Quickspin was founded in 2011 by three boys who love online gambling. They had always worked with large software suppliers, but they found most games they had to make don't even enjoy playing. They therefore decided to start themselves and just make games that they also like to play. As a result, the Quickspin Casino is born and more and more websites record the games in their assortment. In the meantime, the games can also not be left away and you come across them in almost any legal casino.

Discover the unique games of Quickspin

Lay the bar together for gamestudios

One of the mottos of this originally Swedish software company is lowering the bar. According to the men, some studios were too much busy with high production instead of quality. Instead of medium graphics, they decided to develop high end graphics for their games. But especially games that are just too crazy to play. That you can also win money with it is a nice side effect. In the meantime, thanks to this motto, the studio has become one of the largest software suppliers in the world.

Are the games of Quickspin reliable?

It is of course nice that you can enjoy playing a slot machine. But it is also nice to know that the games are reliable. You don't want to be earned to you for the Quickspin Casino, but that you also have a chance to win. Fortunately, they have considerable attention in their reliability by applying as a studio casino licenses. Thanks to these licenses, the games can be played safely and make you a fair chance to win. For example, they have specially opened a branch in Malta for an MGA license and they are in possession of a Gambling Commision License from the UK. This shows that it is a reliable software supplier.

Responsible online gambling

At Quickspin has been the motto for years that might just be fun. It must be no obligation and do not cause any problems in your own environment. That is why they work together with the Gambling Commision and the responsible gambling fund. They donate money here to make online gambling safer and help players with an addiction. So they even try to contribute something in addition to developing fun games.

Quickspin games

In the Quickspin Casino you really come across slots. STICK You can of course hear this to the name of the company. They have been specialized in building slots for years. The benefit of slots is that they can lose their creativity here. A table game is nice, but unfortunately it is fairly standard with the result that the makers cannot really lose their creativity. Quickspin has therefore deliberately chosen to produce some video slots. In this way they can really develop fun games that players are also worth playing. With the games, innovation and beautiful graphics are paramount and this can experience yourself if you dangle a gamble.

Unique bonuses in the slots

Some software suppliers look great with their slots. They provide the games of extras such as bonus games that you can activate. The only thing you have to do is a certain combination a symbols. Some bonus games are complete games that stand in itself. It even occurs that you don't even get the most money on the slot machine itself, but precisely during the bonuses. Here sometimes most of the money is divided with, for example, a click bonus. It is definitely worth it to discover which bonuses are ready.

Beautiful 3D graphics in the Quickspin Casino

As a player you will regularly be surprised by the beautiful 3D graphics in the games. Every time they seem to surpass themselves again. For example, take one of the recent games from their collection: Wild Tome of the Woods. In this mysterious forest you come across 3D animated animals. This slot machine is really a picture to watch. Or literally choose a divine game to play with Divine Dreams. In short, slot machines to feast as a player.

Discover Jackpot slot machine

The software suppliers were not in favor of the Jackpot games for years. In exchange for a low payout, players could have a chance to win a mega price. This concept did not appeal to them. Yet they decided to throw the bow and only launch their first Jackpot game in 2019. Dragon Chase Rapid is made for the real Jackpot Hunters who would like to have a chance to win a mega cash prize. Every month the jackpot falls and this is at least AU$ 100,000. This is a nice price to play for.

Play slots tournaments

In the Quickspin Casino you can also come across slots tournaments. These are organized in collaboration with the casino. One slot is selected with which you can win extra cash prizes. In the slot machine is tracked which player is the most money bet during a certain period. By winning a lot you can continue to play longer and therefore bet more money. The player who ultimately manages to use the most money wins the tournament. It is often a cash prize of a few thousand euros. The players who come to the top list often get a few euros to free spins for their performance. It is certainly nice to participate in such a tournament.

New releases regularly

The software supplier is not in favor of mass production because they would like to keep the quality high. In the meantime, the team itself has grown from 3 men to 100 people staff. By working in teams, they can still cast a good number of games per year. It is always nice to look out at the new releases. Hereby they try to put a unique theme every time or add innovative bonuses to the game. The game offer remains alternately to play even if you are regularly found in the casino.

Return to Player percentage bij de slots

Of course you would like to win as a player and that is why the Return to Player Percentage is important to know. This indicates how big the chance is that you win at least your bet. This percentage naturally differs per game and at a jackpot slot machine is always lower. Fortunately, there are also games with a high percentage. Joker Strike even has a percentage of 98.1%. Another recommended is the Big Bad Wolf. This game not only looks great, but also has a percentage of 97.29%. In short, a great percentage to play in the casino. With this you still have a real chance to win something. This is also very nice to know next to that the games are fun to play.

Gambling from your mobile phone

The Quickspin Casino was established in 2011 and has therefore exactly experienced the entire revolution of smartphones. As a result, they were able to switch freely to the development of games in HTML. The new games are naturally released in HTML 5. This means that you can play the games on your smartphone without problems. The games fully adapt so that they fit on your screen. In addition, they respond excellent to your smartphone's touch. In addition to your phone you can also play the games on your tablet without any problems. Personally, this even makes us prefer because you have a somewhat larger screen. This contributes again to the experience of the fantastic graphics that they have incorporated into the games.

Bonuses for the slots

Are you looking for free spins for the Quickspin Casino? Then you can sometimes be cheated. Unfortunately, most casinos are still choosing other software suppliers for Free Spins. But sometimes we encounter a few casinos where you receive free spins after registration. An alternative is that you get a five euro gift from the casino. You can spend this amount free on all games. Or of course the traditional deposit bonus that you can bet on the different slots. There are enough options to use as a bonus on the slots.

Conclusion about Quickspin

In fact, we are mainly super positive about this software supplier. They are known for the high quality and it is a party to play on slots. If you come across a casino with Quickspin games, then it is definitely worth creating an account. Who knows you can even win a nice amount. This is worth trying. In short, feel free to find an online casino where they offer these games. It will be guaranteed to be one of the nicest slots where you have ever got a gamble.

Questions + answers about the Quickspin Casino

🔰 How Reliable is the Quickspin Casino?

Quickspin has been going with for years and is known as a reliable software supplier. They also arranged their licenses and permits for their games. You can therefore play safely.

📖 Where is the specialization at Quickspin?

The company is especially specialized in producing online slots. The video slots in particular are a specialty of the company. They try to produce and publish the most beautiful slots for the general public.

📊 How high is the payout percentage on average at slots?

The average RTP percentage at the slots is 96%. There are of course out of outliers that fail slightly higher. For example, Beowulf has 97.21% and Big Bad Wolf is 97.30%.

🤳 Can you also play the slots from Quickspin on your mobile phone?

Yes you can all play the slots without problems on your mobile phone. The games are built as standard in HTML 5. This means that you can load the games in your internet browser. You can play them here without problems and you no need to download an app.

⛓ What do Quickspin and Microgaming have to do with each other?

Microgaming games run on a so-called Quickfire platform. This is a special platform that they have built to turn their slots. Players are therefore unjustly that Microgaming and Quickspin are part of each other. Yet the two are completely different companies. Microgaming is also located on the Isle of Man. While Quickspin is located in Sweden. In short, two complete different companies.