In recent years we have been seeing cards counting blackjack in many films. Tens of years ago, mathematician could win a lot of money in the casino. The only thing they needed to do is count the cards that were laid. Based on this, they could calculate which cards were still in the deck. In this way they could reasonably predict what the next card was going to be. When the casinos arrived here, tickets have been officially prohibited. The casinos could prohibit this by playing blackjack with multiple decks. With 6 to 8 decks you can count, but you don't get a good picture of the cards that are still in the hand of the croupier.

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Cards count blackjack in the online casino

With just a jar of online casino it is actually no different. Here too, work is done with 6 to 8 decks. You can count here, but it doesn't get along. You don't succeed to get a winning hand by counting. You don't get a clear picture so because there are too few cards on the table. Most players therefore use a different strategy if they take a gamble. For example, they use the blackjack schedule. This works more efficiently than counting the cards.

Single Deck Blackjack

But for a few years, NetEnt has decided to come up with something new for the online casino players. A new variant was called Single Deck Blackjack. This is the original variant with which the players could count in the casino and the result could predict. This is because it is the variant where only one deck is played. As a result, you get as the first 4 cards drawn are already a bit of an image which cards are in it. With a simple calculation you can calculate the opportunity which card will be drawn. So this is possible if you are sure that a single deck is played.

Counting cards with a point system

The easiest way of counting cards Blackjack is with a point system. You are going to give the cards that are visible. The cards 1 to 6 are +1 point. Then the cards 7 to 9 are 0 points. And the cards 10 to a are -1 points. You will count directly as soon as the first cards are drawn. You also take the visible map of the croupier. Imagine the croupier pulls a bait this is -1 point and the other card is invisible. You have a hearts 8 and a kicks 2. The kicks 2 counts for +1 point so that you will come out at 0. The hearts 8 counts for -1 so that you end up on a score of -1.

If your score is negative so -1 then there are especially many low cards in the deck. With a positive score there are many high cards in the deck. Based on this you can decide what you are going to do. Whether you tackle a card or still stop playing.

Other methods to count

The above method is fairly easy to calculate which cards are still in the deck. Of course there are also other methods. Real mathematical, for example, make chance calculations based on the cards that are visible. You have to be enormously well in mental arithmetic or building an excel software that it confronts directly to you. There are players who sometimes go very far here in the hope that they can win from the casino. Of course you do make extra chance to win by counting, but it remains a gamble. There may be a lot of low cards in the deck, but you can just have the bad luck that you take a high card. For example, you grab a burst while you didn't expect it.

Extra rules at Single Deck Blackjack

If you as a player, you also have to take into account that the casino does not just allow cards. They know there is a risk that a player thinks more and perhaps more often. That is why they have added extra rules to the games. The rules differ per software supplier. It can be smart to check this before you take a gamble. For example, we often come across that players no longer win at a draw. If there is a draw against the croupier, the croupier wins. These are all extra rules to let the casino win more often.

Cutting card in het deck

In real casinos we also see that measures are being taken against counting. For example, a special Cutting Card is stopped in the deck. This is halfway through the deck. It is a blank white card. If the croupier arrives at the white card, the deck is shaken again. Everything you have counted has no longer sense because the order is different. It is a smart truck that we see a lot with real casinos. In the Live Casino it can also be applied to the Single Deck variant.

Does cards have a really sense?

It is the question whether tickets counting it really causes you to win more often. In practice it differs enormously. If we look at the benefit percentages at the games, we see that players are more often losing with counting. Especially in proportion to the blackjack's normal variant. The reason is the extra rules that the casino has devised and that players are convinced that they will win with counting. They therefore take larger gambling and trust too much on their exclusive arts. As a result, they pay less well when counting the cards. As a result, whether it really makes sense.

Blackjack schedule with deployment strategy

According to statistics, players win much more often if they use the blackjack schedule and just play a game. There are fewer extra rules and you just have to think less. This makes the game more naturally. There is an exception for the players who are really good in mathematics. They can sometimes win more often if they use their own strategy.

Frequently asked questions about counting cards

❗️is counts count prohibited?

Measures are taken in most casinos to prevent counting cards. Casinos do this because it would cost too much money. One of the measures is that extra decks are played. This makes it impossible to count. For the rest, they can prohibit it difficult what you stretch out in your head.

💭 Can you still count cards in the casino?

The online casino is the only place where it can still. At a single deck blackjack table you can play the game with just one deck. This makes it possible to count cards.

🏆 Do you win faster by counting the cards?

This is a bit about it. Are you very good at counting and mathematics? Then you could just be advantageous. But blackjack remains a game of chance. You depend on the cards that are actually drawn.

🃏 How do you count the cards?

There are different methods for this. Some players give cards a value. Card 2 to 6 = +1, 7 to 9 is 0 and 10 and the bait is -1. Is your figure positive? Then there is much probably a high card. Is your value negative? Then you get a low card.

📋 Are there extra rules if your tickets will count?

Yes if you play single deck there are additional rules in favor of the casino. For example, the casino wins at a draw. This is to boost the house advantage for the casino. The house advantage is therefore even higher at Single Deck, than with the classical version. The question is whether it is really worth counting.