Published on May 8, 2021 in News

Yggdrasil knows the last week to surprise the launch of the Odin Infinity reels slot machine. This new slot machine is the first lock that can combine two slots systems at the same time. Namely Infinity reels and megaways. The slot machine is a unique collaboration between Reelplay and Yggdrasil.

The slot machine actually starts with three reels why the different symbols can occur. With every winning combination that you make, an extra role is added. In addition to an extra role, you will also receive a multiplier on top. The purpose of the slot machine is to extend the rolls to 15 reels. Do you succeed in this? Then you win a Mega Jackpot of 888x. This is on top of the amounts that you have already won!

Outside the Infinity reels system, Odin also works with Megaways. A unique combination that we have never seen before! Megaways ensures that it is every round a surprise how many symbols are on a role.

Normally there are 5 or 6 symbols on a role. With Megaways this differs per spin. Sometimes it is 2 mega symbols and the other time 6. The number of symbols also differs per role. This allows you to have 1 scroll 6 symbols and on the other role 2. This ensures even more options and unique opportunities to win! You can run a maximum of 7 symbols on one roll with megaways.

Activate the bonus game at Odin Infinity Reels

The basic game at the Yggdrasil gokkast is of course already super exciting. But in the end you want to reach one thing and that is the bonus game. The bonus game is always extra lucrative with a slot machine.

If you know six Gungnir Scatter symbols, you activate the bonus game. The symbols can spread over the game countries. So you don't have to get them aligned. As soon as you activate the bonus game, a wheel appears. With this you turn the number free spins en multipliers that you will receive during the bonus game.

For example, turn 10 free spins and an X2 multiplier? Then every winning combination that you run during the Free Spins will be paid. In practice, the Norwegian god Odin can take care of Mega profits during the bonus game. This makes it extra fun to go for the bonus game. This is also all on top of the mega profits that you can already pack in the normal game!

Odin slot machine is the result of the YG Masters Program

The new Odin slot machine is again a great game that has been developed by the YG Masters Program. The YG Masters Program gives talented small game studios a chance to develop and launch a new game together with Yggdrasil. Thanks to YggDrasil, these small game studios get a larger platform to launch their games. After all, Yggdrasil will come to most online casinos against this in contrast to the small studios.

Yggdrasil has helped themselves that they are incredibly happy with the end result that reelplay has supplied. The YG Masters program has precisely developed to bring these types of results. This way Yggdrasil remains innovative between all slots violence in online casinos.

Yggdrasil is convinced to have a new hit. In addition, they like that the slot machine is also a wink to their Norwegian roots. From now on you can get this slot machine in almost Every online casino play!