The Pragmatic Play Casino has been one of the absolute top of the casino world for several years. Despite the fact that the company can be found almost everywhere you can gamble online since 2015, it has only been an online casino. Before that they were already working on online gambling. She mainly developed software for poker. This was not software for the internet, but to install and play on your Windows computer. Fortunately, a turning point has come in 2015 where the focus shifted to online casino games. Thanks to this turning point, we can all take a gamble within innovative games that are absolutely worth playing.

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Awards Winning software supplier

The commitment to the online casino world has now also been rewarded. Pragmatic Play received various awards for their commitment to the online casino. O.A. The ERR prize managed to drag them. The ERR prize is the highest achievable price for software suppliers in the casino sector. So it is a whole achievement that they managed to bring in the Awards from EGR with their games. In 2018 they were even rewarded with an EGR Award for the most innovative software supplier of the moment.

How secure are Pragmatic Play games?

Winning an award for innovative games naturally says nothing about the quality of the games. It also says nothing about how safe the games are to play. Fortunately they have all arranged their things neat. One of the company's missions is to offer players a unique safe game experience. This means that they have their games extensive testing and players really get a fair chance to win. The games are also not manipulated. In short, you can safely take a gamble on it.

License from Malta

Of course we can all claim that a game is safe to play. But of course it is much better if an independent organization says something about this. Fortunately Pragmatic Play has a license from Malta to prove this. The MGA license ensures that players can gamble 100% safely. The license protected players who dangles a gamble. In fact, the MGA has even given a level 4 license to Pragmatic Play. This is the highest attainable license for online casino sites and software supplier. It is a sign that it is really excellent with security and players get a fair chance to win.

The games in the Pragmatic Play Casino

Ultimately, of course, turns just one thing and that are the games. Of course we all want to take a gamble and win money. But then the games themselves must also be worth it. Especially since the range with casino games is already huge. Fortunately Pragmatic Play has a fairly extensive range. You not only come across video slots, but also table games, bingo and even a live casino. The software supplier is therefore really at home in all markets. The game offer is also regularly expanded. Every month new slots and games appear to take a gamble.

Videoslots bij Pragmatic Play

Of course the video slots should not be missing in the collection. The slots are of a high quality and are equipped with beautiful 3D graphics. In addition, Pragmatic tries to innovate with virtually every game. They try to make a unique game and to achieve a higher level. A large number of video slots is equipped with a re-spin function. These are always the best functions at slots. You can get free re-spins as a gift while playing. Some machines even give a free re-spin as standard as you lose. You make so extra chance to win. These are nice innovative solutions that you can get along if you dangle a gamble.

Classic slot machines

In addition to the video slots where you get various spectacular themes, there are also classic slot machines. The classic slot machines are absolutely nice to take a gamble. Of course they have a pragmatic despite that classics have been made a masterpiece again. The games are made with beautiful 3D graphics and splashing your screen. They also gave a twist to some classics such as Monkey Madness. The set-up is indeed classic with 3 rolls, but the symbols are anything but classical. You come across cheerful jungle symbols that make the game all great.

Jackpot games linked to the casino where you play

Pragmatic Play has different Jackpot games that you can take a gamble. The Jackpots are progressive This means that they continue every round. The height of the jackpot only differs per casino. Every jackpot is coupled to the casino where you play. If there are many players in this casino a gamble to Great Rhino, the jackpot will rise quickly. But if few players take a gamble, it will often hang around the AU$ 100. So it is really at the casino where you play how much money you can win with the Jackpot games.

How high is the RTP percentage at slots?

The RTP percentage stands for Return to Player and indicates how much percent of the players minimally wins his commitment. Of course it is an average percentage. So it is also possible that you win much more than your bet and the next player loses everything or just leaves anything under his total bet. The percentage at Pragmatic Play is actually quite standard. On average it is around 95%. It is not too low, but not super high either. Of course there are also a few slots that shoot above, but no records are broken. For example, you grasp 97.18% on the Gold Train slot machine. The Medusa Srike lock is good for 97.08%. In short it is very much at the slot machine that is currently playing.

Live casino games

In the Pragmatic Play Casino you will not only get slots. There are also live casino games. They really respond to innovative solutions. In this way they try to make the virtual reality experience as realistic as possible. The games are streamed live from their own studios in which Full HD cameras hang. The cameras take everything and share it live with the players. Because there are several cameras, it can also be zoomed in on, for example, the roulette table as soon as the ball starts rolling. You can see live on how the ball may end on your lucky number. Pragmatic Play is one of the few software suppliers where it is possible to stream the images in 4K quality. Of course your screen must handle this and your internet connection.

Games made for every device

Pragmatic Play wants to remain innovative as a software supplier. For example, they make games for literally any device that you can imagine. Of course you can gaming on your laptop or computer. But the slots and table games are also doing great on your tablet or telephone. The screen automatically adjusts thanks to HTML 5 technology. So you don't have to see a flash on your phone. This makes it more accessible to everyone in an online casino. One of the most unique additives is VR. For example, it is possible to play in the live casino with a VR glasses. With this you literally stand on the roulette table and you can even look around you. It is the most unique experience to give a gamble in a live casino. The only drawback is that you must of course be in possession of a VR glasses.

Bonuses for a gamble in the casino

You want to play the slots in the Pragmatic Play Casino with Free Spins. Unfortunately we have to disappoint you a bit in this. Most bonuses are for other games and not specifically for these slots. Fortunately this does not mean that you cannot play the games at all online with a bonus. There are even more bonuses to earn in addition to Free Spins. For example, if you create an account you can take a five euro bonus. With this bonus you can take a gamble to the different games for free. You can try out multiple slots and not just one as you often see at a free spins bonus. Another option is a doubling of your game money. You get this in almost every casino if you first deposit money. With this money you can immediately test a few slots for free.

What do we think of pragmatic play?

The Pragmatic Play Casino is a great software to take a gamble. In terms of innovation, we must admit that we have seen other software suppliers that make better slots. But in the area of the live casino experience they are absolutely a leader. They are sure to know one of the best live game makers in the world. Especially if you are in possession of a VR glasses you just have to try these games once. It is a unique experience to just literally stand on the roulette table from your own house. In short, a unique experience to experience!

Pragmatic Play Q& A

🤔 Is pragmatic play reliable?

Yes Pragmatic Play has really proven itself in recent years to be reliable as an online casino supplier. They also have licenses in your pocket to show that they produce safe games.

🤩 What is the specialty of this software supplier?

They are especially specialized in making slots. But in recent years they have also made trips to the live casino.

🎰 What are DROPS & WINS slots?

This company has mainly become known by the Drop & Wins slots. If a player plays on this, it can be selected for an extra cash prize. Every day they give thousands of euros away to players who just play on slots. You cannot activate this feature and if player is randomly selected for this price. Every day they select a number of players who play on the slots.

💸 What is the average payout percentage of slots?

The payout percentage at this software supplier is 96% on average. This is higher than with most slots.

💛 What are the most popular slots?

A number of slots are super popular including: Wolf Gold, Buffalo King and Hot Safari. The latter has even won an EGT award for best play of the year.

🎉 Can you also win a Jackpot with one of the slots?

Unfortunately, they don't have a progressive jackpot at the moment. But there are a number of slots with a fixed jackpot where you can win. Star Jackpots is one of the best known slots with a fixed jackpot that you can win.