Novomatic is one of the few software suppliers in the world with a Australia touch. The company was founded in 1980 and was mainly concerned with slots for casinos. In the Beneluxe they delivered slots, but later also far beyond. With the arrival of the internet and the online casino they were of course not going to stay behind. The Novomatic Casino was already born fairly quickly and the first online games appeared. Multiple casinos have already added the games to their collection. But they also regularly build online casinos where only the novomatic games can be played. In this way they slowly build their market position in building online slots.

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Is the Novomatic Casino reliable?

Of course you also want to know if the website is reliable. It is of course nice to be told once a Australia company is behind. But of course this does not immediately indicate that the company is really trusted. We snap your suspicion. Nobody wants to be scammed with a casino game. Not at all if there is really money. Fortunately we can say that Novomatic is reliable. They have a very long reputation when it comes to online gambling and really gambling. This is a reputation that she naturally does not want to ruin and therefore they make some reliable games.

Just play in online casinos with license

We do recommend to play the novomatic games alone in a casino with a license. You then know that the policy of the casino is supervised. The games can be safe, but if the casino is not this yourself, unfortunately you have little. So always check the website where you will play the games. For example, it is useful to monitor the MGA license or gambling commission. The logo of these bodies is always at the bottom of the website. If you see the license you know 100% sure you can play and gamble safely.

NOVOMATIC game offer

In fact, the gaming offer in the Novomatic Casino consists almost alone from slots. They were of course ever started making slots and this is and remains their specialty. So you mainly come across slots and slot machines in their collection. If this is just your favorite game, so you're right here. You finally get the chance to play gifts from the Australia soil. In short, a great game offer to give up a gamble. Especially because most players actually only play on slots and leave the other games left.

Videoslots van Novomatic

Novomatic also makes so-called video slots. These are slot machines with a theme and sometimes spectacular animations in between. Unfortunately you have to leave the animations behind, but they regularly have fun themes to discover. One of the most popular video slots from the collection is book or ra. This is a game with an Egyptian theme. The game is even so popular that various software suppliers have copied it from Novomatic and have made their own variant. For example, you see that you do not always need spectacular graphics to book success.

Slot machines are the specialty

If we really can appoint one specialty of this Australia software supplier than the slot machines are. They naturally already make decades of slot machines for the real casino. It is therefore not so strange that they are excelled in the online casino. One of the games that they experienced their breakthrough worldwide in the nineties is the random runner. There is a good chance that you have met these in the local café. This game even prohibited by the Australia government because it would be too addictive. But Novomatic struck and decided to play the game online. So you have the opportunity to play the Random Runner online. If you ask us a unique gamble that you can car.

Almost the feeling that you are in a real slot machine

The Novomatic Casino naturally has the experience of a real casino. They have tried to make the experience on the computer. For example, we really see a slot machine on our screen. Including the rolls, background sounds and casino environment. You get a piece of experience so really. There are few slices of makers who have understood this. As a result, this Australia company really excels in relation to other slot machines makers. These try to go a little more towards the video slots with accidentally processed a few fruit symbols. With this game you really get the experience of the casino and let's face it here have you come for? Otherwise you cannot go to gamble just as well and play a video game.

Play classics online again

One of the greatest points to this software supplier is that they bring classics to life online. The random runner is a good example of this, but they have more in their collection. If you have been a fanatic gambler in the 90s, the chance of recognition is great. It could just come to the classics from your local café online. If you have not experienced this all, it is of course super nice that you get the chance to play on these games. You can get acquainted online with the games that might have your parents a gamble in the past.

New releases are coming

Nevertheless, Novomatic would really like to go with time. Although their classics still do well online, they have decided to renew. It seems that with this software supplier we should also take a serious account in the field of video slots. They have already bold a few attempts in recent years. It was not yet a resounding success, but it is the first steps to renew. The quality of the graphics has risen considerably in recent times. This is therefore certainly a positive development at this Australia casino.

RTP percentage at the slots

Novomatic scores unfortunately on average in terms of RTP percentage. The percentages are all around 95%. This means that you make a great opportunity to win, but also no extremely high opportunity. If you consider that the ordinary slots the percentage is sometimes at 60% away, at least your online opportunities are still a lot better. They must also have thought this in this company. In particular, given their experience that is really in the ordinary casino. There are also a few outliers to name. The Video Slot Columbus still knows how to tap the 97% just like Jackpot Diamonds. Only it is very much dependent on Jackpot Diamonds whether you play it down or downstream.

Can you play the slots on your mobile phone?

The Novomatic Casino is really one of the few who really has converted the complete collection in HTML 5. This is absolutely an advantage for the software supplier. Because the games are built in HTML 5, you can play them on your smartphone and tablet without any problems. The games are adjusted so that they can be easily seen on you sometimes some small screen. The deployment of your money can just be via Touch. This secretly gets a bit of the real casino experience. In the real casino you also play with real money that you throw in the machine with your fingers. Overall a great machine to play on via your mobile phone.

Bonuses at Novomatic

Unfortunately we have to go a little disappointing you in the field of bonuses. You will increasingly come across Novomatic in the online casinos. But most bonuses are not specifically aimed at Novomatic. This means that you might be able to get a free spins bonus for another slot machine, but not for the random runner. Unfortunately, but unfortunately it is no different. Fortunately there are sometimes free money bonuses or a deposit bonus that you can use for the games. You can always spend this free in the casino. This way you can still choose your favorite games from this famous online casino.

Conclusion about Novomatic

The Novomatic Casino has absolutely a special place in our hearts. Personally we still find it great to take a chance on the classics such as the Random Runner. These are games that you just have to play once. Even if you have no experience with the casino you just have to have done this once. They are classics that even do well in the online casino even in 10 years. The playing pleasure at the games is high. This is why the games are such a resounding success. We understand this as a lover of vintage slots.

Frequently asked questions about the Novomatic Casino

🔒 Is the Novomatic Casino reliable?

Yes NOVOMATIC has been around since 1974 and was established in Austria. In the first instance they mainly produce games for real casinos. For example, you come across slots from this company. In recent years they also focus on online casinos and they build reliable games here.

🇳🇱 Is the company located in the Australia too?

Yes they have 50 branches worldwide including in the Australia. They also invest money in Australia online casinos.

📱 Have the games already been mobile friendly?

Yes you can simply play the games on your mobile phone. They are built in HTML 5.

⚙️ Where is Novomatic in specialize?

The company is especially specialized in the development of slots and video slots.

🤩 What is the most popular game they have ever made?

The slot machine Dolphins Pearl is still popular for years after the release. This is a video slot that is completely devoted to the underwater world and dolphins.

📊 How high is the payout percentage on average at the slots of Novomatic?

The online slots have an average payout percentage of 95%.

💡 Why don't you get the novomatic games in any online casino?

Unfortunately, there are only a few online casinos where you can play games such as Dolphins Pearl. This is a shame because the company certainly has potential and has always been reliably. Unfortunately, the offer with software suppliers has grown enormously in recent years. As a result, choices must be made and Novomatic NOVOMATIC is not always in between. On our website you can of course see where you encounter the games of this company.