Published on May 18, 2021 in News

Yggdrasil has again launched a new slot machine this week. Word or Thoth is the last title that they have launched. Last week they still published a new title in collaboration with the Yggdrasil Masters Program. This week again a top title from the Masters program has been launched.

World of Thoth is made in collaboration with Jade Rabbit Studio. This is a slool developer from Malta. This company has been given the unique opportunity to release a slot machine via Yggdrasil. Last month a contract was only officially signed between the two parties. This week this already results in the first release of the company.

A slot machine that plays again in ancient Egypt

Again a gamestudio is inspired by ancient Egypt. This is not very crazy. In recent years it has already been proven that ancient Egypt scores well. Book of Ra is perhaps one of the best known slots With ancient Egypt as theme.

With World of Thoth, Yggdrasil also sets a step in the world of ancient Egypt. The slot machine is all about Thoth. This is the Egyptian God that stands for trade, the moon and the script.

In addition to mysticism and Egyptian gods, 4096 are different ways to win in this slot machine. The promotion takes place in Khem. Here, various symbols are created on 6 rolls that are four rows of thick.

Symbols come from ancient Egypt

Of course the goal of the game is to make winning combinations. The intention is to get at least three the same symbols from left to right. The symbols all come from ancient Egypt. This is how you come across pyramids, eye or horus, Ankh and Toth. The last three are the most lucrative symbols in the game.

The game is played with so-called cascading symbols. This means that the rollers do not run as usual with a slot machine. The symbols fall down instead. If a winning combination is made the symbols disappear. This includes new symbols in the places where holes have fallen.

This can best be seen as a kind of free re-spins that distributes the slot machine itself. This allows you to cash because with a bit of luck the winning combinations fall behind each other.

Wild symbols and a special meter

Of course the game is not complete without wild symbols. These are of course distributed regularly while playing. Every time you make a winning combination, the meter on the side is slowly full.

If the meter is attached you win 10 Free Spins. During the Free Spins you will be rewarded with multipliers and you can even activate extra spins. The chance that you make a large winning combination during the Free Spins is great.

During the Free Spins mode you have a chance to win 7384 times your bet. This amounts to a maximum profit of AU$ 390,200. Do you want to try this new slot in real life? Then you can play directly in the online casino! In Every online casino From today you come across the new Yggdrasil slot machine.