The Playson Casino belongs to the fastest growing software suppliers for the online casino. They are officially located in Malta and have been a few years in a row to the absolute top. Despite the fact that they are not yet very long. The company was established in 2012 and managed to grow fairly quickly to the top 10 largest software suppliers for the online casino world. In almost every online casino you come across the games and this is a major achievement for a company that is actually not yet super long. In the meantime, 250 people work at Playson producing online games. Thanks to the growth of the company, they can regularly release new games and enjoys discovering them. Especially if you are not yet familiar with the slots of this company.

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License from Malta

It should not be a surprise that the company has an official license from Malta. The MGA is the most important organization for casino licenses in the world. They issue licenses to reliable online casinos or software suppliers. As a company you don't just get a license. You must first meet strict controls. But thanks to the MGA license you can assume that the software is 100% safe. So you can really take a gamble safe! The MGA proposes this personally and returns the license if it turns out that it does not happen. So you can really assume that the license protects you as a company.

License in more than 17 different countries

Many more licenses have been added in recent years. The MGA is no longer the only one trying to get games reliable for gambling. There are now more than 17 different countries where you can turn as a software supplier. You can request a license here and receive if you meet all strict requirements. An organization that is also highly regarded is the gambling commission from the UK. This organization ensures that players can safely gamble and are similar to the MGA. One of the licenses that you come across at Playson is from the Gambling Commission. In short, this company is 100% safe to add a gamble. There is absolutely not rotzoed with the games and you can safely take a gamble.

Meet the games of the Playson Casino

Thanks to cooperation with dozens of organizations, the supply grows hard. New games regularly and mainly slots appear. As a player you can of course get to know the casino games yourself. The games can be found in more and more online casinos. This makes it easy to give up a gamble as a player. At the moment of writing they have more than 60 different slots and 6 table games. In short, a complete collection to even build your own online casino. The collection can play at a good number of online casinos and this makes it worth testing.

Slot machines are the specialty

One of the specialties is gambling on slot machines. The slot machines are of course still popular with young and old. Playson brings them back to life with beautiful graphics and a unique intensity. A large part of the collection contains slot machines. The games are worth a gamble. Unlike the old slot machines, these games have just a little more paylines. This means that you also have every spider a little more likely to win. If you succeed in it, you can win a lot of money. Every spin can yield dozens of euros and this makes it worth a bet.

Video Lots Met Fan Bonus Features

They also have a number of video slots outside the slot machines with bonus features. In terms of quality it is similar to games such as Quickspin and Netent. These are two very big names with which they can measure. The games are also just like with NetEnt full of exciting bonus features. If you know how to activate the bonus features during the game you have a chance to make even higher amounts of money. The amounts can be absolutely quite high. You can sometimes win up to dozens of euros with the bonuses that are ready for you. A fun game to test is Crystal Land. The bonuses regularly run to gigantic amounts. This makes it worthwhile to give up a gamble.

New titles come regularly

We must take into account that the Playson Casino was only established in 2012. The offer is therefore not as big as a NetEnt or Microgaming. But this does not mean that the supply no longer grows. The offer even continues to grow monthly and new titles regularly appear. The pace with new releases is not as high as with the other software suppliers. But in return they try to deliver a higher quality. After all, they want players to get the chance to win a nice amount, but also get a nice game experience. They cannot offer a nice game experience unfortunately if the games are made too fast. There are then quite quick to sit or the game is not as original if you had hoped. Especially with slot machines, it is difficult to stay original.

RTP at the Slots of Playson

The RTP is of course important to know if you get a gamble on the slots. RTP stands for Return to Player and indicates the percentage of players that minimally get back to his bet. This percentage must be at least 80% in slots. But in practice we see that it is often higher. 95% is average with online casinos and everything below is low. In the Playson Casino there are a number of slots that are even rated by high. For example, Take the Viking Gasket: Thor & Loki. The slot machine has a percentage of 96.88%. Another slot with a high payout percentage is art or heist. This game has a percentage of 96.67%. In short, the chance to win can be quite high.

Discover the table games

You will also find a few table games in the Playson Casino. Do not expect spectacular games, but just supplement a standard casino. In fact, if we are honest, there are games that are worth playing. You can notice that the games are really developing to offer a total picture. The table games you encounter are blackjack and roulette. Roulette has made three different variants made. But actually it is not very special to play or try out. Personally we would focus more on the video slots of Playson. They are certainly worth playing.

Gambling from your mobile phone

One of the large points of a new software supplier is that they have experienced the new rules immediately. In 2013, Flash was done by Apple and soon the other smartphones followed. At the same time, the number of players grew into online casino via the mobile phone. Most software suppliers must switch as a result. It sometimes went for hundreds of games that are all built in Flash. Playson could swatch almost immediately in producing games in HTML 5. The complete collection can therefore be played via the mobile phone. So you can take a gamble through your phone without any problems. Handy when you are on the move or have no PC at hand. In addition to the cell phone, you can of course also take a gamble through your tablet. HTML 5 also works great through your iPad or tablet.

Casino Bonus for Playson Games

In the Playson Casino, bonuses are naturally giving away. Think of free spins, deposit bonus or free money when creating a new account. Unfortunately, we must disappoint you that no specific bonuses are made for the games of this software supplier.

Most bonuses are giving away on the three large software suppliers of the casino. For example for NetEnt and Microgaming. For example, you can receive a free spins bonus if you first deposit money. But unfortunately it cannot be used on the slots of playson. This does not mean that you cannot test the games for free. For example, you can use a free money bonus. For example, you receive five euros if you first create a new account. After you have created an account you can take a gamble for free. You can use the bonus directly for this. You can choose the games yourself and therefore also the video slots from Playson. This way you can actually play with Free Spins via a detour.

What do we think of Playson?

We are actually enthusiastic about the offer that they have on online. It is nice to see that there are still software suppliers who really focus on slot machines. Even new slot machines from this supplier are still appearing. But there are also video slots that are worth a gamble. In fact, the software supplier is a great addition to the other games in the online casino.

Common questions about playson

👋 Is the playson casino reliable?

Yes, Playson has been a reliable name for the online casino world since 2012. They are located in Malta and build under the MGA License Professional Online Casino Games.

👁 What is the specialty of playson?

They are especially specialized in building slots. They usually do this in 3D and equipped with beautiful animations and bonus games. You come across classic slot machines in the collections, but also modern video slots.

💯 What is the average payout percentage in the slots?

The payout percentage is actually quite standard and is around 95%. There are a few minor exceptions, but much further than 96% they don't come.

📱 Can you also play the slots on your mobile phone?

Because Playson is relatively young in the world of the online casino you can play the games on your smartphone without any problems. All games are already being built in HTML 5. This allows you to play them on your mobile phone without any problems.

🍒 Which slots should you not miss?

Never played on Playson before? There are a few games that you really can't miss. These are: Book of Gold, Cleopatra, Imperial Fruits and Red Hot Reels.

🎲 Does also do other games for the online casino?

They once made one table game, but this has never really become a success. They have therefore finally chosen to build slots. Successfully because here they excel.