renew with, for example, the Jackpot Race. The only thing they should change is copying games. Some games can skip just as well and are a bad copy of the original. Fortunately, there are really a few original games that are certainly worth a gamble. In short, something is always for you to take a gamble. We certainly recommend giving the games once in the Habanero Casino. Especially because of the high RTP percentage.

Popular questions about the Habanero Casino

😌 How Reliable is the Habanero Casino?

If you ask us, they have been 100% reliable for years. Unfortunately they just occur in too little online casinos. But the company itself has had itself well proven to be reliable in recent years.

👍 Where is Habanero specialized?

Habanero is primarily specialized in making slots. They do this with a lot of passion. A few slots that you should not miss are: Magic Oak, Wild Trucks and Panda Panda.

👀 Can you also play the slots on your mobile phone?

Yes this is no problem. All games are built directly in HTML 5. As a result, they are mobile friendly and you can play them on your smartphone without any problems. The game automatically adjusts to your device. It doesn't even matter if you play on your tablet or telephone.

🃏 Does Habanero also make table games?

In recent years they have produced more than 140 different online casino games. The majority consists of slots, but there are also a few table games in between. Unfortunately you do not come across this in every online casino because the range of the table games is often sufficient.

📶 How high is the payout percentage of slots?

This is on average around 96%. There are even outliers such as Arcane Elements and Dragon Throne. These slots have an RTP of 98.05%. Thanks to the high payout percentages, Habanero has been a popular choice in the online casino for years. It is just a little search where you come across the games.