The Netent Casino is one of the best known names that you encounter in the online casino. It has been the number one software supplier for the online casino for years. In more than 300 online casinos worldwide you come across the games of NetEnt. In recent years, the company has only suffered more competition from other software suppliers. This is mainly because the offer with software suppliers has been growing fast for years. Yet company is one to take a bill. We decided to delve into the current number one in the world. You read everything on our website about no one less than NetEnt.

Choose from the enormous games offer from NetEnt

Who is Netent?

NetEnt was established in 1996 with the origin of the internet. If Pioniers saw the company from Stockholm (Sweden) opportunity to build an online casino. In the first few years this was not yet lucrative. But few people had the internet and the knowledge was limited. In 2002 the great breakthrough came for NetEnt. Malta became the first country to legalize online gambling. Netent immediately decided to open an office on Malta and to apply for a permit. As pioneers they could provide the first online casinos of Netent games. They are still pioneers today. They now have more than 1,000 employees worldwide and offices in all continents.

Multiple licenses worldwide in your pocket

With the legalization of online gambling, a wirwar also emerged to licenses for online casinos. The UK soon followed Malta and other countries have also been added in recent years. Netent decided to all respond to this and to apply for the license. In this way they can safely offer gambling to different players worldwide. A license license also means that you as a player can safely gamble online. As a software supplier you will not just get a license for an online casino. You really have to show something for this. In this way you have to show that the games are safe and every player gets a fair chance to win. Only when everything is correct receives a company a permit. With multiple permits in the bag, NetEnt is clearly a safe company to take a gamble. This is of course always a nice idea if you want to create an account somewhere and you see Netent in between. You immediately know that you have a reliable company to play.

Game offer Netent Casino is still growing every month

The gaming offer from NetEnt never stands still. In total they have a few hundred games. 2 to 4 new games are added every month. The production is so high because they have more than 1,000 employees working day and night to develop new games. With success because still the company belongs to the absolute world top when it comes to online gambling. To keep the offer current and interesting, there are also games every year. Netent then gets offline. This usually concerns games where almost no interest is in. This way the range remains fun and refreshing and you will get virtually no games that are actually far too old to play.

Specialized in slot machines and video slots

The specialty of NetEnt its slots. The company was one of the first in the world that came with the concept of video slots. With video slots, the company gave a completely new turn to online slots. Instead of the standard slot machines, they came for the first time with complete video games. The big breakthrough came when she releases Gonzo's quest. This was the first video clot of a high level and also a new way of spiders. In almost every online casino, Gonzo's Quest was already offered quite quickly as an introductory game. Today the game is still popular and the 3D animations look beautiful. With this game you immediately know what NetEnt in his march has in the field of slots.

Bonuses included in slots

One of the specialties of NetEnt is that they reject bonuses in their video lumps. They were one of the first software suppliers that went to process complete bonus games into the slots. You could activate them by making a certain symbols combination. A free spins bonus became more interesting because a complete game was activated. This in combination with high quality graphics has ensured that the games quickly got a large group of fans. Today, the company is still known for the enormous quality. Players love to give up a gamble and like to play a game on one of the Netent Slots. In particular, activating the bonuses remains a fun activity with players.

Starburst is the most played slot machine in the world

In the Netent Casino there is a good chance that you encounter the Starburst game. For years this was the most played game in the online casino. 80% of all players in the online casino have sometimes played at this game. Are you curious about how this is? Starburst was popular as a free spins bonus game for years. As a welcome bonus, players received a gift at Registration Free Spins. With Free Spins you can get started right away to win really money. You often get them even without a deposit. Due to the free spins bonus, Starburst has grown into one of the best known slots on the internet. The whimsical slot machine is still fun without a bonus to play once.

Jackpot slots from Netent

Netent is not only known for the beautiful 3D graphics and high quality slots. The company has had a number of progressive jackpot slots for years. In fact, NetEnt even took the record of Microgaming with the highest jackpot ever casino in an online casino. With the Mega Fortune slot machine, a player won an amount of AU$ 17.86 million. This was right for a place in the Guinness Book of Records. The Mega Fortune Jackpot falls regularly above AU$ 10 million euros. In addition to the Jackpot Mega Fortune, Arabian Nights and Hall or God's recommended. The jackpots do not break records, but you can get a millionaire with it. The latter is of course where every player dreams.

RTP at the slots of Netent

In the Netent Casino you naturally want only one thing and that is winning! The chance that you will win determines by the RTP percentage. This stands for Return to Player. This percentage must be at least 80%. An RTP of 80% means that a player will receive an average of every euro AU$ 0.80. The remaining AU$ 0.20 is distributed over the prize pool and players who win more than the AU$ 0.80 per euro. At NetEnt, the percentages at the slots are on average higher than 80%. On average, the percentage is around 96% at all slots in the casino. There are of course also a few exceptions in which the percentage is even higher. For example, Blood Sucker has a percentage of 98%. Devils Delight knows how to tap 97.6%. With these percentages you know a big amount to win if you dangle a chance in the casino.

Discover table games

Netent regularly has new slots and slots, but has also developed various table games. The table games are unfortunately no longer expanded. But they are still of excellent quality. For example, you come across games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat and video poker. Sometimes a casino even chooses to use only the NetEnt table games. This says something about the quality. The table games come in different insert limits. There are special low bet tables that can often play with you from AU$ 0.01 per round. The table games are therefore available for every budget. Netent also has a few live table games. These are included from the own studio in Malta. Unfortunately you do not come across this in every online casino. The live games are usually caught from other software suppliers.

Gambling from your mobile phone

NetEnt Go developed in 2013. A platform with which the company started to make all mobility games friendly. The old games were converted into HTML 5 games and were made available for the mobile phone. It took a while, but now you can also play all games on your mobile phone. You can automatically play the new games that are released on your smartphone. A mobile version immediately comes from this. The special platform makes it possible to get the same experience on the computer if your mobile phone. That's how to play on your mobile just as much as in a casino on your laptop.

Our judgment about the Netent Casino

For years this software supplier has been on one and we understand very well why. Although more competition has been added, they continue to develop quality. In the coming years we can still expect much of this company. Every month it's nice to see what they will release this time. This way the online casino remains safe and fun thanks to companies as NetEnt.

Q& A over NetEnt

📔 Is the NetEnt Casino reliable?

Yes NetEnt belongs to the top 3 largest software suppliers of the online casino. This company really stood at the cradle when creating the online casino. Thanks to Netent we can play in the online casino as we know it today. In addition, they have all the official licenses for safe online gambling.

🤳 Can you also play the games on your mobile phone?

Yes since 2013 they have developed NetEnt Touch. With this they were the first company to put the games to HTML 5. This allows players to play the online casino games for the first time without app via their cell phone. Today, all the games of NetEnt as a touch version are available.

🤝 Does NetEnt cooperate with Evolution Gaming?

At the end of 2020, NetEnt was officially taken over by Evolution Gaming. Due to the acquisition, NetEnt officially grew to the largest software supplier in the world. The companies are merged, but NetEnt still produces its own games. Only the Live Casino of Netent has been lifted.

👍 What is the speciality of NetEnt?

The Netent Casino used to be the most complete company that you could find. They produce live casino games, table games and lots of slots. Since the acquisition of evolution gaming, the focus is only on producing slots. They have been doing this for years as one of the best and they will continue to do so.

💚 Which games do you not miss?

The Starburst slot machine has been in a row the most played game in the online casino. Of course you have to play this game just like Gonzo's Quest and Divine Fortune.