Playtech was established in 2000 and was one of the first software suppliers of the online casino. So they were already there at the beginning. The Playtech Casino is a company that is constantly being developed. Some software suppliers from the beginning era are unfortunately not very innovative. They don't really know their stamp to push because they develop too little. They sometimes still make games with old graphics etc. Fortunately this company does not belong here and this is a big . We decided to test the game collection extensively to get a good picture of it.

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How safe are the games in the Playtech Casino?

Playtech is an originally british company. They have become one of the major British companies in the world in the game industry. In addition to making casino games, they specialize in building platforms for making bets. So it is good that you have passed the Playtech logo once over during an English football match. The company itself even has its own shares on the London Stock Exchange. You can't just come here. This actually indicates that it is a reliable company. In addition, she will have an official gambling license in the UK.

Connected to the gambling commission

The Playtech Casino has an official license at the Gambling Commission. This is one of the few official gambling licenses in Europe. The Gambling Commission is issued by the UK. To get a license, your games must meet certain requirements. For example, you have to make safe games and ensure that players can gamble 100% safely. Thanks to the connection to the Gambling Commission, they can also really give a guarantee to players that they can safely gamble on their games. If there is a complaint about safety, you can place this as a player at the Gambling Commission. They must sort out whether you are indeed being lifted. If this is the case, this has major consequences for Playtech. They lose their license and it will also not determine be good for the shares. That is why they will not light you quickly.

Playtech game offer

The game offer is made based on its own software they have developed. This is a fairly advanced software. The software must ensure that every player gets a fair chance of winning. But it also gives the designers the space to put beautiful games in the casino. This way you come across beautiful graphics and innovative games. The offer is also varied, so that no one game is the same. They also come regularly with new releases, trying to beat the competition again. In short, an offer to really keep an eye on if you dangle a gamble in an online casino. It is also not so strange that you come across the games almost everywhere.

Slots in collaboration with Quickspin

They not only make the slots and video slots at Playtech. They have a collaboration with Quickspin for this. In fact, this company is only concerned with making slots and video slots. They do this excellent because the company scored once and again with their new releases. The graphics are also really a high level and they try to come up with a new theme for the games. Sometimes they also try to make combinations between video slots and slot machines. A nice combination that you encounter, for example, is funky monkey. The slot machine really has the design of a slot machine only it plays in graphics as a video slot. Really recommended to play once.

Video slots with a movie license

Because the Playtech Casino has since become a reputable name, they can get it to get licenses for making slots and video slots. They regularly build video slots with a film or series as theme. In recent years they managed to make slots with the Flintstones, Superman, Justice League, Robo Cop, Green Latern and Top Gun. Thus, real film enthusiasts can collect their heart. At all if you are a fan of comics and comic films. These are high on the list at Playtech because they have regularly purchased licenses to build a slot machine with it.

Classic slot machines in a new jacket

Of course the assortment not only consists of video slots with spectacular animations etc. There are also enough classic slot machines to be found. Only they have really put the games into a new jacket. Suddenly you see beautiful animations and this makes the slots really worth playing. Hot Gems, Crazy 7 and Jungle Boogie are certainly three recommendations to try. You immediately notice that they have turned off the Pad classics and have really invented a completely new slot machine. This makes sure you know worth trying.

How high is the RTP percentage?

Of course you are also curious if the Return to Player Percentage appeals to you a little in the online casino. Fortunately we can raise you about this. The Playtech Casino knows regularly to break records with extra high percentages. This means that the games not only look beautiful, but it really falls to win. You come across a record-breaking RTP at the Gamma Ugga Bugga. This game has the highest percentage that we have ever come across 99.07%. This means that the chance is really very small that you will lose. A few more games with a high RTP from the collection are Beowulf 97.21%, Big Bad Wolf 97.3% and Treasure Island 97.1%. These percentages indicate how much percent of the players get a minimum of its commitment. This percentage is therefore quite high at Playtech.

Live casino games

In addition to the collection with slots and video slots, they also make live casino games. These games are streamed from their own studio live. It is as a player possible to switch and play together. They try to make the ultimate casino experience with these games. The games that you can play at their live are blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat. Some table games can also be played with extra side bets. There is more likely that you will win the game or you can try to win some extra money.

Betting at virtual sports

We already had it that at some online casinos with the Playtech software can bet on sports competitions. But unfortunately your favorite club sometimes plays once a week. Because the experience of betting is just fun, they have made Virtual Sports Games. Different games are named lifelike in 3D. You can choose to choose your favorite sport and make a bet. You will then see the game in 3D. The result of the competition is predicted with a random Number generator. Based on this, you will soon get to see if you have indeed gambled. It is a completely new way of betting on sports matches. If you ask us it is a nice snack to play.

Can you also take a gamble via your mobile phone?

Of course, the Playtech Casino is an innovative company and have been stepped up immediately since 2015 in the development of the smartphone. This means that the games are all built in HTML 5 next to Flash. This way you get the same experience on your smartphone as on the computer. The game automatically adjusts so that it fits on your screen and the operation works with touch. In addition to the smartphone you can also take a gamble through your tablet. Handy if you would like to take a gamble from the couch and you don't feel like starting your computer for this.

Are there also bonuses for Playtech?

Unfortunately we have to disappoint you in this. The range with Playtech bonuses is fairly limited. Sometimes you sometimes come across a slot machine with Free Spins. But usually the honor goes to other software suppliers. Yet you often come across the free money bonus. You can use this at different games. Are you planning to bet? Sometimes you come across the bonus if you want to place a bet. You often receive an extra bonus on top of the standard casino bonus. For example, you can place the first bet for free in the online casino. Of course this differs at a time. It also happens that there are no bonuses for Playtech at the moment. You can keep an eye on this online.

Our conclusion about Playtech

The Playtech Casino is really a software supplier to keep an eye on. They are innovative and can sometimes grow to the ultimate market leader. In any case, they are beaten the right direction with just nice games to play. From slots to live games almost everything is nice to play this software supplier. We will certainly recommend that you take a gamble on the video slots or maybe attend a live game. It is certainly worth a lot to go here.

Popular questions about the Playtech Casino

😄 Is the Playtech Casino reliable?

Yes, Playtech has been a reliable name in the online casino world for years. They also have an official permit at the MGA and Gambing Commission.

😎 What is the specialty of Playtech?

They actually make all games that you can imagine in an online casino. In recent years they have produced a total of more than 600 different games. From slots to a live casino. Playtech is often the only alternative to a live casino instead of evolution gaming.

💻 Do you come across the games in any online casino?

In most online casinos, Playtech is a fixed name that you encounter everywhere. So the chance is great that you can play on the Playtech games in an online casino.

📱 Can you also play the games on your mobile phone?

Playtech offers various options to play. This way you can play on your computer, but also through your smartphone. There are even a few games that you can download and play via your computer. Most online casinos work with games that you play through your internet browser.

💰 Does Playtech also have Jackpot slots?

Playtech has a number of progressive jackpot games such as Beach Life and Jackpot Darts. Beach Life even has the record of the highest jackpot that they have ever paid at Playtech. The jackpot amounted to more than AU$ 6 million.

⛓ Can you test the games for free?

Yes, most casinos have the option to test the games for free before you create an account and get a real money. You can also test the Playtech slots for free. Only the live games can not be tested for free.