The offer with payment methods in the online casino grows almost daily. Despite iDEAL In many casinos disappeared due to Australia legislation, the number of alternatives is growing. As a result, as a Australia player you have no longer been dependent on a credit card. Or an e-wallet where you have to deposit money at high costs for you can start playing. Thanks to the alternatives it becomes possible for many more people to gamble online. One of the alternatives we encounter is the Klara Casino. This is a real alternative to gambling with ideal for many Australia players. Handy if you have not really encountered this payment method.

Play here and put in with Klarna:

Up to AU$ 250

50 Gratis Spins

Up to AU$ 200

220 Gratis Spins

Up to AU$ 500

130 Gratis Spins

Up to AU$ 250

150 Gratis Spins

What is Klarna?

Klarna is originally a Swedish bank. In Sweden you can open a bank account here. At the end of 2007 Klarna got the idea to do something with the emerging interest in e-commerce. We started more and more online shopping only the payment was not easy for everyone. Sometimes a credit was really obliged to do a transaction. To make it easier, they decided one Payment system afterwards to introduce. With this, customers could directly make purchases in web shops and they received an invoice by email. The invoice must be paid within 14 days and Klara regulates the payment with the webshop. Soon the system became a success and the Australia soon followed in 2010. Today, different countries can pay with the system in various web shops and online casinos.

How does a Klaarna casino work?

First it is important to check whether the casino where you want to play really does really accept Klara as a payment method. Fortunately the number of websites really grows daily. If the payment method is accepted, it will be there if you go to deposit. You can see the logo of the payment method here. The logo is colored pink and this ensures that it strikes reasonably. Now that you know you can use this payment method is time to create an account. At Register you can create a new account within a few clicks. Often you only have to enter a username, e-mail address and self-selected password. Sometimes they still ask your date of birth. You can then deposit to deposit money for the first time on your account.

Deposit money on your account

You have created an account and now it's time to deposit money. In most casinos you really get one nice bonus if you spark money. You go for this after you are logged in to deposit and you click on the pink logo. You will then get a screen where you can enter the amount. With most casinos it is at least AU$ 10 and a maximum of AU$ 150 with this payment method. But this can therefore differ per website.

If you click on deposit, you will be referred to the Klarna website or the payment method is fully integrated. A number of questions are asked to you. For example your address, date of birth and e-mail address. This data needs the payment method to quickly check a BKR check. If everything is fine, the money is deposited on your account and you can start playing. The check only takes a few seconds so you can start playing fairly quickly.

Invoice you receive by e-mail

Although you can start playing immediately, you will receive an email from Klarna. This is the invoice of the deposit you did. The invoice states that you must transfer the payment method within 14 days. So you don't make the money to the casino. The payment method actually shows the amount so that you can play immediately. So you can already play and the payment can be done later. The payment itself can transfer to a Australia ING account. As a result, your payment will be processed extra quickly.

Overview of your invoices in the app

If you also paid in webshops with this payment method or if you have paid money a few times, you can lose the overview. You no longer know exactly where you still have an account or not. We recommend that you download the special Klarna app for this. You get a direct overview of all outstanding accounts based on your e-mail address. You can also immediately see which invoices will expire soon. This way you immediately know how much money is still open and when you can best pay your accounts.

You pay outstanding invoices with iDEAL

A big advantage of a Klaarna casino is that you are still able to pay with iDEAL. The invoice that you receive by e-mail or sees in the app also has a pay directly button. You can pay the bill directly via iDEAL via this button. You can immediately pay the bill through your own bank. This makes it even easier to take a gamble through this payment method. We personally think it is very nice that we can pay our accounts via iDeal. Especially if you have the app on your phone, you can order your administration within no time.

Payment via Klarna rejected

It may happen that your payment is rejected via this payment method. There may be three reasons why you cannot pay through this payment method. The first is that you do not live in the Australia. You must live in a country that is affiliated with the payment method. The second is that you have a negative BKR. If you are registered as a more defaulter, they will of course not run the risk that you do not pay. The Swedes are looking for the amount for you. They really want to see this again. If you have a negative bkr, unfortunately you cannot pay with this payment method. The third reason may be that you still have too many invoices open. If you have opened for a too high amount, they do not dare to let you pay something afterwards again.

Cost the money to pay afterwards in a casino?

In principle, they do not count any transaction costs in the Klarna Casino and the payment method also requires no costs. The costs are paid by the casino itself for every transaction that you do. It is therefore important to spend websites for a minimum of AU$ 25 in the shop. If you are under this amount you cannot deposit money. They do this to let it wage with the transaction costs off. There are also websites that do cause money for example 1.5% of the total amount. This is therefore AU$ 1.50 at AU$ 100. Always check this if you choose a payment method.

Bonuses with Klarna

In the Klarna Casino you naturally come across bonuses if you first deposit money. It doesn't really matter that you paid afterwards. You get the bonus directly credited. The bonuses can vary considerably. From free to free spins at your first deposit. It can be worthwhile to check which bonuses you get in the payment method. Sometimes it can also differ per casino. By comparing the casinos and offers you will get the most money from your new registration.

Play immediately and get a bonus!

Pay the benefits of afterwards

In fact, there are a lot of benefits to pay with Klarna. The biggest advantage is that you can pay everywhere as a Australiaman without credit card. You just take the amount via a bank transfer. This means that you don't even need iDeal. Another advantage is that you can pay anonymous in a casino. Only Klara will come to your copy. But this can really be anything. You can also have an after-purchase purchase in a webshop. Another advantage is that you don't have to pay immediately. So you can first wait until your salary has entered the money. Another advantage is that you can first try the casino before you really take a payment. If the afterwards turns out not to be safe, you can report this. Optionally, the payment method may then decide to cancel your payment.

Pay the disadvantages of afterwards

The disadvantage of a Klarna casino is that you might be too far. It is tempting to make a little more over. Especially if the money has not yet been written off your bank account. Another disadvantage is that you have a maximum amount that you can deposit. Sometimes this is only AU$ 150. So if you are a high roller you don't get far. The payment method is not suitable for you. But if you occasionally take a chance, this payment method is of course perfect.

Joined a gamble yourself

On our website we have a complete overview of online casinos where you can pay with Klarna. This is of course perfect if you want to use this payment method online. You can easily take a gamble yourself.

Frequently asked questions about the Klarna Casino

↩️ Can you pay afterwards in a Klaarna Casino?

Klarna is one of the few payment methods with which you can pay afterwards. This is possible in a casino or in a webshop. You enter some data for this and you will receive the invoice by mail. You now get 14 days to pay this.

❓ To what amount can you pay afterwards?

This differs per casino. This is usually from AU$ 20 to a maximum of AU$ 250. But there are casinos with a special collaboration with Klarna. This allows you to pay up to AU$ 4,000 afterwards.

🔗 Are there any costs associated with pay afterwards?

No Only if you are late to pay you will be dealing with reminder expenses. These can rise considerably so make sure you always paid on time. This prevents a lot of misery!

🔒 Is it safe to pay via Klarna?

Yes it may even be safer than to pay via iDeal. You get the bill afterwards and you do not have to take the bill immediately.

📝 Can I also pay with iDeal or a bank transfer via Klarna?

Yes you just get a digital giro collection form. You can transfer it to Klarna and then it is processed and the invoice has been paid. Do you want to transfer the money immediately? Then you can also click on the iDEAL button and immediately make the payment.

📄 Do Klarna shoot the amount or can I only play when the invoice is paid?

Yes Klarna takes the amount immediately. So you can immediately start playing.