Thunderkick belongs to the list of new software suppliers for online casinos. In the meantime, the company has been around for a good number of years. In 2012, the software supplier was established in collaboration with a number of experienced rotten in the profession. They thought it was time to bring software for casinos to a higher level. Instead of quantity, they decided to invest in quality. In short, the Thunderkick Casino decided to shake everything well. With success because today the games really have led to a revolution. More and more companies are now investing in quality and try to distinguish themselves with unique graphics. This company still takes a step on top with unique gameplay next to high quality graphics.

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Can we really trust Thunderkick games?

Of course you wonder if we can actually trust Thunderkick games. You may have no experience with the company at all. Fortunately we can tell from your own experience that the Thunderkick games can be trusted. You can play the 100% games safely. The only thing you should pay attention to is whether the casino is safe where you play. Unfortunately, there is still difference in this. Fortunately our experience is actually positive with the Thunderkick Casino. The company is known that they almost only do business with experienced casinos including license. This means that you will automatically come to a reliable casino if you are specifically looking for these types of games.

Equipped with official licenses

Thunderkick naturally wants to reliably happen to customers. That is why they decided to arrange a few licenses yourself. You will not just get a gambling license as a company or software supplier. You have to do a lot of effort into it and meet certain requirements. The requirements can be quite high. This way you are expected to be financially strong, Jackpots can really pay out and produce fair games. This company has also arranged a license from the two strictest organizations. For example, there is a license at the MGA and Gambling Commission. So you can count on it that the games are really 100% safe

Have you been feeling struck? Then you can submit a complaint to the MGA. They can then even lose their license. In short, they are not going to put on the production of casino games. In addition, they have a long reputation in their name when it comes to reliable games.

Unique game offer from Thunderkick

The software supplier is best known for making slots and especially video slots. Now there are of course much more online software suppliers specialized in making slots. In fact, every new software suppliers are added. Yet the Thunderkick Casino tries to get rid of a unique game offer. A games offer that you will not come across everywhere. They do this with unique themes and graphics. But also with games that jump out because they have a completely new playing technique. Through this unique game offer, this software supplier is therefore really outstanding in relation to the rest. In short, a name to keep an eye on whether to try out the games.

Video slots in a completely new setup

Every player here sometimes played on a video slot. Usually it is a fixed grids on which the different symbols are shown. The intention is to usually get at least three the same symbols on a line. If you succeed in this, make a winning combination and the game turns out an amount. Very nice natural, but the new video slots from Thunderkick can deviate from this. This makes it so much fun to play them. For example, take the BIRDS on a Wire slot. With this game you see different birds on a streamline. When you see the same birds side by side, they come under stream and they disappear. You can actually come across this kind of unique twists in the slots of Thunderkick.

Smashing 3D graphics

The 3D graphics of the games are also really a new level. They are beautiful and take care of a piece of experience in the game. There are few games that really come to life like these slots. In addition to beautiful 3D symbols, there are also regular animations in between. For example if you have made a winning combination. In addition to an animation, the game sometimes even introduced with a complete video. For example, the story is explained and you can make a start to the game. The animations that you see from these games are absolutely of a high level. We can continue to enjoy it. Every time they release a new game, we are surprised again by the high quality.

Quality is more important than the numbers

The Thunderkick Casino consciously chooses not to release a large number of games per day. In fact, they just want to launch a small number of games per year. As a result, they can give full attention to one game with their team. They therefore do not want to cast 100 games per year. But just a small number of games to enjoy. With this they might fall out more than the meaningless games that some software supplier release every year. They only ensure filling of the casino, but not really for quality. If it lies to us, we prefer to choose much for the level that this studio knows. As a player, we have really done something here.

How high is the RTP percentage of the video slots?

It is of course nice that a game has a good theme and looks beautiful. But of course you also want to win something. That is why you are curious about the RTP percentage of the games. RTP stands for Return to Player and indicates how much percent of the players get a minimum bet back. Fortunately we also have good news for you at the moment. The studio is even known for the highest percentages for slots in the online casino. The absolute squatter of the studio is 1429 Uncharted Seas. This game even knows an RTP of 98.6%. The chance that you will win with this slot machine is therefore incredibly large. The other games are on average at 96% to 97%. In short, here really falls when it comes to winning. Finally, you finally play to win.

Can you also play the video slots on your smartphone?

For most players it is important that you can also take a gamble through your smartphone. You also want to take a gamble along the way. Or you may not even have a computer on which you can gamble. In this case a smartphone offers a solution. The Thunderkick Casino had the advantage that she came online when the smartphone really had made its entry. This means that the games are built directly in HTML 5 and Flash. If you go through your smartphone to the collection you will immediately get everything in HTML 5. This means that you get the ultimate game experience on both your smartphone and tablet.

So you can also take a gamble along the way if you only have a smartphone at your disposal. Of course you can also play the games on your tablet thanks to HTML 5. You get the games even more nicer in contrast to your smartphone. The slots cover the complete screen and the operation happened by touch. In short, a unique casino experience to experience.

Bonuses on Thunderkick video slots

Unfortunately we have not found real bonuses for the specifically Thunderkick games. So you cannot use Free Spins if you want to play Jaguar Temple. Shame, but it is not a disaster. The Free Spins are usually only to spend on one slot machine. While there are so many nice slots from the makers to try out. You have nothing to do 10 free spins on one slot machine. Other bonuses can still be found for some online casinos. For example a free money bonus. For registration, for example, you get a sum of a sum of a sum of a sum. You don't even have to put money for this. You can spend this amount free at different games. With this amount you can try a number of Thunderkick video slots. Ideal if you ask us. At least you get the chance to try multiple games for free.

Conclusion about the Thunderkick Casino

We are actually positive about this software supplier. This company really knows how to place games that are a completely different level. You will get a completely new experience that you can win a lot of money. There is also plenty to win with the games thanks to the high RTP. In combination with the beautiful graphics this is really a gift to take a gamble. The only drawback that we might think is that they have made no table games yet. But who needs table games if you can play such amazing slots? In short, these are games where we get our bed to take a gamble.

Everything you need to know about the Thunderkick Casino

❤️ Is the Thunderkick Casino reliable?

Yes Thunderkick has been a reliable software supplier for online casinos for years. They have been taking care of that players can safely gamble online. The games even have their own software licenses.

✨ What is the specialty of Thunderkick?

They specialize in building video slots, but especially slots that make impression. Consider the most beautiful 3D graphics, animations and a high payout percentage. With quality they really try to stand out within the online casino.

📈 How high is the RTP percentage?

On average, the RTP percentage is around 96.5%. But there are also games with a higher payout percentage. 1429 Uncharted Seas, for example, has a payout percentage of 98.5%.

🎰 Which slots do you have to have played in anyway?

Actually, almost everything they make a high quality. But if you just want to play a few games, we recommend a few. Put your money on: 1429 Uncharted Seas, Birds on a Wire or Esqueleto.

🤳 Can you also play the slots via your mobile phone?

This is no problem because the games are all built in HTML 5. You can play the games without problems through your internet browser on your smartphone. So you don't have to download app for this.