An online payment method that is very popular among gamblers is Neteller. There are a number of different reasons to explain this popularity. For example, the payment method is inextricably linked to the gambling world from the start of casinos. A neteller casino is therefore not difficult to find. Quickly after the first gambling sites appeared on the internet, Neteller ensured that people could transfer money safely and easily. This also brings us to the following reasons. Because the main reason why people choose this payment method is the safety and simplicity of payment that the service provides. This should of course also be the first priority when performing an online payment. However, more methods can take care of this. For example, you can also pay easily and safely with iDeal. However, the difference with this method is that you can also pay money via Neteller.

Deposit with NETELLER:

Up to AU$ 250

50 Gratis Spins

Up to AU$ 200

220 Gratis Spins

Up to AU$ 500

130 Gratis Spins

Up to AU$ 250

150 Gratis Spins

What is Neteller?

Neteller is a service that is known as an e-Wallet. So an electronic wallet. This also describes the service, because people can deposit credit on their account and then pay with this on websites via the internet. You can make online payments via Neteller, but also receive credits on your account. You can then deposit this on your bank account. The company was founded in Canada in 1999 and later moved to Isle of Man in the United Kingdom later in 2004. Sincerely after the establishment, the payment service made transfers to online casinos.

These transactions were good for a very large part of the income of the company. This is still the case. Almost all casinos online offer Neteller as a payment method. We will describe how such a payment works exactly. We deal with, among other things, why the service is so popular among gamblers. The process of paying and paying. And finally we put all the benefits in a row.

Popular under gamblers

The NETELLER payment method is incredibly popular among online gamblers. This is among other things because the method is available at many providers of online games of chance. In addition, the properties of the service are also very beneficial for people who gamble via the internet. They want to be a way in which they can transfer safe money to the casino.

In addition, it is also important that paying money after obtaining profit goes just as easy. Neteller can meet these requirements. After someone has created an account, he or she can link a bank account or credit card. In this way, payments are automatically debited. The advantage of this is that the bank details do not have to be entered everywhere on the internet. This reduces the chance that bank fraud takes place. A real care when paying via the internet. Also not unimportant for gamblers is that they can quickly have their money that they have won during gambling. Here the service is also perfect for a transaction at Neteller is processed much faster as with a bank.

Paying a process in online casino

The process of paying with neteller in an online casino is characterized with two preceding properties. Safety and convenience. The only thing that can be seen as an inconvenience is that you first have to create an account. However, the registration is free and completed within a few minutes. Once your account has been set up, then paying a process of a few seconds. In the online casino this is as follows.

  1. Select Neteller on the Casino Payment Methods page
  2. Enter the amount that you would like to deposit on your account (note minimum and maximum amount)
  3. Usually a new window will open on which you can log in to your Neteller account
  4. Once logged in, verify the amount you want to deposit and click OK
  5. You will be returned to the casino where the money is ready to gamble

As you can see the process of paying only a few seconds. Simplicity is therefore a big advantage of this service. Despite this very easy process you can still expect the very best security. After all, it is a company that is exclusively concerned with facilitating online payments. They therefore know exactly how they can best secure these. Fraud with the service would be a very bad advertisement.

Pay out quickly pay out money

Gamblers love Neteller because they can quickly pay out their money from this. You can't do this with iDEAL. The payout process is actually almost identical to paying. Again you select the service but now as an option for paying money. With most casinos it is a requirement that you once have made a payment with the same account. This account is then saved and can be selected later to transfer money again. Often you don't even have to log in for a payout. You simply fill in the amount that you want to pay out. Selects the account and verifies the transaction again. You are already ready. In most cases the amount will be on your account the same day. Sometimes it is even immediately processed.

Play directly for real money

Benefits of payment method

By reading the information on this page you have already received an idea of the benefits of a Neteller Casino. Yet it can't hurt to put it in a row. Of course we must come first, easily and securely paying. For online gamblers then probably come that you also have the option to pay money quickly. By the way the service functions, your bank details are properly shielded and therefore you prevent the risk of fraud. The buffer between your bank and the casino also ensures that your transactions are reasonably anonymous. After all, on your bank statements never occur the name of the casino. Both in payments and payouts, the depreciation will be on the name of Neteller to the Bank. For many people, this is also a reason to choose the payment method.

Common questions about the Neteller payment method

👛 What is NETELLER for a payment method?

Neteller is an e-wallet from which you can perform payments in the online casino. You can deposit and receive money here. As a result, a profit can therefore be paid out on your e-Wallet.

🔜 Is a payment with the E-Wallet immediately processed?

A payment in the Neteller Casino is always immediately processed. So you don't have to wait until the money on your casino account has been credited. After shooting money you can immediately start playing.

🆗 Can you also pay at Neteller via iDeal?

There are different payment methods that you can link to your e-Wallet. With this you can supplement the balance on your e-wallet and pay from here in the casino. One of the payment methods that are in between is iDeal. With this you can deposit money on your account and pay in the online casino.

➕ What is the benefit of paying via Neteller?

The biggest advantage is safety. Neteller has been the number one choice for years for payments in the online casino. Does a casino appear to be unsafe? Then they can even retrieve your money. This is the most important reason for players to pay via an e-wallet. Another advantage is that the payment method is accepted everywhere.

🔍 Are there any costs associated with NETELLER?

The use of NETELLER in online casinos is free. But for depositing or paying money, costs can be counted. The amount of the costs differs per payment method that you choose.

📤 Can you pay money from your e-Wallet in your bank account?

Yes this is possible! Alone note that costs can be charged for this.