The Spinomenal Casino was established for the first time in 2014. The software supplier appeared from nothing and decided to enter into collaboration with various software suppliers. With success because despite the short existence of the company, they already have more than 100 different games. This is more than some suppliers who have been around for some time. Still the company continues to grow and have the ambition to grow into one of the largest software suppliers in the world. A goal that they hope to achieve with a high production speed, but at the same time also quality. They do this by working together with different teams and bringing a new collection to games on the market. Innovation is as they always say it itself and therefore they try to continue working on quality.

Play here the newest games of Spinomenal

One to three new releases per month in a spinowal casino

To continue to grow as a software supplier, they have a rapid tempo when it comes to new releases. As a software supplier, they try to release one to three new releases per month. Therefore, every time there is a new game to discover in the collection. They try to strengthen their position as one of the new top software suppliers for the online casino. In addition, they also work together with other software suppliers to market new games.

Is there a license?

At the moment of writing, the Spinomenal Casino has no license. This is something to take into account. The games are therefore not tested by a gambling commission or MGA. It would therefore be in theory that they are unsafe. But keep in mind that if you play in an online casino with license. Little can go wrong. In theory, a software supplier does not have to regulate a license yourself. Most do it to get reliable towards the casinos where they offer their games. Of course this is currently writing. The company does not yet exist super long and it costs a lot of money to apply for a license. It could be that they suddenly apply a license from the MGA or Gambling Commission in the future. Whoever knows they even ask for a license in the Australia. This can of course just happen in the future.

Spinomenal Casino games

Ultimately, you naturally want to know what games you can play in the Spinomenal Casino. The offer grows further every month and of course you want to stay informed of new releases. Especially if you are interested in this software supplier. In fact there is enough to discover in the only growing collection with games. The collection consists of both slots and table games. The software collection is of course mainly due to slots and video slots. These remain worth playing. Who knows you even win a large amount. It could just be if you have a chance on the games in the online casino.

Large collection with video slots

Of course we see this with online casinoSoftware suppliers, but a large part of the collection consists of video slots. The new releases almost always consists of video slots. They mainly try to surprise the players with beautiful graphics. The most important thing is that they are also trying to deal with the games innovative. They do this by building challenging games. For example, innovative Terracotta Army slot machine is. This is one of the few slots with 100 paylines. This means that every spider really happens and makes you a chance to win. Of course they decided to repeat this trick with the Nuts Commander slot. This game again got 100 paylines where something really can be gained with every spider that you turn.

High speed slots

Today there are few players who have the patience to wait all spins. We want the spins to run faster and ultimately as high as possible. For example, the Spinomenal Casino has developed high speed slots. They try to run the spins as quickly as possible. An additional advantage of the High Speed mode is that the graphics are less heavy. Handy if you are in an area where your internet connection is less fast. The disadvantage is that the quality and graphics of the High Speed Slots leave something to be desired. We have seen better slots in the past in terms of quality.

How high is the RTP percentage?

At the Spinomenal Casino it is of course also about winning. As a players we all want to get a chance to win. A good indicator for this is the RTP percentage. RTP stands for Return to Player. This indicates how much percent of the players rechypay their bet. Please note that this percentage is unchanged in Spinomal. At the moment of writing, they have no license that checks this for them. Therefore, try to take the percentages a little bit of salt. The minimum percentage of a slot machine is 80%. On average, we see the slots pay 95% at most casinos. The spinomeneal slots are above. Most games are 96% and there are even a few slots that excel and pay more money. The highest percentages are 97%. For example, take 4 extraction directions with 97.20% or 88 lucky charms by 97.55%. Incidentally, the RTP shows that 100 paylines do nothing with the RTP percentage. At Nuts Commander the percentage is only 97.10%. This is therefore not higher than a slot with standard paylines.

Spinomenal table games

Of course a casino is not complete without a table games and this was also the idea of spinomenal. They therefore decided to develop two table games. But given the company still in the initial phase of their development, the number of table games can still grow. European roulette has received two variants that you can play. Unfortunately we must admit that you can better skip these games. The graphics don't look best and you better play a tablecloth of Netent. In terms of shops, this is the same, but NetEnt just looks better ten times. In addition, the netent's table games are tidy of a license. In short, you can best skip the table games as far as we are concerned. Not really to discover something interesting in this. The games are also not determined innovative and seem to be made as a padding for the casino. The chance is also great that you don't even encounter the games in most online casinos.

Play via your mobile phone

Most players nowadays take a gamble through their smartphone. We almost always have reach or internet via our phone. An additional is that you usually have the phone in the area. In short, the perfect opportunity to give a chance. It is fine. If you can play via your phone or smartphone. Fortunately this company was only established in 2014. This is immediately after the creation of the flash war between Apple and other smartphones. The games were therefore designed and published from the first moment in HTML 5. So the games are all to play through your smartphone or tablet. As long as you have an internet connection at your disposal, you can take a gamble on it without any problems. So you can take a gamble everywhere where you are.

Bonus for a gamble in the casino

Almost every casino gives a bonus away today. They try to get to you as a player also to come to a gamble. In the Spinomenal Casino you can make an attempt to gamble online without any problems. If you go a gamble you can receive a bonus. Unfortunately, the bonus is not sure to spend on the slots of Spinomenal. You get a free spin bonus usually on one of the top three software suppliers. This includes Microgaming and NetEnt, but not the other large software suppliers. This means that you cannot take a free gamble with a few free spins. There are other bonuses that you can use to test the slots of this company for free. With a deposit bonus, for example, your toy money is often doubled. You can use this money to test the games for free. It is also possible that your money gives as a gift because you have just created a new account. You can bet this amount to play fun amounts free or play for free on the slots.

Conclusion about this software supplier

Spinomenal is sure to know a company to just watch. They make sure they know a development, but are certainly not yet to the top. First they have to work on the quality of the graphics and a license for the games. Only then can we speak of a new innovative software supplier. However, the company has only existed since 2014 and of course this can still change in the near future of the company.

Q& A over Spinomenal

🧩 Is the Spinomenal Casino reliable?

Yes in recent years this company has really proven itself. Several reliable games have been released where you can play as a player. In addition, the company has all the required licenses to be a legal software supplier in the casino. There is even a permit from Malta.

😍 What is the specialty of Spinomenal?

They are mainly concerned with making online slots. Successfully because every month they explain 1 to 2 new slots. As a result, their collection now consists of more than 100 different slots.

Do they also have other games?

Yes they try to keep their collection as wide as possible. There are therefore also a few roulette tables, Dice games and scratch cards to choose from. But they are mainly concerned with the slots collection.

📲 Can you play the games on your mobile phone?

Yes this is no problem because all games are built in HTML 5. This allows you to play them without downloading in your internet browser.

🎰 Which slots don't you miss?

Actually you have to have tried them once, but there are a few top slots. These are Fruit Deluxe, Divine Forests, Demi Gods II and Parrots Rock.

👍 How high is the payout percentage?

On average, the payout percentage is around 96%. But there are a few outliers of 97% +. 88 Lucky Charms and 8 Lucky Charms, for example, turn out to be really good luck. These both have a payout percentage of 97% +. So more money can be won here!