In 2013, a new Gamestudio was established in Malta specializing in making online casino games. This was ultimately the start of the origin of the Yggdrasil casino. Today, the software has conquered various casinos. The company's specialization is mainly with slots and video slots. In addition, the focus is mainly on the creation of beautiful graphics that are absolutely a feast for the eyes. We understand very well that more and more casinos for the software of this company choose. Especially if you see the beautiful 3D graphics in the picture. The games are really an experience and certainly know worth a gamble.

Play directly in the best Yggdrasil casino

Regularly new Yggdrasil releases

Despite the fact that the quality is really high at Yggdrasil they try to renew continuously. The offer continues to improve every time. This makes it worth a chance. There are also new releases regularly. This means that the range remains alternately. Because the new releases appear regularly, the offer has grown considerably since 2013. You can now choose from hundreds of Yggdrasil games. This offer also continues to grow in the coming years. The makers do everything to stand out and the only way to do this today is still with spectacular games.

Safe Online Gambling

Yggdrasil thinks it is important that they have a reputation as a safe online casino software supplier from itself. To reach the status, they also only work together with secure websites. On their own site they even have a list with reliable online casinos where their games are offered. They think it is important that players receive a unique play experience, but especially that players can gamble safely. They do not want their name to be connected to a website that cannot trust you totally.

Licenses for their own games

To make online gambling even safer they try to allow the games in the Yggdrasil Casino to meet multiple countries licenses. They also indicate a number of licenses to their own website. Thus they show that they clearly want a safe play environment for players on their games. Of course, for example, there is a license from Malta from the MGA. But they have also taken over safety measures from the Gambling Commission and Curacao. These are the largest legalization parties in the world. This does indicate that they are on the right track to offer securely online gambling. This is of course a nice idea if you get a gamble on the games.

The games in the Yggdrasil Casino

It's nice to know that the games are safe, but in the end it is one thing and that is online gambling. Of course we all want to gamble online and this is possible like no other on the games of Yggdrasil. In recent years, the supply has only grown further. In the meantime you can choose from more than one hundred slots and even a number of table games. We have listed the nicest games for you. You have such a nice overview of games that you have to have played anyway. Handy if you have no idea what to choose from the offer of this games maker.

Videos clots guarantee for hours to play fun

Yggdrasil is actually known for the video slots. The spectacular slots are good for hours to play fun. It is definitely worth a bet on it. The first thing that really jumps up are the beautiful graphics. Every game is therefore a unique experience in which you really get to the story. The makers also do everything to make every game a step higher. In this way they try to make every game a little better again. As a result, it is really not a punishment that new games of Yggdrasil regularly appear on the market. Every time it is a visual party to play the games. Because of the large selection you can get busy for hours.

Every game gives a unique experience

Experience is central to Yggdrasil's video slots. This naturally makes it extra fun to play the games. Thanks to a piece of experience it is extra nice to take a gamble. You really step into a unique world where you will be taken into account in a new story. Every slot machine has its own story to tell. The story really comes to life through animations and beautiful 3D graphics. You are really in the middle of the story if you also realize that money can be gained. Ultimately, you naturally want to win money and this can also be done at Yggdrasil.

Slots with a jackpot

In the Yggdrasil Casino you come across four jackpot slots. Most jackpots are progressive, but linked to the casino where you play. So it happens that in some online casinos you get a fairly low jackpot and a pretty high jackpot in others. Yet there are regularly high prizes won with the Jackpot slots. The Joker Millions slot machine took a main prize from AU$ 3 million to a large online casino to two times. One time the deployment of the player was only AU$ 0.50. With this small amount the player simply won AU$ 3 million in one go. These are of course very beautiful stories to read. Especially if you plan to take a gamble on one of the slots.

Master collection

In addition to your own collection of video slots and slot machines, they have master's collection. Playmakers who are not yet known in the online casino world can report to Yggdrasil with an idea. This is a fully worked game, but that is not yet launched because they don't get a feet on the ground yet. If Yggdrasil believed in the idea they have the makers to launch the game. They release it under their own name with credits to the unknown makers and take care of the promotion. In this way the unknown agencies also get a chance to break through in the online industry. At the moment a few master games have already been released and these are also received with great enthusiasm. You can especially see the passion in the games and that the game is accompanied by Yggdrasil.

How high is the RTP percentage?

Slots are always provided with an RTP percentage This is also mandatory from the license publishers. RTP stands for Return to Player. It is a percentage that indicates how much percent of players back at least their commitment. Each slot maker determines how high the RTP is at the games. The percentage usually differs per lock, but also per game maker. Still, the games in the Yggdrasil casino score quite high. On average, the percentage is 96% and this is quite high. A few games even shoot up like the Jokerizer slot. This slot machine even knows how to tap the 98%. The Beauty and the Beast Slicks even the 97.1% and the Homes and the Stolen Stones 96.8%.

Yggdrasil table games with a twist

Of course, table games may not be missed in an online casino. The only drawback is that there are so many. That is why they decided at YggDrasil to give the games a twist. For example, she tried to make table games with new side bets. But also games with a live casino experience without being a live casino. Thanks to intelligent characters that present the table games in 3D it seems almost as if you play live. This type of games are absolutely revolutionary and nicely devised by Yggdrasil. Especially if you don't feel like going to live live and you want to experience the same experience. With this games maker you get the chance to really experience this with: Sonya's blackjack. If you ask us, this game really recommended to play.

Gamble from your smartphone or tablet

The Yggdrasil casino started in 2013 and therefore immediately experienced the entry of the smartphone after their release. As a result, they could also switch to HTML 5. The games are therefore almost all simply playing on your smartphone or tablet. So you don't have to download anything for it and you don't just see a part of the games. This is of course a nice idea. Especially if you would like to play all games on your smartphone or tablet.

Bonuses for yggdrasil games

Unfortunately, there are no Yddrasil casino bonuses especially for the slots of this software supplier. Very sometimes there are a few exceptions, but usually you don't come across the free spins. Fortunately you can take a gamble with a deposit bonus or a free money bonus. The free money bonus is perfect and perhaps even better than a free spins bonus. With a free spins bonus you are always limited to one slot machine and the casino itself determines how much the spin is worth. If you get free money as a gift, you can decide on which games you will spend the money. So you can try out several slots with your free money instead of one slot with free spins.

What is our judgment?

We are actually very positive about this software supplier. We even think they can grow into a top 3 best software supplier in the online casino in the coming years. You clearly see the graphics that they are the future and you can expect much more from them in the coming years. In short, you don't have to know how to skip a gamble in the online casino.

Yggdrasil casino FAQ

🔑 How safe is the Yggdrasil casino?

You can always gamble 100% safely on the games of Yggdrasil. This company has done everything to develop safe slots. They also have their official permits in your pocket. In short, gambling safe is no problem!

🪄 What is the specialty of Yggdrasil?

Yggdrasil specializes in the development of video slots. The focus is not on mass production, but especially on quality. They have been trying to produce the best slots for the online casino for years. Especially the quality of the graphics at the slots is high. You really play in complete video games if you open these games.

📲 Can you play the slots on your mobile phone?

Yes This is no problem. The games are all mobile friendly produced. They are built in HTML 5. This means that the games are simply loaded on your mobile phone. You can load them and play them directly in your internet browser.

🍋 Which slots should you know for sure?

There are several slots that you definitely have to have a chance. Slots that you really can't miss are: Holmes and the Stolen Stones, Vikings Go Doubled and Fruitoids.

🔆 How high is the RTP percentage at the slots?

The payout percentage is on average around 96%. But there are also a few slots that really jump up. For example, the Jokerizer Slot has a payout percentage of 98%. The Beauty & The Beast Slot knows how to tap the 97.1%, just like Tut's Twister Slot. So there is therefore enough to win at Yggdrasil!