The Nextgen Casino was founded in 1999 before the big breakthrough of online casinos became a fact. They decided to call their company NextGen because they wanted to develop a new generation of slots. Their plan was to give players a completely new experience about gambling. In the first instance, the plan was to do this for existing online casinos. Quite soon came the idea to also bring their concept to the internet. Especially after it was seen that the internet has the future for casinos. They decided to produce slots that must also give players an exclusive experience online. In the end this became a greater breakthrough for the company than offline gaming.

Playing in the Nextgen Casino

Honest gaming for players

NextGen has already joined an organization to which various software suppliers are affiliated with. They decided to set up a covenant together in which players must be protected. Players must always get a fair opportunity to win and Fair Gaming is important here. Actually this was the beginning before real casino licenses created. As a result, you notice that NextGen was already pretty busy developing honest games.

NextGen has licenses from various countries

To indicate the games later as honest and reliably, they decided to switch to licenses. They have a number of licenses in their possession that come from different countries. Of course they are also in possession of the MGA license. MGA provides honest games from Malta and gives players a fair chance to win. In addition, there are strict controls and rules that the games must meet. Thanks to the checks etc, they ensure that the games are guaranteed to be honest. Players really get the chance to win and no players are being pre-drawn because they happen to have a little more to spend. It is of course a nice idea to know in advance that this is all well arranged.

The games in the Nextgen Casino

Of course you will of course get to know Nextgen because of the games. The games are the most important when you get a gamble. You want to make an attempt to win a large money amount. But of course you will also find it important that you can play safely and the games are crazy to play. With online gambling, it is also about a piece of experience. Fortunately, the games in the NextGen have had enough to experience. We have several games on our page and also tried to get a good picture. We can actually only be positive about the sparkling game offer. With this you really want to take a gamble in the online casino.

Classic slots in a modern jacket

Thanks to the experience at the Offline Casino, the Nextgen Casino knows exactly what a slot machine needs to be successful. In addition, they also have a lot of experience with the classic slot machines. They have stopped these classics in a modern twist in recent years. So you can still play the classic slot machines online. Only the games do not feel like classic. The modern jacket is sitting and taking a wonderful playing experience. Highly recommended that you have to play must have the Jester Jester. This is a classic slot machine as it just belongs to. The experience is really similar to a real casino. An extra is that you have a chance to reach AU$ 200,000. This is the fixed jackpot where every player who got a chance to get to measure.

Video slots with trendy themes

Of course there are also video slots in the offer. These may not be missing in the online casino. A number of video slots also have a unique theme. They even have their own figure that NextGen has developed specially before them. For example, take the Gorilla Go Wilder video slot. The makers have developed a purple gorilla especially for this game. This figure regularly returns for new adventures. In this way the makers really try to give the players a nice story. This makes it extra nice to take a gamble. Another fun game to test in this is Foxin Twins. With these types of games, the makers really show what they have in their march. They show that they do more than just build a slot machine. They really ensure an online experience that you can get a lot of fun.

Extend additional functions in the game

One of the points at the video slots in the Nextgen Casino is that additional functions are incorporated into the games. You usually see this with the video slots. During playing you can unlock extra functions with winning combinations. If you succeed in this, you can win a lot of money. You can use the extra functions to win even more money. The amounts that you can win can be really high. Now only don't expect Mega jackpots because you can't stand it here at most games. But a few nice amounts that you can put nicely in your own pocket. Some extra functions even deliver so much money that they make all the losses of the previous rounds more than good. In short, functions for which you want to take a gamble.

Games with a movie license

One of the es is that you also encounter games with a movie license at NextGen. With a number of films they have purchased the film license. With the license they were given the opportunity to build a video slot around it. Most players like this because there is always a kind of recognition. Just don't expect the latest films that a slot machine is built around. It usually goes to a few old films that they cheaply could purchase the license. For example, take the movie King Kong and The Mask. Real classics that they managed to build a nice video slot with some humor. The games are definitely a nice addition to the assortment.

Selection with games is limited

If we can say something negative about the Nextgen casino, then it is that the offer is limited. They do not release new games every month and they also do not mean Mega innovations. The offer that they have is great to take a gamble, but unfortunately it is not really more than. Unfortunately, the offer remains fairly limited. This is a shame especially when you consider that the company is no longer a newcomer. It is a company that has been going on many years and then you secretly also expect a large game offer. Unfortunately, this is not the situation in this online casino. A shame because here we secretly had hope for it.

RTP Percentage at Nextgen Slots

RTP stands for Return to Player and this is a percentage that indicates how much percent of players recover at least. This percentage belongs to a minimum at 80% for a legal online slot machine. Offline is the percentage around 50% a 60%. This means that you can win more online, but the costs are also lower. For the rest, the makers determine how high they bet their slots. The difference of the percentage is the profit for the casino and the slot machinery. That is why the slot carrier itself determines the percentage. The percentage is around 95% in the Nextgen Casino. This is not high, but actually fairly standard. So you can't get extremely much more money along unlike other slots. On the other hand, you are more likely to win a large amount.

Gambling from your mobile phone

More and more players take a gamble from their cell phone. It is of course nice to know if this is an option. Fortunately we have good news at this point. All NextGen slots currently online are built in HTML 5. HTML 5 is a modern programming language that can be read by any device. This means that you can play the games on both your smartphone, tablet and computer. So you don't have to be afraid that you cannot play the games through your smartphone. The games are just accessible via your phone. The software supplier even indicates that their priority is today with mobile players. This means that their games are really tailored to the smartphone and you can take a gamble on it without any problems.

What do we actually think of NextGen?

If we are honest, we will come across better online casinos than Nextgen. The games are in principle fine and nothing is wrong with the RTP percentage. But the games don't really fall up in the online casino violence. There are software suppliers that make better games or games with more bonuses or extras. In short, it is simply all a lot better and NextGen clearly runs behind in relation to the rest of the software suppliers. This is a shame but luckily there are enough other suppliers to be found on the internet.

More information about NextGen

🔊 Is the Nextgen casino a well-known name in the online casino world?

Yes this company has been going with more than 20 years. Have you never heard of them? Then you should click on their games collection in the online collection. In most online casinos you come across their games.

🤎 What is the Specialty of NextGen?

This has been making and building online slots for years. This is their specialty and they have been doing this for years. The offer in slots is quite variable. Some slots fall into a bit, but others really fall.

🎰 Which slots should you have played?

Given the changing range in quality, it is useful to know what slots you should not miss. We definitely recommend playing on: Super Safari, Pizza Prize and Medusa. Medusa has even received a second part that is worthwhile.

😅 Is NextGen reliable?

It has been reliable for years to play on the slots in the Nextgen Casino. So you really don't have to be afraid that you are in trouble because you bet money on this. The games are provided with licenses and you can safely bet on this.

😎 Where are the Nextgen games known to?

There is actually a fixed pattern in all games of this company. In this way you come across a lot of bonus games and you mainly win many small prices in the basic games. In short, try to play until you enter the bonus games selection and know how to win!