Microgaming is one of the most important suppliers of games to online casinos. In almost every legally online casino you will encounter the supplier's games. The Microgaming Casino has been a few years in a row to the absolute market leader in casino games. For us reason enough to test the games of specifically this software supplier. What does the games actually do so special to play? Why do the players really like to try these games? You can read it all in our Games supplier review of the online casino.

Take a direct the best Microgaming offer

How reliable is Microgaming?

Although it is a familiar name, it is of course not yet a reliable software supplier. For example, they can manipulate their software that they only become richer. Fortunately we can reassure you about this. One of the reasons why so many casinos work with this software is because they have a reliable collection of games. They have been guaranteeing games for years where both the players and the casinos experience a lot of fun. For example, the company is also responsible for responsible gambling and they do everything to have players to have fun. Gambling is not allowed to become an addiction and they try to prevent addiction in collaboration with the casinos.

Official licenses for the studio itself

Normally the online casinos themselves are obliged to meet certain requirements. For example, they are checked by licenses on O.A. their finances. They must have their finances in order to show that they can really pay the prize money. Microgaming finds it important as a studio to give a good example. They have therefore requested licenses for their own games. Thanks to the licenses, they try to make safe gambling possible. The games meet the highest requirements that are set and this makes online gambling a lot safer. The licenses they have obtained are the MGA and Gambling Commission. The MGA is known as one of the most reliable gambling licenses in the world. This shows that the company itself also does everything to make their spells 100% safe.

Microgaming casino games collection

Of course you have now become curious what kind of games the software supplier actually makes. As a number one supplier of the online casino you can of course expect something. One of the parts that we have naturally tested is the complete games collection. The collection has ended up to a few hundred games that you can play online. The offer is still growing daily and therefore it is nice to test the games. Every time you end up in a new world where you can take a gamble.

Specialized in slots and video slots

The absolute specialization of Microgaming is slots and video slots. This is of course also the most popular game in the casino. So it is not so strange that you encounter the games a lot from this software supplier. Most software suppliers explain the focus on video slots and slots. Videos lumps in particular with beautiful 3D animations come across a lot. This is a bit of their specialty and with these games they mainly hope to stand out. In recent years the quality has grown enormously at the casino games. Of course they have come to this to bring the bar and slightly higher. The result is a few beautiful games that you cannot ignore in recent years.

Record Breaking Jackpot Games

The Microgaming Casino is of course best known by the record-breaking jackpot games. There are always a few software suppliers that come with a Jackpot game. But nowadays you have to be happy with a jackpot of AU$ 10,000. Microgaming goes a lot further than the AU$ 10,000 that you can earn from most Jackpots. One of the best known games of the studio is Mega Moolah. This game already knew a note in the Guinness Book of Records a few times. Mainly with the record highest jackpot ever cases. At the moment of writing, the record is at AU$ 18.9 million. This amount was won by a happy player from England in 2018. The player had used AU$ 5 via his smartphone and won the bizarre amount of AU$ 18.9 million. Another Jackpot lock of the software supplier is Major Millions. This jackpot regularly falls around the million with a happy player.

Slots with a movie license

In addition to record breaking jackpots, Microgaming is also known for the slots with movie license. They regularly buy the license from famous films and build a slot machine from this. Ideal if you are a big fan of films and you want to gamble in this theme. A few licenses in recent years are: Jurassic Park, Terminator and Battlestar Galactica. A license that they also have and of course has nothing to do with films is the playboy. The Playboy has its own official slot machine.

New slots come out every month

One of the large points in the Microgaming casino is that new slots come true almost every month. This means that there are always new games to try out. As a player it is natural if you can test new games and can take a gamble on it. The gaming offer grows steadily every time and this makes it extra fun to play. The quality of the games differs per month. Some games are not really innovative and seem to be more power. But it also happens that the games are groundbreaking and certainly complement the collection. These are the games that are sure to be worth playing.

At Microgaming you get a high RTP percentage

One of the points is that you regularly encounter a high RTP percentage. RTP stands for Return to Player. This percentage indicates how much percent of players back at least their bet. In Microgaming there are no record-breaking RTP percentages, but they are on average on the high side. There are software suppliers that put a lower payout percentage on their games. This means that the players really fall to the players. Keep in mind that Jackpot games have a lower payout percentage by default. Logical they should finally pay off the jackpot. For example, Wimsum Dimsum Slot has a percentage of 98%. But Playboy is also good for 97.8%. These are all high percentages for a slot machine.

Table games of Microgaming

The table games may not be missing in the Microgaming Casino. Naturally, new table games are not coming out every month. There are simply too few innovations for this. For example, a slot machine can be supplied with a new theme and new bonuses. This is more difficult with a table game. Yet they also try to stand out at the table games. In 2019 they knew two new table games. They came with a new variant of Roulette and Blackjack. The big advantage of new table games is that the graphics are just a slightly higher level etc. The table games are of course nice for the variety.

Are the games also suitable for the mobile phone?

It is nice to know that the games are also suitable for the mobile phone. From 2015, they are committed to their games as standard in HTML 5. The complete collection is immediately converted, allowing to play almost all games via the mobile phone. This is of course nice because it is certainly nice to play the games along the way. Thanks to the HTML 5 technology you can just take a gamble in the casino via your mobile phone. You just have to visit the website in the browser and you can choose from different games. Of course they are also suitable for the tablet thanks to HTML 5.

Are there also bonuses with Microgaming games?

In an online casino, bonuses are regularly giving away. Especially to transfer players to create a new account. Of course you also come across the Microgaming casino bonuses. The bonuses are unfortunately disabled less often, for example with other software suppliers. But it is not rare to get free spins on mega moolah, for example. You can't just play for free on Mega Moolah, but also have a chance to win big amounts of money. Who doesn't want to win a jackpot of a few million? With Free Spins you are already helped on your way. So it is certainly worth seeing if there is an offer somewhere where you can use a bonus.

Our conclusion about Microgaming

We can actually be positive. We understand very well why the games are regularly tested and tested as best. The only downside that we can find is that the games have been less revolutonary in recent years. They fall less in violence to graphics and new bonuses that you encounter from the new studios. Microgaming could focus more on quality in the coming years instead of a new game every month. Especially if the quality goes up considerably.

FAQ about the Microgaming Casino

✅ How Reliable is the Microgaming casino?

Microgaming has been guaranteed for years for years and secure online casino games. They therefore have all the licenses that you can imagine for their games arranged.

📚 Where is Microgaming specialized?

Mainly in building video slots and in particular Jackpot slots. They have a complete Mega Moolah series and Wowpot Jackpot games. These are all slot machines that are linked to one progressive jackpot. If you play on these games, part of the bet goes to the Mega Jackpot.

🥇 Microgaming has broken records in the past with jackpot slots?

Yes one of the best known slots is Mega Moolah. This slot machine has already paid an amount of AU$ 18.9 million in the past. With this, even Guinness Book or Records were broken. The progressive jackpot of this game regularly runs high.

💭 How high is the RTP percentage at the slots?

The Return to Player Percentage is on average around 96%. With the jackpot slots the bearing is around 92%. This is because part of the bet goes to the jackpot. There are also outliers up. Bikini Party, Couch Patato, Classic 243 and Dragon Dance all have an RTP that is higher than 97%.

📱 Can you also play the slots on your mobile phone?

Yes All Microgaming slots are built today in HTML 5. This means that you can play them through your mobile phone without any problems. You can just load the games via the internet browser on your phone.